Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Review

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Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Review

The Master GS Indoor Cycle is the Best Indoor Cycle Spin Bikes for Home that comes from the renowned brand of Bladez. The brand Bladez is committed to delivering the premium quality fitness equipment that is designed with modern aesthetics and engineering to ensure the customer-driven features are incorporated into the fitness equipment.

The Master GS Indoor Cycle is no exception as this indoor cycle is meant to enhance muscle endurance, reduce stress levels and improve cardiovascular health. It comes equipped with 45Ibs flywheel and built with a sturdy steel frame.

The indoor cycle is a heavy bike that doesn’t wobble even if you are engaging in intense workout sessions or transitioning from seating to standing positions or vice-versa.

It arrives with the provision of Belt Drive System that allows for the smooth and quiet operation accompanied by Club Style Brake System. The availability of Adjustable Top Down Friction System with Emergency brake makes this indoor cycle best fitness equipment that justifies the necessary safety standards.

It is an ergonomically designed indoor bike that comes with Micro Adjustable Seat with racing style handlebars that enhances its aesthetic appeal and make it one of the Best Indoor Spin Cycles. You can also take a comprehensive view of the Master GS Indoor Cycle Review to understand the dynamics of its functional efficiency.

There is another model from the brand Bladez Fitness Indoor Cycle that offers exceptional quality built along with an impressive line of features under $500. The user can also opt for this model as it comes with 40 lbs flywheel, sturdy steel frame, ergonomic seat, handlebars and paddles that can be adjusted easily.

The adjustable down resistance level with emergency stop making it a safe bike to be used for long hours.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Master GS Indoor Cycle is one of the Best Upright Stationary Bikes as it is designed to provide a low impact workout especially for people who suffer from joint pain, muscle soreness. It is a highly recommended indoor bike for those people who intend to work on the cardio and the gluteus, the calf muscles, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

The workout on this indoor bike helps to tighten ligaments and tendons that further help to strengthen the overall body muscles and make the user feel happy about his self.

It is an ideal exercise bike for all those people who prefer to have stress-busting exercise sessions as it helps to release endorphins-the happy hormones. So, if you want your exercise sessions to be highly energetic, then you should consider buying this Bladez indoor bike.

It is currently available at less than $600, so if you need to upgrade your fitness levels and go ahead with this best buy indoor cycle of 2021

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Master GS Indoor Cycle arrives in a partly assembled manner that incorporates its flywheel, crank, belt and brake system are attached to the main frame. There is a need to connect the bases to the main structure of the bike like the seat post and seat assembling, and the handlebar post and handlebar assembly. It takes a good thirty minutes to assemble the bike correctly. But, if the user doesn’t want the hassle of assembling all the parts of the frame, then he can hire the professional service by paying an extra amount for the assembly.

Design and Build Quality

The Master GS Indoor Cycle is designed with a sturdy steel frame that adds to the strength and stability of the frame. The frame of steel is protected with the anti-corrosion paint that makes it long lasting.

It arrives in the dimensions measuring 46.9”x 19.9”x 48.4” with 45 lbs flywheel. The bike provides the natural simulation of the actual bike ride and flywheel makes the bike strong enough to remain stable during rigorous workout sessions and also when used at uneven surfaces. There is a provision of Silicone wheels that make it quite useful to transport the bike from one place to another.

The seat is adjustable and allows the users to adjust it horizontally to make themselves comfortable. The availability of aluminium pedals with toe baskets allow the comfortable position is making it easier for the users to sit conveniently and engage in their preferred workout sessions.

The Belt drive system help in operating the bike quietly and its LCD console offers clear information. Thus, it is rated as one of the Best Indoor Cycle Spin Bikes for Home that is ideal for maintaining overall fitness.

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Features


The Master GS Indoor Cycle is equipped with the easy to read LCD console that allows the user to have precise information. Thus, it shows time, speed, distance, calories and time elapsed, watts and RPM.

Moreover, if the user can buy the polar heart rate monitor strap separately, then he can sync the entire data with the LCD console. It helps the user to measure the heart rate accurately especially during the rigorous cardio workout sessions. The console runs with 2 AAA batteries that are not included in the bike.

Adjustable Saddle

This Indoor exercise bike arrives with the provision of the anatomically designed adjustable saddle. The ergonomically designed saddle is meant to enhance the comfort level of the users, particularly during the high-intensity level workout sessions.

Caged Pedals

The Indoor stationary bike comes equipped with the aluminium caged pedals with the toe-baskets. Thus, the caged pedals provide the optimal efficiency during the push and pull motion by providing the secure and safe platform.

In this way, the user doesn’t get wobbled during the workout sessions as his feet remain secured in the caged pedals.

Water Bottle Holder

This Indoor exercise bike comes equipped with the water bottle holder that keeps the user hydrated during intense workout sessions.


The Master GS Indoor bike arrives with the infinite level of resistance that allows the users to choose the incline and decline levels as per their convenience.

An Adjustable Handlebars

This indoor exercise bike is designed with Fore/Aft and Up/Down Handlebars for enhancing the comfort level of the users. It helps them to have a steady grip on the handlebars even during the rigorous workout sessions.

Emergency Stop

This exercise trainer is equipped with an emergency stop that helps the users to have optimal control over the bike.

Weight Capacity

It can support maximum weight up to 300 lbs that mean even a heavy person can keep himself fit by exercising on this bike.


This indoor trainer arrives with a manual resistance system that offers infinite levels of intensity. The whole mechanism works with the turning the tension knob located at the front side of the frame. Thus the resistance is applied to the flywheel with the use of tension knob, and the user can set up the resistance levels as per their comfort level.

So, they can go on the high level of resistance or maintain an average level, or they can set the resistance level to the zero depending on their convenience.


It arrives with the provision of 45 lbs flywheel that makes it a sturdy exercise bike. Moreover, it provides the natural feel of the cycling and offers a consistent momentum to ensure that the user feels quite comfortable during the exercise sessions.


This indoor exercise bike arrives with the transport wheels located at the front side of the bike. These transport wheels help to move the bike from one place to another with ease.


The indoor bike arrives with the ergonomically designed padded seat that offers maximum comfort to the users. Moreover, they can easily adjust the seat as well as per their specific requirement.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

The indoor stationary bike arrives with the LCD console that offers accurate feedback about the exercise data.

The user can measure the heart rate with the use of the polar heart rate monitor strap that can easily sync with the LCD console. But, the polar heart rate monitor strap is not included in the bike, and the user has to buy it separately.

Self-Generating Power

This indoor bike is not self-generating as it operates with Belt Drive system. It enables the bike to function quietly, and the user can enjoy his work out by listening to his favourite music.

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Workout Programs

This exercise bike by bladez Fitness doesn’t come equipped with the workout programs. But, the user can engage in both upper and lower body workout sessions explicitly targeting low impact workout with enhancing the muscular endurance and reducing stress levels.

Pre Set Workout Programs – Upper Body Exercise: There are no preset programs on this indoor bike. But, this indoor trainer is designed to provide the upper body workout programs that include cardio sessions, tightening of the core muscles. This spin bike also helps to cut down the belly fat and maintains overall health and fitness levels.

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Warranty

The Master GS Indoor Cycle is rated as one of the Best Upright Exercise Bikes as a valid warranty backs it. This indoor trainer comes equipped with a Residential warranty.

Thus, there is a Lifetime warranty on the frame, one-year warranty on parts, labor, electronics, and wear items. This warranty makes it the Best Indoor Cycle Spin Bikes for Home.

Bladez Master GS Indoor Cycle Pros & Cons


  • This exercise bike is easy to assemble as the user needs to connect the bases to the main frame of the bike.
    It operates quietly and smoothly with the provision of Belt Drive System.
  • The seat and handlebars are adjustable that makes it convenient to use.
  • It comes equipped with the heavy flywheel that makes it a sturdy machine that doesn’t wobble even during intense workout sessions.
  • The toe-cages on the pedals make for active workout sessions by keeping the user’s feet in a comfortable position for the long duration.
  • It is a budget-friendly bike as it falls under the category of $600.


  • It doesn’t come equipped with the polar heart monitor strap that is required to monitor the heart rate.
  • There is no provision of preset workout programs in the console.
  • The console runs with two AAA batteries that are not included in the bike.
  • The resistance levels are not mentioned explicitly.


The Master GS Indoor Cycle is one of the best exercise bikes of the contemporary market as it boasts of the impressive line of features, cost-friendly and offers a valid warranty back up.

Its dimensions are ideal for home use, and the provision of easy usage and storage makes it the recommended indoor trainer for all the fitness enthusiasts. Furthermore, the exercise bike is adjustable and offers premium quality built with a sturdy steel frame that adds to its longevity.

The noise-free functionality of this indoor bike with a clear presentation of exercise feedback on the console makes it rank among the best indoor cycles. Thus, if you require to upgrade your fitness equipment and need a durable, well-built, smooth and effective bike with high operational efficiency, then Master GS Indoor Cycle is the best bike for you.

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