AFG Exercise Bikes Review
AFG Exercise Bikes Review

AFG Exercise Bikes Review

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AFG brand is one of the top brands under Johnson Health Tech., which itself had made the brands like Vision, Horizon, Livestrong, and Matrix. It is the largest manufacturer of health equipment in Asia and is ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the World. It builds smart machines which suit every type of user. Read the AFG exercise bike review and learn about its amazing bike models.

AFG is a quality brand from Johnson and has a vast and satisfied customer base. This brand is known to sweat on every minute details to bring out the best product for its clients. It pays attention to every part of their equipment and brings out the best quality product.

AFG Treadmills, AFG Exercise Bikes, and AFG Ellipticals are the most sought-after health equipment for home, matching the quality of a health club equipment.This page will discuss its elliptical models and show how they are superior to other brands.

Why AFG Stands Out Among the Rest?

AFG’s ranking is evident from the fact that it builds the state-of-the-art machines. It leaves no stone unturned in catering to the minute details of manufacturing and quality.

The hybrid exercise bikes by AFG use the best of both, upright and recumbent bikes. Its top-line models have an innovative design with the console mounted on the side. The heavy flywheel ensures smooth and noiseless functioning. Its adjustable seats and performance tracking system makes the experience fruitful.

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AFG Exercise Bikes Series

  1. AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike- The AFG 4.0AR exercise bike gives a very reliable performance as you would get with a gym machine. Its side console makes it perfect in design and does not obstruct your view while exercising. This design appeals to a majority of the users. It is one of the best exercise bikes under $1200. It has the following striking features:
  • It makes use of the FreeSPIN technology which lets you coast along when you stop pedalling and does not stop the machine with a jerk.
  • It has a ProFILE tracking system with which you can store your workout details like Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Heart Rate, etc. It helps in monitoring your workout and setting new targets.
  • The heavy flywheel and magnetic brake system help in providing a smooth motion while you exercise.
  • The seat is adjustable and cushioned, which gives great comfort to the user.
  • The back lumbar support provides safety for all types of users.
  • It comes with ten pre-set programs – Intervals, Manual, Rolling Hills, Weight Loss, Cadence, Target Heart Rate (2), Random, Watts, and Custom.
  • The step-thru frame is impressive as it allows easy entry into and exits off the machine.

2. AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bikes- The AFG 7.3AR exercise bike is a heavy-duty exercise bike but lacks in online connectivity. But, it has an excellent use for all kinds of users and gives a decent price/value ratio. Let’s learn about its beautiful features here:

  • The step-thru design is brilliant and helps in taking a position on the seat and getting out of it, very quickly.
  • The seat of this machine is contoured and padded. This means it gives added comfort.
  • The backrest of the chair has a mesh structure which offers optimal lumbar support.
  • The stainless steel handlebars have pulse sensors to precisely measure your heart rate. Your heart rate is vital for you to decide the kind of workout you should do to maintain a good and healthy heart.
  • You can set the magnetic resistance of the machine either from the console with the help of the keys, or manually as you pedal.
  • The 22 pre-set workouts offer a wide variety of options to the user. The programs are divided into Three categories – Calories, Climb, and Distance.

Pros and Cons of AFG Exercise Bikes


  • AFG exercise bikes have a step-thru design for easy getting on and off the bike.
  • These bikes have an ingenious design which is built keeping in mind the user’s comfort.
  • The flywheels of AFG upright bikes are hefty and thus provide smooth and noiseless functioning.
  • These bikes offer a low-impact workout and do not put pressure on your joints and knees.
  • The seats of these bikes are bucketed and contoured, which gives extra lumbar support to people with back pain.
  • AFG exercise bikes are ideal for all types of users.


  • The AFG bikes do not come with the online connectivity feature. Hence, you cannot connect your phone or tablet and use its apps while sweating it out.
  • Lack of sound system can make a few users feel during intense workouts, but they can always use their earphones to play music.
  • Some people find AFG bikes to be a little pricey, but they are surely value for money due to their remarkable features.

Final Verdict

The exercise bikes by AFG are the perfect fitness exercise bikes which help in making the workout easier and effective. These bikes are loaded with a variety of motivating programs, performance tracking, heart rate measuring feature, and long-lasting parts. These bikes come under ‘A Rating’ because of their attractiveness, affordability, and adaptability to your kind of workout.

AFG exercise bikes are designed to reduce the pressure on your knees and joints. They can make you so comfortable that even after an intense workout, you do not feel tired. AFG is sure to fulfil your workout needs by providing you with exactly what you have been looking for. Its bikes are considered one of the best indoor cycles for home use.

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