Assault Exercise Bikes Review

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Assault Exercise Bikes Review

Assault is South-California based fitness brand under the label of Fitness Core. It has been in the business of health equipment for about two decades now and has a solid customer base and markets of its own. Assault fitness branches off from Fitness core with the motto of bringing high-quality fitness machines for the hard-core fans.

Here, Assault tries to match the customer’s dedication and will to work and at the same time provide them with motivation to reach even higher goals. Assault also aims at making the journey easy and smooth for its customers. Assault promises to make high-intensity workouts more fun and enjoyable with their products.

Assault AirBike Elite

  • Model: Assault AirBike Elite
  • Dimensions : 55" x 26.2" x 55"
  • Resistance Type: Corrosion resistance
  • Max. Weight: 350 lbs
  • Display: LCD display
  • Pedals: All metal Design
  • Frame: Steel frame
  • Seat: Solid aluminum seat post
  • Portable:
  • Performance Tracking:
  • Bluetooth Connectivity:
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Fan bikes have been around for many long years but they had a lot of drawbacks which kept people away from them. They became popular only when Assault Fitness came up with a new innovative design. It was a new product that improved upon all the flaws of all the previous fan bikes ...Read Full Review

Fan bikes have been around for many long years but they had a lot of drawbacks which kept people away from them. They became popular only when Assault Fitness came up with a new innovative design. It was a new product that improved upon all the flaws of all the previous fan bikes...

Why Assault Stands Out among the Rest?

Assault introduces exclusive exercise bikes and limited edition pieces with unparalleled quality and a promise to give the best outputs. The Assault collection includes Classic Airbikes, sophisticated Elite Airbikes, and AirRunners, designed to help you burn those extra calories like never before. In these, you can give your full energy, get the pace built and just work to your full potential, day after day. Assault ensures great warranty and very low maintenance requirements on its every single piece so you won’t have to interrupt your routine even for a day.

At Assault, experts team up to optimize the potential of the machines at every turn of design and manufacture. The in-house trainers and personnel of Assault conduct research and experiments to produce machinery that suits even your highest intensity requirements. Bring home the product to build your stamina and set yourself new goals every day.

Assault Fitness Assault AirBike

ProductRatings  Resistance   Display   Programs   Best Price
Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Review
Assault AirBike Elite
---LCD display ---
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Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Review
Assault AirBike Classic Black
---Advanced computer display7
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Assault has introduced, for its extra dedicated fitness lovers’ two models of Air-bikes. These equipment are short and compactly built but like they lack all the power and sturdiness you need in their small build. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to compare the models to mini-atom bombs in performance.

The AirBike Classic and AirBike Elite are both designed to efficiently burn calories in every workout regime. These are professionally designed bikes exclusively for the most professional of users.They stay within the normal price range exercise bikes but ensure the best of quality and output in each of its products.

The Assault AirBike can be described as a workaholic who pushes you to be the same, as soon as you climb over. The variety of onboard programmes motivates you to give your all, every single time. You can either stick to the pre-programmed routine or just build your own workouts as per personal calories. The most notable feature of the Air-bikes is the Tabata interval program, a specialty of Assault bikes. The bikes ensure you the best cross-fit workout possible, with unlimited resistance ranges.

Assault AirBike Elite, Grey

Assault has built the manual exercise bike with not just its customers in kind, but the environment too. As a result, it leaves zero carbon imprints behind and runs on zero electricity. It has 33” width which gives you great legroom to spread out comfortably.

The quality of Assault Airbike Elite, Grey is such that every part is assured to last long with the least amount of maintenance. It’s steel body and stable and balancing design makes it perfect for an indoor high-intensity workout. It is lightweight and hence easy to be moved around with built-in wheels. In its sleek black color, the Air Runner looks no less than a real black panther.


  1. Suitable for both adults and kids
  2. Comfortable seating
  3. Affordable (available under $1000)
  4. High-intensity workouts
  5. Nicely manufactured and is quite durable
  6. Steel frame
  7. Great for interval training
  8. Workout programs
  9. Infinite resistance levels
  10. Great for total body training

Pros and Cons of Assault Fitness


  • Excellent customer services
  • Unparalleled quality
  • Great range of prices
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Durable build
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Easy to move


  • .Assembly requires help
  • Noisy chain drive


Assault builds up bikes with the customer preferences in mind.They are loved by gym-goers and hardcore trainers all over the world. Sleek and beautiful in design, they bring all-round features that you have wished for in your home work out equipment. If you’re truly and seriously invested in fitness training, Assault bikes can be the best companions you can get yourself.

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