3G Cardio Exercise Bikes Review

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3G Cardio Exercise Bikes Review

3G Cardio is a newly established brand which has emerged out as one of the best selling fitness equipment company. It sells a wide range of fitness apparatuses being treadmills, bikes, etc. The products so produced by 3G Cardio tend to perform one of the best among all the other brands. They focus on providing the best quality of fitness equipment with excellent construction.

Their products are sold all over the world through online stores. Besides performance they also focus on giving high-end quality for the price and superior customer care services, making its products worth buying.  This brand is run by people owning an experience of about 50 years. 3G Cardio bikes are one of the bestselling bikes available in the market.

Why 3G Cardio Stands Out From The Rest

3G Cardio stands out among all the rest brands because they do not only believe in the fancy outer construction of the equipment; instead, they follow a different strategy of constructing the products in such a way that it performs flawlessly. Moreover, all of the products tend to portray the best results given their prices and unusual features. They also have a wide range to choose from.

Thus the customers can choose the one that best suits their fitness level as well as fitness goals. Within just a short span 3G Cardio has emerged out the as stiff competition to the many previously established brands. Undoubtfully people do prefer 3G Cardio equipment and provide excellent reviews when asked about.

3G Cardio Exercise Bike Series

3G Cardio provides two series of bikes, both portraying astounding performance with a wide range of features. These are the best bikes under $2000. These 2 exercise bikes are:

3G Cardio Elite Runner RB Recumbent Bike

The Recumbent bike is considered to be more comfortable when compared to upright bikes. They have also been called the most comfortable recumbent bikesThis bike is best known as the most comfortable and comes with a vast range of excellent features and never disappoints.

It is one of the best compact bikes, but also very stable and durable as well.  Upmost it provides an extremely comfortable seat that is 3-way adjustable. So you can adjust it in a way which is suitable to your workout requirements that will comply with your body shape and size. It can be modified in 25 different ways.

  • It comes with an Infinite Airflow Mesh flex Adjustable seat back. This is a fantastic feature. It provides a comfortable back seat experience.
  • It is coated with a powder that makes it durable and corrosion resistant.
  • It is 49″ long and 27″ broad. This is smaller than many other bikes, but due to this feature, the bike saves the extra storage required for assembly.
  • It is superbly compact and small in size with the length being 49″. This bike can be easily placed at your home which other bikes may not be.
  • This bike does not have online connectivity. But it provides 16 inbuilt programs that keep you motivated to reach your fitness goal. It has several preset programs as well.
  • It is built with a heavy duty steel frame which can withstand the weight up to 350 lbs (159 kg).
  • Its drive system is built differently from other bikes. It has foot crankset and pedals in the front and flywheel, and a magnetic brake is at the rear, under the seat.
  • It has also got a Q-factor, which saves your knees and ankles from stress during pedaling.
  • It has a large LCD Display which comes with blue LED backlight as well as large digits which enhance your overall experience.
  • The core of this bike is already assembled. Thus rest of its assembly takes almost an hour.  Its maintenance is also nonexistent. This makes this machine quite convenient.
  • It has dual benefits because it comes with a good looking design which can also be a motivating factor for you.
  • It has also got EKG sensors that may read your pulse through a wireless HR chest strap transmitter. It has resistant controls as well.
  • It facilitates four user profiles in which you may fill every information regarding your fitness, and the machine may keep you updated about your progress.
  • It has separate settings for speed, time, distance, weight loss, etc.
  • It has got various holders like the tablet holder and bottle holder making your workout experience even better. Thus you can quickly place water bottle and your tablet in between workout and use it whenever you want to.
  • The 3G Cardio provides an excellent warranty of lifetime for frame and seven years for parts.
  • It can provide you everything that you may demand as it is immensely useful for light, medium as well as intense cardio training, stamina training, weight loss, and interval training also.  Thus it suits people with all kind of fitness levels.

3G Cardio Elite UB Upright Bike

3G Cardio provides Upright bikes with the best strength and stability. Its spacious seat offers a delightful experience. This is a huge and powerfully built bike. It has heavy-duty steel in it.  Its seat is also fully adjustable which provides a comfortable experience of the workout.

  • It is a well-built bike which comes with a small seat with a length of 41″. Thus it can fit anywhere you wish.
  • As it is a commercial fitness bike, it has a sturdy frame which can bear weight up to 350lbs (159 kg).  The bike itself weighs 91 lbs.
  • It acquires 44″ L and 22″ ½ W of the floor space.
  • Its central part is built of steel tubing and a highly durable seat post.
  • It’s base bars have got adjustable stabilizers, and the front base is equipped with wheels. Thus you can efficiently reallocate the bike once the workout is finished and place it anywhere you want.
  • The workout matrix that is shown is time, distance, speed, RPM, calories, pulse, and watts.
  • It has a large seat layered with cushioning. Its position is four-way adjustable, i.e. up, down, front and back.
  • It is inclusive of a belt drive system. Its pedaling motion is almost silent and also doesn’t require much lubrication.
  • Its sole is built the same way as the recumbent bike. It has a massive LCD along with blue LED backlight and large easy to read digits.  The display also tracks time, distance, watts, speed, RPM, calories, and pulse.
  • It is also inclusive of EKG sensors. The console also helps you read your pulse via the wireless chest strap transmitter.
  • It doesn’t come with online connectivity, but it features 16 workout programs that help you reach your fitness goal.  These include 12 preset programs.
  • The main body of the bike is already assembled. Rest of its assembling takes not more than 30 minutes.
  • In view to maintenance you just got to keep the machine clean and have to keep checking the integrity of its parts from time to time.
  • It has a warranty which is a lifetime on frame, seven years for parts and one year for labor.
  • It has a water bottle holder; thus you can quickly react to it during the workout.

Pros And Cons Of 3G Cardio


  • Durable, stable and comfortable bikes
  • Best quality designs compiled with performance
  • Supports huge user weights
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • EKG sensors
  • Comfortable seats
  • Compact bikes can fit anywhere
  • Large LCD
  • Several in-built programs
  • Accessory holders available
  • Amazing warranty
  • Several adjustments available for seats
  • HD chest strap convenient
  • Worth buying considering the fantastic features


  • No online connectivity
  • No sound system
  • No cooling fans
  • Step thru design not available
  • No quick resistance settings for the UB bike

Final Verdict

3G Cardio doesn’t disappoint in case of its bike range. It provides incredible bikes with exceptional features. All their characteristics make them a must buy exercise bikes of 2018. They are also capable of withstanding huge weights, and themselves also weigh a lot than the regular bikes. These bikes are incredibly compact and can comfortably fit anywhere you want them to.

Upmost they are super comfortable because their seats can be adjusted according to the requirement of your workout program. They provide incredibly high value for the price to be paid. They are ideally suited for all kind of workouts be it low, medium or intense training programs.  They also keep you regularly updated about the progress and also motivated with their inbuilt workout programs.

Thus if you are looking for exercise bikes, then 3G Cardio provides you with the best of the bikes available in 2018 out there in the market. These bikes have received fantastic reviews and are worth buying for price, quality, and feature.

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