AFG 4.0AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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AFG 4.0AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

AFG is one of the dominant brands under Johnson Health Tech. It is well known for its quality and leaves no stone unturned to meet the user’s needs. The quality of this brand beats several other brands for the past 35 years. Read the AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike’s Review here to know how this product has a striking design and amazing features. It is sure to win the hearts of the users due to its qualities and features.

The AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike has the amazing built like a commercial bike and is one of the best upright stationary exercise bikes. Its exclusive side-console design and FreeSPIN technology are the most outstanding qualities.

Its magnetic braking system is state-of-the-art and offers extra durability to the machine. Its seat design is also talked about the most because its design is ergonomic and very comfortable. Read more to about fantastic exercise bike.

Best Suited for Whom?

The AFG Exercise Bike is ideal for all levels of users because it contains a variety of workouts. Any fitness devotee will get attracted to this machine because it is made with state-of-the-art technology and distinct features package.

It will suit the pocket of people who are ready to spend around $1200 and are looking for just the right exercise bike for their home use.

AFG 4.0AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike is not so tedious and doesn’t take more than an hour. Its cranks, resistance elements, drive system and the seat rail, are already assembled. The only task needed from your side is to mount the frame to the base tubes, attach the frame, backrest, handlebars, seat, etc.

All the tools come with the package, and you need not worry on that part. The manual comes with step by step instructions which are clear. Its built is similar to commercial bikes and its eddy current tension system gives 20 levels of resistance.

Design and Build Quality

This exercise bike is a heavy-duty machine with a sturdy frame and a corrosion resistant powder coating. It is incredibly stable since it comes with rear adjustable stabilisers. It comes with wheels, hence is very easy to transport. The whole unit measures 63” x 43” x 46”. The seat is adjustable and comes with special lumbar support for added comfort.

AFG brand is known to make high-quality machines, and the quality of the AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike is no different. It gives reliable performance almost like a health-club quality machine. It has an excellent build quality which is sure to win everyone’s hearts.

AFG 4.0AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Features


The design of the chair is ergonomic and recumbent which makes it very comfortable to sit on it. The lumbar back support is superb with the laid-back design and provides excellent support to the back as you exercise. The size is large and has thick cushioning on a contoured surface. The whole experience is very complacent and keeps the user relaxed even during an intense workout.


The console of this unit is placed on a small extension, mounted on the right side of the armrest. This design helps you look around the room freely without the console obstructing your view.

It has five red LED dot matrix screens and features ProFILE performance tracking on the display which saves the workout data (distance, time, speed, calories, etc.). It lets you perform simple operations of its advanced features.

Magnetic Brake

The magnetic brake of AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike gives a smooth elliptical motion. The FreeSPIN technology helps you coast along when you stop pedalling, rather than stopping the machine with a jerk. This is quite an outstanding feature as it avoids straining your joints due to sudden stopping.

Magnetic Tension System

The AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike has 20 levels of resistance with eddy current tension system. You can adjust the resistance from the console while the bike is connected to the power circuit.

The magnetic tension system has a small servo motor and an element, which is magnetic. When you select a particular level of resistance from the console, this motor changes the magnet’s pull onto the flywheel, whether it is increasing or decreasing. The whole process is very smooth and easy.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart rate monitor feature of this exercise bike is pretty cool. It uses a chest strap attachment to measure the heart rate and helps you adjust your workout zone accordingly. The chest strap comes along with the package, free of cost.

Crank System

The crank arms of this unit are made up of solid steel which comes with a chrome finish. They have wide ratcheting pedals, adjustable straps, and 9/16 standard threads. The crank system is built with heavy-duty nylon material which adds extra life to the unit.

High Capacity

The user capacity of AFG 4.0AR Upright Bike is 325 lbs, i.e. it can support a person maximum of this weight. This is quite an advantage for heavy-weight people as well, and they can make good use of this bike for losing weight.


The footprint size of 4.0AR is 57” x 23”.


This unit comes with pedals that have straps. They are wide enough to enable comfortable seating and has 9/16 standard threads and adjustable straps. The pedals can level themselves as they come with a small weight at the base.

Leg Stabilizer

The rear base of this beautiful machine has adjustable stabilisers. They offer perfect stability to the lower body as well as to the whole unit.

Play Music

The 4.0AR Upright Bike does not come with iPod connectivity.

Water Bottle Holder

You can place your water bottle in the bottle holder that comes attached to the unit.

AFG 4.0AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout Programs

Pre-set Workout Programs: This model of AFG offers ten pre-set workout programs. It gives diversity in the workouts – Weight Loss, Intervals, Cadence, Manual, Random, Constant Watts, Hearts Rate, Custom, and Rolling Hills. This machine can fit into everyone’s goals and offer them the right workout.

Manual mode: Helps you to adjust the resistance as you pedal.

Weight loss: Gives a fat burning workout.

Random: Randomizes the resistance profile.

Custom: Helps you to create your program.

Its profile tracking technology saves the workout data and keeps track of it.

AFG 4.0AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Warranty

AFG is known to give confidence to its users when they purchase their machines. The components are superior, and the warranty ensures mental peace for the user. The bike comes with lifetime warranty on frame , three years on parts and 1 year on labour.

You can contact them via email at or call them at 1-855-396-2524, from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM CST.

AFG 4.0AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Pros & Cons


  • Ergonomic seat with cushioning and extra lumbar support gives good comfort
  • ProFILE progress tracking system
  • Sturdy construction in compliance with commercial bikes
  • FreeSPIN drive technology helps in coasting and avoiding sudden jerks
  • Wireless HR chest strap for precise measurement
  • Handlebars with armrests for added comfort
  • Pedals are weighted for more stability


  • No sound system, have to use a personal music device
  • No online connectivity
  • Front handlebars are absent


The AFG 4.0AR Exercise Bike is one of the best indoor cycle spin bikes for home which will suit your pocket as well.Its features beat the other machines concerning comforts like large, cushioned seat, arm supports and arm-grip resistance controls.

All levels of users can make the best use of this exercise bike, but it does lack a cooling fan, sound system and an online connection. But, this model gives a decent price/value ratio and can impress any fitness enthusiast.