AFG 7.3AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

AFG 7.3AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

AFG is known to come up with exclusive and beautiful designs of its machines. The company is a trusted brand over the past 35 years and is considered one of the leading AFG brands in the market.

They offer state-of-the-art machines with innovative designs and customizable workouts. Read AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike Review and understand it’s incredible features. It is also cost-friendly as it is one of the best spin exercise bikes under $600.It comes with hi-tech features but is convenient to use.

The AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike comes with amazing features and is very simple to use to realise your fitness goals. It offers you a perfect workout which works best for your body type and expertise.FreeSpin technology to avoid jerks while exercise, QuickZip pedals provide added comfort and ease, etc. This exercise bike offers smooth operation and ultimate support, while you work on it to realise your fitness goals.

Best Suited for Whom?

The AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike is an ideal upright bike which can fit anyone’s pocket as it is one of the best exercise bikes under $600. It is also good for people with disability because of its step-thru frame design. This design offers an easy positioning on the seat for such people. This bike comes with decent benefits and gives a productive workout.

AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bikes Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike is not a huge task. The machine comes with an extensive step-by-step manual which guides you throughout. Most of the parts come assembled along with the tools, the only parts you have to assemble are – seat, backrest, console, console mast, and base tubes. The whole process takes a maximum of an hour.

Design and Build Quality

The frame of AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike has a step-thru design. This means the user can comfortably take the position on the seat. This feature is a big plus for people with disabilities. The frame is non-foldable, and the machine comes with transport wheels for smooth movement. The device measures 65” x 26” x 48” and is one of the largest fitness machines.

The build quality of this machine is outstanding and provides excellent sturdiness to the whole structure. The extra padding and back support help to protect the spine and takes the weight off your joints.

AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bikes Features

1. Seat – The AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike comes with a modelled and padded seat which gives optimum comfort. The back seat comes with a meshed structure which has a curve in its lower part and offers optimum lumbar support. The seat adjustment mechanism can withstand any weight, and the backrest is not adjustable.

2. Console – This AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike has a mid-level console, with 5” LCD and blue LED backlight. The light conditions are poor but provide decent readability. The console displays – speed(mph), time, calories, RPMs, pulse, Watts, distance(miles) and the current level of resistance. It is also programmed to display the distance as track, with segments.

Thus, the console is very informative and easy to operate. The + and – keys help in adjusting the accurate resistance level for a workout. The sleep mode of this console is exciting as it puts the console to sleep if the system is inactive for more than 15 minutes.

3. Magnetic Tension System – This exercise bike comes with a motorised magnetic tension system. It means that it needs a connection with the power circuit to switch on the resistance and make it available on the pedals. You can change the strength manually as well as automatically. The console of the machine aids in setting the apt resistance for your workout. And, manually change the resistance as you pedal. It comes with 20 levels of resistance to choose from. Lower levels give a lighter workout, and high levels provide a more intense one.

The magnetic tension system of AFG Exercise Bike works when you select a particular resistance. The resistance pad changes its position about the magnetic flywheel. It is a very smooth operation.

4. Crank System – The crank system of AFG 7.3AR Upright Bike is very sturdy which comes with solid steel arms and a small, comfortable Q factor.

5. High Capacity – The maximum capacity of this fitness machine is 300 lbs (136kg). The frame and seat of this bike can withstand even more weight than this.

6. Footprint – The footprint of the pedal has a ribbed surface for perfect foot attachment and adjustable straps. It avoids the slipping of the foot in case of high speed or intense workout.

7. Folding – The AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike does not fold.

8. Pedals – The pedals of this unit are made of a standard thread which is a durable PVC material. They come with extra cushioning/padding which gives added comfort to the user. It reduces the pressure on the knees and joints.

9. Other Features

Play Music – This bike has a good Surround Sound System, which keeps the user motivated and playful even while doing intense workouts. You can plug in your MP3 player or iPod and play any of your favourite numbers.

Water Bottle Holder – This exercise bike comes with a bottle holder. This feature comes handy as it keeps the user hydrated while exercising.

AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bikes Workout Programs

Pre-set Workout Programs

  • The AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike comes with 23 built-in, pre-programmed workouts. It also gives you the freedom to design your workout.
  • The pre-set programs are – Calorie Goals (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600); Distance Goals (1 mile, 2 miles, 5k, 5 miles, 10k, 8 miles, 15k, 10 miles, 20k, and half marathon goals); Climb Goals (six different tracks).
  • The variety is extensive and guarantees a productive workout session which will suit anyone’s needs.

AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bikes Warranty

Brand AFG is known to give confidence to its users when they purchase their machines. The components are superior, and the warranty ensures mental peace for the user. The bike comes with ten years of frame warranty, one year each on parts and labour.

You can contact them via email at or call them at 1-855-396-2524, from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM CST.

AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bikes Pros & Cons


  • Step-Thru design gives easy positioning onto the seat
  • Flexible, Mesh backseat gives good support
  • The automatic magnetic resistance which you can manually or automatically
  • iPod dock with speakers
  • Freespin, for smooth coasting


  • No cooling fan
  • Straightforward console
  • Very light flywheel
  • No online connectivity


The AFG 7.3AR Exercise Bike is an affordable bike in the starter’s range. Its frame construction is at par with the commercial models. It is one of the best magnetic spin bikes. It is ideal for all user levels which offers cardio, stamina, interval, and weight loss training. It does not come with online connectivity but is a heavy duty bike.

The Freespin technology is impressive and helps you coast when you stop pedalling and doesn’t stop with a jerk. Thus, it is recommended to buy this upright bike to add value to your workout.