Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Review

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Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Review

The experts at LifeCore have given much care in designing a modern exercise bike under the Assault Fitness brand name. They take customer feedback seriously and make a genuine effort to reflect them in their products. Assault AirBike is one such product.

It fixed everything that was wrong with the traditional air resistance bike. Assault AirBike has high customization capability with unlimited resistance making it perfect fitness equipment for all its users.

It gained popularity really fast among athletes, consumers and fitness enthusiasts for their sophisticated built and affordable price.

Best Suited for Whom?

Assault Fitness Airbike is for the people who need to push their limits. It can increase the intensity of your workout to any level that you desire with infinite customization options and unlimited resistance provided by the air. With exercise bike, you can instantly change from a mere warming up session to a sweating workout.

There are various workout programs available in the airbike that keeps you motivated with the variety in the workout. Assault Airbike has comfortable seating that will help you work out longer without tiring yourself easily. If you want to put your body to test its limits and outgrow yourself then Assault Fitness Airbike must be your first choice.

Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Assault AirBike can easily be assembled using the guide provided with the product. You will not require the help of anybody else if you follow the guide properly. However, if you need assistance regarding the Assault Air Bike assembly, the customer care service is always there to help.

The machine weighs around 94.4 pounds in total so it isn’t that difficult to take the parts and assemble.

Design and Build Quality

Assault Fitness Air Bike is built like a tank and its extreme durability will make it last long without any maintenance. It has thick-gauge chro-moly steel, sealed cartridge bearings and oversized pivots which makes sure that it stays sturdy even at military camps or commercial points where these machines are used for long continuous hours.

The design is completely user-friendly you can go on working out for hours without tiring yourself up.

Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart rate monitoring system is attached to the grip of the machine and tracks the changes in heart rate letting you analyze your health much more efficiently. The user-friendly display shows your current heart rate which can be like a motivation for you to workout more.

LCD Display

The airbike has a user-friendly display system that can monitor your health statistics with ease. It can track your heart rate, the time you have been working out, the speed of your pedaling, calories burned and even watts of energy produced. This system can effectively help you understand the progress you are making. All the programmable workout routines can be controlled from this display.

Air Resistance

The machine has a very efficient air resistance system. It measures around 27″ in diameter and offers infinite resistance. This allows the freedom increasing the intensity of the workout to any level you want. The fan wheel has a very smooth motion while working out and is less prone to breaking down. All these make Assault Bike a perfect fitness companion.


It has industrial strength high-quality pedal cranks that increase the durability of your equipment and keep its maintenance free for a very long period. The faster you cycle on Assault AirBikes, the harder the pedalling becomes. That is how infinite resistance works and it helps you to push yourself.

Pulse Grip Type

Pulse grip efficiently tracks heart rate of the user wirelessly. The rubber covering on the grip provides good grip while working out. The handlebars are not odor resistant therefore with longer usage bacteria might grow on them causing a bad smell in the long run. So proper cleaning is required to keep it hygienic and odor resistant to the users.

Adjustable Seating

If on a high-quality machine, you can’t sit on comfortably then the whole workout experience gets spoiled. Because of this, Assault Air Bike comes with a fully adjustable seat allowing you to work out for a longer time within your comfort zone. The six-way adjustable seat can move in different directions giving the flexibility to get maximum comfort.

Compact Size

All equipment have their own demerits. One such disadvantage of Assault ArirBike is its lack of compactness. It takes up a considerable amount of space in your gym. Unlike treadmills, Assault ArirBike is not foldable so it will stay at the place where you keep it. So place it at a place where you can spare some space.


Even though the airbikes are heavy and big, Assault AirBikes are perfectly transportable. Transport wheel is built into the bike. This is quite useful for people who like to rearrange their room once in a while.

High Capacity

Assault AirBike is meant for harsh usage. It can withstand almost any kind of heavy duty workouts. People generally visit gyms with this kind of intention and most of them will have weight loss as their primary aim. Assault AirBike can support people of up to the weight 350 pounds which covers a majority of the people.

Usage Time

AirBikes like these are generally used in military bases and for athletic training. So you can expect the kind of quality and endurance capacity expected from Assault AirBikes.

Because of its build quality, it can work for thousands of hours without any requirement for maintenance. With this kind of durability, this exercise bike used as commercial fitness hotspots where hundreds gather around to work out.

Tabata workout mode

Tabata training is very useful for building up body strength and stamina. With the capacity to measure the interval between workouts using the computer monitoring system, Assault AirBike can effectively be utilized for Tabata training. It also adds up the variety of workout you can have on the AirBike.

Flexibility of workout

This AirBike can be used in different ways to exercise your upper body and lower body. You can either use the arm bars alone or you can combine it with pedaling to get a full body workout experience. Using arm bars alone can be helpful when you get tired of cycling. This gives you the flexibility in working out in either way you want.

Other Features

  • Wind Screen: It prevents the air from thumping the exerciser’s face.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Water bottle holder doesn’t come pre-installed with the product however by paying an additional price you can get the cup holder.

Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Workout Programs

By default Assault, AirBike has 8 workout programs. Workout programs are really helpful to guide you in delivering your maximum potential. You have the flexibility of working out your whole body or taking up only upper body exercises using the armbars.

It has three interval programs – 20/10 Interval, 10/20 Interval and, Custom Interval. Then there are goal programs that are named Time, Distance, Calories and Heart Rate and custom mode.

The monitoring system will show how varied each workout program is based on the segment time, total time, distance, speed, RPM, watts, and heart rate.

Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Warranty

The frame of the bike comes with a five-year warranty. The other parts and components of the airbike have a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase.

In addition, you get a labor warranty of 1 year.

Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Pros & Cons


  •  Commercial quality airbike. It’s made to last well and comprises of heavy gauge steel wherever required.
  •  Sturdy built
  • Durable
  • User-friendly display
  • Comprises of Tabata workout mode which is a super efficient way for fat burn.
  •  Upper-body training
  • Requires low maintenance


  •  Non-compact and non-foldable
  • Handlebar covers are not odor resistant
  • Expensive as it is available for $800 excluding the additional accessories


From our review, you should have understood how good Assault fitness AirBike is. Even though it is quite expensive, unlike other fitness equipment which gets early complaints AirBikes, will remain maintenance free for a longer period. That is why it is much-preferred fitness exercise bike by Assault fitness by the military and commercial fitness zones

No other fitness equipment can be as challenging as the AirBike. With the infinite resistance, it can help any fitness enthusiast to push his limits. In total, we believe Assault fitness AirBike has the potential to be the best overall fitness equipment. If it is affordable for you then it is a good buy. So buy one and grow beyond your limits.