Bladez Exercise Bikes Review

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Bladez Exercise Bikes Review

Bladez Fitness is the renowned brand of the international fitness industry that is acknowledged for offering the exceptional quality customer-driven fitness equipment. Bladez Fitness is the part of the 100 years old group known as Beistegui Hermanos Global Group that is based in Spain.

The Bladez brand is widely revered for manufacturing and distributing the fitness equipment for supply to 65 countries of the world. These fitness equipment incorporate Bladez exercise bike, Bladez Cascade Rower, Bladez ellipticals, Bladez treadmills, Bladez indoor cycle, Bladez upright bikes, and Bladez recumbent bikes. The production of fitness equipment for commercial and residential usage enhance the usage of the equipment.

Why Bladez Stands Out Among The Rest?

Bladez being the part of BHG group that is serving the fitness industry for more than a century and still motivated to provide the premium quality fitness equipment. The brand is resolute to offer excellence in performance, built quality and cutting-edge features to ensure that the users derive the benefit of utmost precision and best quality fitness equipment.

The key feature of all the Bladez equipment is that customers are the driving force behind the designing of all the products of the brand. Thus, all the Bladez equipment are customer-centric and convenient to use.

Bladez Exercise Bike Series

1. Bladez Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle

The Bladez Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle is a modern machine that is designed to cater to the requirements of fitness enthusiasts by making them fitter and healthier. The users can get actively engaged in intense cardio sessions along with strength training to ensure that the users attain the desired fitness goals. Following are its features:

  • The steel frame of this Bladez exercise bike makes it a durable machine that yields the dominant performance.
  • The exercise bike arrives in a dimension measuring 48”x 21”x 45” that makes it an excellent choice for users having maximum weight up to 275 pounds.
  • The 40 lbs flywheel makes the exercise bike function smoothly, without any noise and provide a natural and continuous momentum.
  • The provision of racing style handlebars having Up/Down along with Fore/Aft adjustment enhance the comfort level of the users.
  • If the user prefers to have an adjustable seat, then this Bladez exercise bike proves useful with the provision of Up/down and Fore/Aft seat adjustment.
  • The adjustable top-down resistance level accompanied by the emergency brake makes the bike more performance-oriented.
  • It comes equipped with sport pedals having the added benefit of toe-baskets that make the users extremely secured and comfortable during intense workout sessions.
  • The provision of sport saddle makes the bike perfect for those people who intend to enjoy the intense workout session with precision.
  • It is the Best Exercise Bike under $500 that makes it budget-friendly fitness equipment for those people who prefer to invest in a bike having great features, but it’s not that pricey at the same time.
  • The easy to read LCD screen displays information regarding Time, Speed, Distance and Calories explicitly.
  • The provision of transportation wheels makes this exercise bike easy to store and use especially in space-constrained areas.

2. Bladez Master GS Indoor Cycle

The Bladez Master GS Indoor Cycle is among the Best Indoor Cycle Spin Bikes for Home that comes equipped with all the essential features that help the users to stay fit and healthy. It is a premium quality exercise bike that offers the advantage of commercial built quality with an incredible line of features. Following are its features:

  • It is the Best Exercise Bike under $1000 that offers powerful performance with amazing precision.
  • The sturdy steel frame of this fitness bike enhance its longevity and make it perform at the excellent level even at the high resistance levels.
  • The 45 lbs flywheel add to the durability of the bike making it smooth and result-oriented with natural and continuous momentum.
  • It comes equipped with vinyl padded cushion seat that offers maximum comfort to the users mainly during the intense workout sessions.
  • It is the Best Magnetic Spin Bike as it arrives with the provision of the top-down magnetic resistance level that allows the users to determine the level of resistance as per their exercise program.
  • This exercise bike arrives with the dimensions measuring 41” x 34.3” x 9.6” that make it ideal for small spaces as well.
  • The exercise bike can support maximum weight up to 300 lbs that make it the preferred option for the heavyweight users.
  • The adjustable seat and handlebars with multi-grip racing style make it the precise mechanism for people who intend to try out different variations in their exercise programs requiring different adjustments in seat and handlebar.
  • The provision of comfortable pedals with toe-cages and cleats make it the comfortable exercise bike for rigorous workout sessions.
  • This exercise bike arrives with LCD that displays the workout details and is highly compatible with Polar Heart Rate Monitor that is sold separately.
  • It comes equipped with Direct Contact Brake System that makes it reliable equipment that is safe for the users and can be used easily as well.

3. Bladez U500i Upright Bike

The Bladez U500i Upright Bike is the premium model of the Bladez Fitness equipment as it is designed with top-notch features and amazing programs to add versatility to the workout sessions. It is rated among the Best Exercise Bikes for Home as it provides the impeccable performance with ease. It has got the following features:

  • The sturdy steel frame of the exercise bike makes it longlasting and durable with incredible shelf life.
  • The LCD screen offers explicit information about Speed, Time, Distance, Calories burned and heart rate.
  • It arrives in the dimensions measuring 41.7” x 21.7” x 58.3” and can support maximum weight up to 300 lbs, thus making it fit for oversized people.
  • It comes equipped with i.Concept Technology that allows the users to download any number of workout programs and apps to the Smartphone or tablet to avail the opportunity of the varied number of exercise options.
  • It comes with the provision of 24 levels of electrically controlled resistance that makes it effective for the users to change the intensity levels as per their convenience.
  • There is a provision of heavyweight 15 lbs flywheel that is meant to provide continuous momentum accompanied by Poly-V belt for the smooth and quiet functioning of the bike.
  • The availability of adjustable seat with Up/Down, Fore/Aft features makes it highly suitable for different exercise programs.
  • The provision of contact heart rate monitor enables in monitoring the heart rate effectively.
  • This fitness trainer is acclaimed as Best Exercise Bikes as it provides the oversized sure-grip pedals that make it comfortable for long exercise sessions.
  • The bike comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, portability feature and 26 inbuilt programs for making the users work hard on their exercise regimen.

4. Bladez Echelon GS Indoor Cycle

The Bladez Echelon GS Indoor Cycle is a premium quality fitness equipment that is meant to provide hard-core cardio training accompanied by the strength training and overall fitness of the body. It is a smooth machine that offers exceptional built quality with incredible is also referred to as the Best Spin Bike Under $500 that is backed by its impressive features and its productivity levels. Its features are as follows:

  • The Bladez fitness equipment comes equipped with the heavyweight 40 lbs flywheel that not only provides the smooth and natural momentum but also offers the benefit of quiet operation.
  • The bike comes equipped with the adjustable top-down resistance that allows the users to set the intensity levels as per their convenience.
  • This trainer arrives with the provision of an adjustable seat and handlebar with Fore/Aft and Up/Down resistance making it ideal for intense workout sessions.
  • It is among the Best Exercise Bike under $600 that provide the benefit of advanced features with being so budget-friendly.
  • The exercise bike arrives with the dimensions measuring 48.8” x 19.8”x 43.3” with a weight capacity of 275 lbs.
  • The provision of aluminium pedals with toe-baskets make them reliable for comfortable performance.
  • The easy to read LCD shows information about Speed, Distance, Calories making every detail so clear to the users that help them in their workout.
  • The provision of water bottle cage helps the user to remain hydrated during the workout sessions.
  • This rowing trainer comes equipped with transportation wheels making it easy to move and store the bike after the workout.
  • The provision of the belt drive system makes this bike easy to maintain with no noise during the exercise sessions.

Bladez Fitness Indoor Cycle

The Bladez Fitness Indoor Cycle is one of the Best Indoor Cycling Spin Bikes for Home that is highly cost-effective and offers the best of features with impeccable performance. If the user prefers to have the compactly sized exercise bike that offers comfortable and user-friendly features, then this exercise bike works best for them. Its features are as follows:

  • The Bladez exercise bike is a sturdy machine with the steel frame that makes it capable of delivering the high-end results for many years to come.
  • It comes equipped with 40 lbs flywheel making it a smooth and quiet machine offering the continues momentum and natural feel to the users.
  • It provides the seat and handlebar adjustments that make it user-friendly.
  • The provision of adjustable top-down resistance with an emergency brake system makes it highly safe and convenient for the users.
  • The availability of club style brakes makes it highly recommended for users who prefer to have an easy to use the bike.
  • The provision of the belt drive system makes it smooth, and it functions quietly without disturbing the users.
  • The exercise bike arrives in the dimensions measuring 40.1 x 34.5 x 8.6” that allows the heavyweight people to use the machine effectively.
  • It is the Best Upright Stationary Bike offers the uncompromising and consistent performance with its smooth motion.
  • The LCD screen shows the exercise information regarding Speed, Distance, Calories and Time that enables the users to attain the desired results with incredible precision.

Pros and Cons of Bladez Exercise Bike Series


  • Bladez exercise bikes are designed with premium quality sturdy steel that makes them highly durable and long lasting.
  • These exercise bikes come equipped with transportation wheels that make them useful for workout session and storage, especially in the limited area.
  • The easy to read LCD explicitly display all the required information about the workout in a precise manner.
  • Bladez exercise bikes are ergonomically designed to keep the users comfortable during the workout and avoid overexertion.
  • All the exercise bikes are designed with a heavy flywheel that makes them low-maintenance and provides quiet and smooth functioning.
  • These exercise bikes come equipped with an adjustable seat and handlebar that make them ideal for different users.
  • The exercise bikes offer a lifetime warranty on the frame that adds to the credibility of the product.
  • The exercise bikes are user-friendly and cost-effective.


  • The resistance level of Bladez exercise bikes may appear easy for a few users.
  • A few users may find the seat a bit uncomfortable initially, but that goes off after getting used to these bikes.

Final Verdict

Bladez Fitness is a reputed name in the international fitness arena as the brand symbolises performance, precision and perfection that is explicitly seen in all of their product lines.

The Bladez products are defined with innovative technology and customer-driven features that enhance the usability and performance of the equipment. Overall, the Bladez exercise Bikes provide the unmatched performance with the result-oriented approach, thus making it the leading Indoor Cycles of the world.

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