Body-Solid B5R Recumbent Bike Review

Body-Solid B5R Recumbent Bike Review

The Body Solid B5R Recumbent Bike is the best exercise bikes for losing weight as it is designed to provide excellent health benefits. The 16 levels of resistance with a sturdy frame offers an intense workout session for home and commercial purposes.

Read the Body-Solid B5R Review 2020 to get to know more about this power-packed fitness equipment having the easy step-thru design for easy accessibility. The adjustable seat with back pad provides great workout experience without exerting the body.

The touch screen console of the recumbent bike offers access to all the programs with precision. Its top-rated feature includes effective heart rate control with modern aesthetics that make it appealing and highly performance-oriented.

Best Suits to Whom?

The Body Solid B5R is powerful cardio equipment that helps to strengthen the heart and provide overall fitness of the body. It is perfect for people who intend to workout on their key muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, legs, and glutes.

If you prefer to have workout sessions that are comfortable for your joints and knees and still provide intense exercise sessions, then this recumbent bike works excellently well for your fitness. The stable position of the user on the bike allows the rigorous exercise regimen without getting hurt and attaining the fitness targets.

Thus, it turns out to be the best recumbent bike under $2500 that assures high-quality performance.

Body-Solid B5R Recumbent Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of Body Solid B5R Recumbent Bike is quick and handy as this exercise bike comes partially assembled and the user can assemble the rest of the parts with ease and precision.

With the help of guidelines that are explicitly mentioned in the manual, the users can assemble the bike within an hour or so. The users can opt for professional service for assembly of the machine by paying extra money

Design and Build Quality

The Bodyguard B5R Recumbent Bike is one of the best exercise bikes for light commercial use that is designed with heavy steel for durable performance. The dimensions of this equipment are  75L” x 29W” x 51”, and it is the self-generating bike that doesn’t need any power outlet.

The bike is sturdy enough to support the weight of 400 Ibs with 16 levels of eddy current resistance. The steel parts of the recumbent bike are covered with anti-corrosion paint that enhances the durable performance of the bike. The seat of the bike is contoured and padded for offering comfort in rigorous workout sessions.

The handlebars also move along the seat rail and have got metal pulse sensors for optimal performance. The bike has got rear frame legs that are fully protected with adjustable rubberized stabilizer caps for added performance and don’t let the machine wobble during demanding workout sessions.

The touch screen LED provides ease of access with numerous features and helps in effective use with 11 inbuilt programs. Overall, this recumbent bike proves to be an excellent choice for keeping fit and healthy.

Body-Solid B5R Recumbent Bike Features

1. Adjustable Resistance: This Body Solid bike offers 16 levels of resistance with magnetic eddy current resistance. The resistance can be modified for beginners as well as pro users with precision.

2. Magnetic Resistance: This recumbent bike is equipped with a magnetic eddy current resistance system. The resistance can be adjusted by shifting the magnetic pull for having light, intermediate and intense levels of workout sessions. It uses the belt drive system for offering smooth and consistent performance for years.

3. Seat: This recumbent bike is equipped with a contoured seat that is comfortable enough for extended performance. Its reclining mesh backrest adds in having adequate ventilation during rigorous workout sessions.

The seat also glides on the rail system, and the user can lock the seat at any preferred position for convenience and stable performance.

4. LCD Display: This Body Solid B5R Recumbent Bike arrives with 8” LED screen equipped with touch screen technology. It shows information about time, speed, distance, resistance levels, calories, pulse. The 11 workout programs add to the versatile performance of the bike.  

5. Charging Port: This exercise bike is a self-powered machine with no charging port and comes equipped with a tri-phase generator. The power is generated through pedaling motion that helps to power the console and set the resistance levels accordingly.

6. Resistance Level: The provision of 16 levels of resistance adds to the variable levels of intensity for having customized workout programs. The users can change the level of resistance according to the workout program that they follow be it cardio training, weight loss or stamina gaining purposes.

7. Ergonomic Pedals: This exercise bike offers the comfortable pedals that have adjustable straps for suiting the requirements of different users. Thus, the users don’t get exerted even after going through rigorous exercise sessions.

8. Adjustable Seat: The recumbent exercise bike is equipped with an adjustable seat that makes it ideal for different types of users having different body and weight proportions.

9.  Heart Rate Monitoring: This recumbent bike is equipped with dual pulse sensors for adequate heart rate monitoring. It also supports telemetry heart rate system via heart rate transmitter that helps the users to read out the pulse rate accurately while engaging in their exercise regimen.

10.  Weight Capacity: This recumbent bike is a robust machine that aims to provide hard-core cardio and weight loss program and can support the maximum weight of 400 Ibs.

11.  Other Features: 

  • Play Music: This exercise bike doesn’t provide music port.
  • Cooling Fan: There is no cooling fan in this bike.
  • Bottle Holder: The Body-Solid bike has got a bottle holder to maintain hydration while working out.

Body-Solid B5R Recumbent Bike Workout Programs

Built-In Fitness Programs: This recumbent bike comes equipped with 11 inbuilt workout programs that include five heart rate programs. The six inbuilt workouts comprise of the random, fat burn, manual, hill, speed training, and interval.

Goal Tracking: This recumbent bike offers the target heart rate programs that enable the users to use a predefined target limit and workout accordingly. It helps the users to access their performance according to the set limits and see if they derive the results as per the requirement.

Body-Solid B5R Recumbent Bike Warranty

The brand Body-Solid offers a commercial and residential warranty with their model of Bolid Solid B5R. Thus, the residential warranty offers lifetime years warranty on the frame, five years on the parts, with a two-year warranty on electronics, six-month warranty coverage on wear and a one year warranty on labor.

The commercial warranty provides fifteen years warranty on frame, three years warranty on parts, the two-year warranty on electronics, six months on wear and a one year on labor. Therefore, the valid warranty back up makes it rank among the best exercise bikes for home use

Body-Solid B5R Recumbent Bike Pros & Cons


  • Commercial grade quality
  • 11 workout programs for versatile performance
  • 16 levels of resistance for enhanced performance
  • Can easily support 400 Ibs weightContoured seat with a reclining design
  • Comfortable pedals
  • 8” LCD console with easy to read features
  • Quiet and smooth functioning
  • Provision of water holder
  • Provision of the tablet holder
  • Goal tracking for accurate results
  • Ideal for all users as well
  • Valid warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provision of grip pulse sensors


  • No provision of a cooling fan.
  • No provision of web-connectivity.
  • There is no availability of the sound system.
  • It is a piece of expensive equipment that falls under the range of less than $2500.


The Body Solid B5R is recognized among the best exercise bikes for home use that is also highly relevant for light commercial usage. The robust built quality of this machine with different workout programs makes it best fitness recumbent bike for beginners as well as hard-core fitness enthusiasts.

This recumbent bike has also got some drawbacks as its an expensive machine with less than $2500 that doesn’t offer web connectivity, sound system, cooling fan.

So, if you need to have all these features in your exercise bike, then LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Bike is recommended for you as it offers web connectivity with 16 levels of magnetic eddy current resistance.

But, if you seek reliable exercise equipment with a sturdy build, then Body Solid Recumbent Bike is recommended for your fitness requirements.

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