Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Review

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Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Review

Fan bikes have been around for many long years but they had a lot of drawbacks which kept people away from them. They became popular only when Assault Fitness came up with a new innovative design. It was a new product that improved upon all the flaws of all the previous fan bikes.

Assault AirBike Elite is the new fan bike that leads in the market. They took customer feedback and made sure it suits everyone’s needs. And the result was a perfectly built AirBike that is admired by all fitness enthusiasts. The solid steel construction, corrosion resistance, and solid aluminium make sure that the exercise bike lasts for decades in your home gyms.

It lets you push your limits with infinite resistance so it is a machine with no limits in its capacity to let you grow. Assault AirBike Elite is presently the most durable bike in the market with really smooth rides.

Best Suited for Whom?

Elite Assault AirBike is designed for the people who don’t like to limit themselves. They know that every person has different desires and specific requirements so just one equipment cannot be a fit for all. But Assault AirBike Elite comes with a difference in this category.

It has infinite resistance and multiple customizations so any individual whether he is a fitness enthusiast or an athlete can comfortably push their body to new limits. The resistance ramps up more when you increase the speed of pedaling. It is as simple as that.

The Elite AirBike is for anyone who needs an ultimate workout machine.

Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Assault AirBike is totally weighing around 138.9 pounds. So it is heavy for a single person to take out and assemble. Two people can easily assemble the AirBike. A very detailed and simple guide is provided with the product which can be used for the easy assembling of the AirBike.

If you get confused or are in any need of help, the customer service team of Assault fitness team will help you in the assembly process. So you don’t need to be worried about the assembly.

Design and Build Quality

This exercise bike by assault is built to last and survive any harsh usage. The durability of Assault AirBike Elite can be explained like that. The whole frame of the AirBike is made using high-tensile steel coated with industrial powder to prevent corrosion.

To make sure that the machine stays maintenance free for decades, the cartridges on all the moving parts are sealed. A highly customizable seat that creates a comfortable workout experience, sweat proofing, and strong cranks makes the Assault AirBike Elite an investment that stays as healthy as you for a very long period.

Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

Most of the people who visit the gym, aim at improving their health so properly monitoring their health statistics is always a good advantage.

This can also in one way motivate people to work more by seeing the improvement in their health. Assault AirBike Elite can monitor your heart rate wirelessly using the onboard ANT+Radio.

Pedal forward or backward

Even the perfect machine can bore you if you continue to do the same exercise for a long period of time. Assault AirBike Elite opts for a different strategy where you can pedal forward or backward based on what you like at the moment. This gives the users the flexibility to add some variety into their workout.

LCD Display

An intuitive and user-friendly LCD display is available on the Assault AirBike Elite which helps you track your performance live. It has a future-proof display which helps you to connect your equipment using Bluetooth and ANT.

Your heart rate can be tracked easily using the display. And other general information like time, distance, and calorie goal programs are also displayed.


Assault AirBike Elite is fitted with all modern technology to take you well ahead when it comes to the matters related to your health. It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect with your mobile for monitoring your workout. It can also connect your heart rate monitor to track your heart rate.

Adjustable Seat

An ergonomically designed seat can ensure that you can work out longer without getting tired. The Elite Assault AirBike is designed exceptionally with this feature. It has an oversized 4-way adjustable seat with good cushioning for maximum comfort during the workout sessions.

They are sweatproof and have an aluminium seat post rather than the steel ones normally used.

Air Resistance

Assault AirBike Elite is equipped with a 68.6-centimetre Steel Fan that can effectively deliver unlimited resistance to the users.

This technically means that you can push yourself to the maximum limit and still the airBike won’t be at its maximum capacity. The resistance increases with your pedaling.


The pedals are all metal designed in the airbike rather than plastic. So you can expect maximum durability even after harsh usage.

Multiple Grip

The airbike offers multiple grip variations which are quite useful because all the users will have different work out styles. So choosing the best position available will make it comfortable for them. These grips are sweat proof so you don’t have to worry about the bad odor coming out of it.

Compact Size

AirBikes are nowhere near compact. Even the Assault AirBike Elite is the same. So you will need to dedicate a certain amount of space that you can spare in your workout place, especially for your AirBike.


These exercise bikes are usually heavy and it cannot be transported from place to another with ease. But Assault AirBike Elite has a solution; they have 7 integrated transport wheels below the AirBike for easy transport. So it is a convenience for anyone who wants to shift the position of their AirBikes.

High Capacity

Majority of the people plan on weight reduction in gyms and AirBikes are well suitable for that purpose. Therefore Assault AirBikes Elite is also designed with people like them in mind. It can support a weight of up to 350 pounds thus making sure that no one feels neglected.

Usage Time

These machines are made sturdy and can work for long hours without having any impact on their lifespan. Assault AirBike Elite can easily be placed in busy gyms and can be expected to stay healthy without maintenance for decades. Quality of the materials used and perfect designing is responsible for its durability.

Other Features

  • Water Bottle Holder: A water holder kit does not come by default with the product but if you desire to get one you can pay an additional price and get it fitted on your AirBike.

Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Workout Programs

It is easy for any enthusiast to lose enthusiasm if he continues to do the same task every single day. Workout programs are really helpful in removing the mendacity of the workout. The variety it adds can keep the users motivated and help them work out for a longer period.

The Assault team already has around 150 workouts designed which are available with them for installation.But the Assault AirBike Elite only comes pre-installed with 8 workout programs that can also act as guides to the beginners.

They have intense training sessions and light training for people who just need to keep their body fit. Options like 20/10 Interval, 10/20 Interval, Custom Interval and Goal Programs with varied distance, calories, heart rate and time are provided.

Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Warranty

Warranty of this brand Assault is a good indication regarding the quality and durability of a product. Assault AirBike Elite provides a good warranty proving the trust they keep on their own products.

They have a 3-year part warranty which will keep your expenses minimum if the AirBike has to undergo any kind of maintenance in the span of 3 years.

Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Pros & Cons


  • Higher quality bearings
  •  Sturdy frame
  • Multi-Grip handlebars
  • 4-Way adjustable seat
  • Aluminium seat post
  •  Fused removable Windscreen
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Plastic shrouds for safety
  •  3-year parts warranty
  •  Weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • Forward and backward pedaling


  • Non-foldable
  • Expensive as it is available for $1299.
  • It is heavy by design


After reviewing the product thoroughly, we came to identify Assault AirBike Elite as the best AirBike in the category. We will recommend it as perfect workout equipment to anyone. It has many features that make it stand apart and superior to other machines.

Interval training, good for muscle building and strength can be done using this exercise bike easily. It has a very smooth ride and the comfortable seating combined with the ergonomic design allows the users to workout for any long period they desire.

With modern equipment and attachments, you won’t feel like using an age-old machine. The intensity of workouts is infinite therefore making this a machine of infinite potential.

If you are willing to spend enough money as an investment on your fitness then buying Assault AirBike Elite is the best choice you can get. So buy one and unlock your maximum potential.