Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike Review

Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike Review

Body-Solid is one brand which has won the hearts of maximum users. It comes up with fantastic exercise bikes that are made with innovation, a lot of research, precision engineering, and hard work. They look into the minds of their users and keep coming up with a better version of their machines. For the past 25 years, they are ruling the fitness equipment manufacturing industry.

Read the Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike Review here and see how much efforts they put in their machines to deliver the best to the customer.

The Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike is one of the most robust constructions by Body-Solid. It is much sturdier than several other commercial grade bikes, and if you weigh more than 300lbs, then this bike is your one stop.

It is sure to last forever and also comes with decent features. Read ahead and know more about this upright bike.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike is an ideal choice for people who are heavy-weight since this unit is ultra-stable and can handle weights up to 400lbs. It has got durable components which make this bike stable. Also, the seat of this bike is larger than the seats of other exercise bikes.

So, any size user can fit on this bike and carry on his exercise. It is one of the best exercise bikes for home use.

Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of B2U upright bike by Endurance is pretty simple to do, although people are not so happy with the manual that comes along the package. Luckily, this unit is not difficult to assemble as most of it is already joined, like the resistance, drive elements, and core with the belt.

All you have to do is assemble – the seat, pedals, base tube, console mast, drive elements, and mount the handlebars and the console. If you take someone’s help, the whole process won’t even take an hour.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this upright exercise bike is great as it comes with an extra large seat which is two-way adjustable. The handlebars are multi-grip and offer a smooth and secure grip. The display is large and shows the vital stats of the workout.

It is also self-generating, which means it will generate power as you pedal and does not need an electric outlet. It is a classic upright exercise bike which delivers excellent cardio workouts.

The build quality of B2U is incredible and has an extremely robust construction. The parts of this machine are durable and are at par with other commercial grade bikes. Its frame is made of thick square steel bars, and all its steel parts are coated with corrosion-resistant powder. The seat comes with a chrome coating for its protection and long life.

Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike Features

1. Seat: The size of the seat of the Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike is considerable which gives excellent comfort while exercising, much more than the most spin bikes offer.

It has excellent cushioning and can accommodate users with the larger size as well. It only lacks the gel cover, but it is two-way adjustable. Adjusting the seat is simple.

2. Console: The console of Endurance B2U upright bike is a very basic one. It just displays the standard information – Time, Distance(miles), Speed(mph), Calories Burned, and Pulse. Its operation is straightforward as it comes with four buttons only – MODE, +,-, and RESET. The console is unable to track your pulse via the chest strap.

3. Magnetic Tension System: This upright bike is self-generating, hence as you pedal, it generates power. Its resistance system has a magnetic brake which is connected to the magnetic dial on the console mast. When you pedal clockwise, the brake moves closer to the flywheel and generates more power as you keep pedalling.

It comes with 15 levels of resistance which you can easily adjust by twisting the tension in clockwise or anticlockwise direction, depending on what your goal is.

4. Heart Rate Monitoring: In this upright bike, the heart rate monitoring is done via the sensors embedded on the handlebars. On the console, keep selecting MODE button until PULSE is displayed, then grab the handlebars(heart rate sensors) to enable them to measure your pulse. In 10 seconds, you will see your heart rate on the console.

This information is vital while working out because ultimately the main aim of the cardio workout is to maintain and keep a healthy heart.

5. Crank System: The crank system of B2U upright exercise bike by Endurance is pretty sturdy. It is made up of solid steel material. Due to this, it can take users up to 4000lbs of weight even if the user is in a standing pedalling position.

6. High Capacity: This unit is extremely stable and robust and can take a user of maximum 400lbs. If you see, this is quite a large limit, which also implies that the maximum of the customers can use this bike.

7. Pedals: The pedals of Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike are made up of heavy-duty nylon material and are weighted. This feature makes them durable and stable because working on a bike means maximum pedalling and for this, you need to have solid pedals.

8. Other Features: 

  • Water Bottle Holder: This unit comes with a bottle holder, placed under the Tension knob. It keeps you hydrated during a workout session.

Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike Warranty

The brand Body Solid boasts about the excellent warranties it provides for all its products. The B2U upright exercise bike has a Lifetime warranty on Frame and Parts, and 1-year warranty of Labour.

Customer Service: You can contact the customer support from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST. You can call them at their toll-free number – 800-556-3113 or fax your concern at 708-427-3598.

Return Policy: In case you wish to return the product, then contact the company office at 1-800-5563113 and get a Return Authorization Number. You can then replace the product along with the authorisation number and sales receipt. The shipping charges while a return is at your expense.

Body-Solid Endurance B2U Upright Bike Pros & Cons


  • The robust structure which doesn’t wobble when you exercise.
  • The seat is large and padded for exceptional comfort.
  • 15 levels of magnetic resistance offer a good variety of workout.
  • You can do the countdown for each one of the workout values.
  • Transport wheels make the movability of this massive machine, very easy and straightforward.
  • The design is aesthetic and compact, which is ideal for home use.


  • The console is way too primary for a high-grade upright bike, with no backlight on display.
  • No preset workout programs.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
  • No cooling fan and speakers.
  • No online connectivity


From the above review, it is clear that the exercise bike by Body solid is one of the most durable and robust upright bikes. It is very well constructed and comes with the extra large seat that is two-way adjustable. Its pedals are self-balancing and give great comfort to the user.

It is ideal for muscle toning, light to intense cardio training, leg muscle strength developing, weight loss, and stamina building.The only issue is with the console of this machine since it is too basic. But, this fact can still be ignored seeing the amount of variety it adds to your workouts and extra stability that it offers.

It surely provides a decent price/value ratio and is one of the best stationary upright bikes.