Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2021

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Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2021

Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2021

It is not that great to watch your belly hanging down the waist. You may want to do many things but this desire to workout in most of the cases just ends there. The truth is that modern day life doesn’t permit much free time to workout. Going out to the gym has become a hectic task one has to do out of compulsion.  Finding good fitness equipment for the gym is one way you can work around this misery. Exercise bikes have been used in this manner for many years.

The best exercise bikes are best on your body and worst on your body fat. Since they have attained great popularity, there are many brands out there that can make your buying decision confusing. Finding the right one for your needs is the only way you could stay happy with your exercise bike. And it is for this reason we have prepared this guide. Our experts have tried to educate you about these bikes and to help you take the right decision.

Fixing your fitness goal plays a crucial role in determining what is right for you. The exercise bike for the professional athlete who wants to progress in his field and for the person who wants to burn his body fat is entirely different. Whichever bike you choose, exercise bikes are good for improving your cardiovascular fitness and shaping your body.

You will easily find that the exercise bikes in group classes help in commercial gyms. There are people who opt for exercise bikes only because they find it difficult to work out with a treadmill or a rower. But no matter what, they seem to be a good piece of equipment with lots of benefits.

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Reasons to choose an exercise bike

1. The confusion between choosing commercial gyms and home gyms comes up from the moment you think of working out. The benefits that accompany these different places are entirely different. There is no objective suggestion we could make. It all depends upon your preference. Whatever you find perfect for your workout style, go for it.

2. If you don’t have space to afford in your home and like to work out with a group of people, then commercial gyms can be your thing. If you want the most value for money and need something that will last you for long, then home gyms are the best investment. You will be saving a lot on your gym fees. When you are in a city where the commute itself is tiresome, nobody would want to wait for the signal to turn green. They would rather stay at their homes and workout.

3. For them, fitness machines like exercise bikes will be a good choice to make. And fortunately, getting the best exercise bike is not a sacrifice you are making. There are a lot of benefits coupled together with it. Cardiovascular benefits, faster fat burning rate and above all you will be safe throughout the workouts.

Types of exercise bikes

There three main varieties of bikes for you to choose from. Upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, and indoor bikes are the ones available for you to choose. They are designed with different purposes in mind. So, finding something that suits your fitness goal will become the key to the maximum utilization of the equipment. Explore the types of exercise bikes and get the one you are happy with.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

Being a form of fitness cum entertainment activity, it is sure that you will enjoy your time riding it around while keeping your health at its best. But even then you won’t always be able to take the cycle outside whenever you like.
From all the things these bikes can do, it is for burning down the calories and shaping the body, most people use it for. And that too is for a good reason. It is quite easy to work out your body. Like we said earlier, fitness markets are now saturated with many companies at different prices. If you are a newcomer, then you will be lost like a child lost in a toy shop.

Everything will look good but not all of them are really needed for you. The best in class from all the bikes we have seen is the magnetic spin bikes. With the high resistance level that it offers, the best magnetic bikes can beat all your other fitness machines. These are the top exercise bikes of 2021 and can be a good companion during your fitness journey.

We value our readers so we can’t think of you losing money over something that cannot keep you fit. To prevent that, we have put our time into selecting out the best fitness machines in the market. We have listed out the top-rated spin bikes in less than $500 if that is the budget you are looking for. They are really popular so if you need a glimpse or if you want to try out then just pay a visit to your local gym. You will surely find one there. Recently we have seen an increase in affinity towards choosing cycling as the best exercise for keeping a fit body. One major reason for this is the increased cardiovascular endurance you could get with it.

Maybe it’s because of the busy city roads or maybe it’s just the timing. But these are things that we have no control over. This is where indoor cycles can be a boon for you. All you need to do is get the best magnetic indoor spin bike for home and you will be good to go. There are many options for you to choose from so stay close to our in detail Spin Bike Review 2021 to make the best choice.

Indoor cycling is popularly known by the name spin bikes. These are one of the basic bikes you could get. They give a much closer realistic experience towards a normal riding experience. It has an open flywheel and is weighted at its perimeter. You can easily find these spin bikes in the local gym.

Like we said earlier, indoor cycles are designed to duplicate the effect you get with an outdoor bike. Almost all the design tweaks we have on it make the experience closer to that of a real bike. You will notice that the handlebar of the indoor bikes is positioned lower than usual. Because of this, your body will be positioned lower resembling more of an outdoor racing ride.

Moreover, it can make your workout more strenuous enabling you to burn fat in a short amount of time. But this unnatural position may not be suitable for all people. It will hurt their back after some time so be careful and know your body’s limits. A peculiar quality of the indoor cycling bike is the presence of dual sided pedals. This is useful when you need to put additional power into moving forward.

To compare the types of exercise bikes you will actually need to try those out. The positioning you get with the indoor cycles is entirely different from that of the upright bikes. The pedals of the spin bikes are attached to the flywheel because of this even when you to stop riding the pedals the flywheel will keep spinning. Like we always try it out before making the purchase.


  • Indoor bikes give closer experience to real life outdoor racing bike. So, for an athlete looking for something to train with this is the obvious choice.
  • Since the body positioning is similar to real bikes, it works out the same muscles as a normal outdoor bike would.  Literally meaning that the best indoor bike could give as much benefit as any other normal bike would.
  • For cardiovascular training, this is the best equipment you could get.


  • Indoor cycling bikes are a lot similar to the normal outdoor bikes. So, if you are someone who hates outdoor bike riding then for sure you will hate this too. Forget the benefits and choose a bike that is more comfortable for you.
  • A spin bike is the most basic type of exercise bikes with just a flywheel that offers resistance. You won’t be able to get many features as you would on other types. So if you want more out of it then you will feel restricted.

Upright Exercise Bike

A stationary and a portable exercise bike is the best option one can get if they are always on the move and have to compromise with their workout. These are foldable exercise bikes which you can pack and carry them anywhere in your luggage. Some of the best upright bikes are portable and promise to keep you healthy even when you are on the move.
An upright stationary bike for home use is the best thing one can have, rather than wasting money on health club memberships. Talking about the price, you can quickly get some of the best upright stationary bikes under $200. With this one single bike at home, you can achieve your fitness goals and also enjoy the comforts of your home. But, if you have an upright exercise bike at home, you can come home, freshen up, have dinner, and exercise on your bike.

Upright bikes are a lot similar to traditional road bikes. Upright bikes must be your choice if you have long been into exercising with fitness machines. They are designed for easy usability and efficient workouts. The design features include a high seat positioning with a small seat area. These bikes do not offer back support and the pedals are located below your body.

Something that keeps upright bikes apart from the other exercise bikes is that it lets you stand and do workouts. This gives a totally different workout experience. This could be the best exercise bike to lose weight for you if you want to workout in an unrestricted environment.

Other than the difference in workout style, upright bikes are comparatively cheaper than the other types of exercise bikes. You will get more value out of the money you invest in it. So, if you are tight on budget, then this is the top rated upright exercise bike for you. The only disadvantage we have noticed with the upright bikes is the shape and size of seats.

People are experiencing fatigue after using upright bikes for a prolonged period. This issue becomes prominent if you are suffering from chronic pain or if you are an old person. If that’s the case, then avoid upright bikes.


  • They are more similar to outdoor bike riding than the recumbent bikes. So, it will be a better choice if you need outdoor experience.
  • The comfort level offered by upright bikes is more than that of the indoor spin bikes. So, for prolonged usage, best upright stationary bikes are a better choice.
  • It can satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers. It can easily be used by both a newbie and a professional.


  • They are similar but don’t offer the exact outdoor riding experience. So, these cannot be used as a complete workout machine for professional training.
  • The body positioning of upright bikes is not suitable for people suffering from back pain. So, the upright bikes may not be a good choice for a huge number of people.

Recumbent Bikes

Semi-recumbent exercise bikes are the ones which are designed in such a way that the user’s weight is distributed over a larger area and the back is supported. This design has gained a lot of admiration recently as it is very comfortable and easy to use. These are the best health equipment for home use. There are some of the best semi-recumbent exercise bikes in the market which are helpful for people with back pain and joint problems.
Stationary exercise bikes are the best machines for home. It is a beautiful idea to workout within the comfort of your home and pumps your hearts towards a healthy routine. You will not waste time in going to the gym specially or spend extra money on gym memberships. Having your recumbent exercise bike at home will keep you motivated to work out every day and help you achieve your fitness goals faster.  But, do not confuse yourself between stationary bikes and recumbent bikes as it is easy to find the best fitness equipment from the market.
Recumbent exercise bikes are not only for home use but have a commercial market as well. They have a fantastic build quality and are long-lasting even after heavy usage. They are found in gyms and health clubs as many people use them daily. They are of premium quality and are very durable as well as they have a daily usage of six hours. There are some of the best exercise bikes for commercial use which are light and at the same time deliver a healthy workout.

Recumbent bikes are different from all the bikes we have discussed so far. The seating of recumbent bikes is more comfortable than upright bikes so using it for a long time won’t be an issue. Since you will be exercising in a reclined position, the chances of getting back pain are negligible. The workouts can be done in a relaxed state.

A part of this is contributed by the fact that your weight is evenly distributed over a wide area on the seat. Your hands can be left free throughout the workouts so whatever leisure activity you want to engage in can be done. You can watch a TV show or read a book and at the same time burn down your calories. Don’t get me wrong, we are not planning to slack during workouts.

The number of calories burned during workouts with recumbent bikes is almost similar to that of upright bikes. But all these advantages come at a cost. They are not as cheap as any other type of exercise bikes. So, you will be shelling out a good amount of cash for getting one of these at your home. Another thing that can become a problem is the space it takes in your home. They are big so if you can’t afford to lose much space then this is not for you.


  • Recumbent bikes can put more focus on your leg muscles. So, if you want to strengthen your leg muscles then this is a good choice.
  • Recumbent bikes are good for people suffering from back pain. They don’t cause much strain on your back muscles as you are relaxing it on the back support.
  • From all the bikes we have seen until now, there is nothing that comes close to it in terms of comfort,


  • Recumbent bikes don’t work the core like an upright or indoor cycling bike.
  • Since your upper body is in a relaxed state during the workout, don’t expect to get any kind of upper body development through using recumbent bikes like the other types.
  • Recumbent bikes burn calories but they are not suitable for intense workouts.

How to Choose among Recumbent, Upright and Indoor Bikes?

Choose Recumbent Bikes

  1. If comfort is your top priority during workouts, then recumbent bikes are for you. There is nothing that can burn a lot of your calories while keeping you relaxed.
  2. It has larger seats. So, if you plan to work out for a longer period, it won’t be that much of a difficult thing to do.
  3. The pedal positioning will force you to lean a bit forward keeping a posture that will increase the intensity of workouts.
  4. It’s a lot more comfortable to use because it will let you sit back as if you’re just lounging.
  5. The ease of use of recumbent bikes is incomparable with other types of exercise bikes. All you need to do is hop on the bike and relax while your legs do the job. There is no better way to workout than this.

Choose Upright Bikes

  1. Upright bikes are more similar to traditional road bikes. So, if that’s the experience you need, this is the way to go.
  2. The body positioning is upright which is good for overall health.
  3. With the similarity it has to the road bike, you will be able to perform all the same techniques as you would on a normal bike.
  4. Everything including the saddle positioning, pedal positioning, seat positioning is all exactly the same as that of a traditional road bike.
  5. Some people find it difficult to balance upright bikes so it can be a deciding factor.
  6. If you love to balance it, then choose it or else avoid upright bikes.

Choose Indoor Bikes

  1. Indoor spin bikes are for people who have a concern over the space available in their home. Spin bikes have good mobility.
  2. The compact indoor cycling bikes won’t weigh much so you can easily store it away once the workout is done.
  3. Check out the maximum weight capacity and the frequency available with the indoor bike before taking it home.
  4. Don’t go for cheap models. They usually have cheap construction and will not be as durable as the good ones.
  5. Commercial equipment in all categories is made to work in any harsh kind of environment. If you need a highly durable machine, then choose the commercial builds. But that kind of durability comes at a cost. They are expensive but if you can afford it, we highly recommend it. There is no other shortcut towards getting the best exercise bike of 2021.
  6. Commercial indoor bikes have a solid construction with parts that are thicker and stronger than the normal residential indoor bikes you see. Moreover, the manufacturing quality of these bikes will always be superior.
  7. Heavy-duty bolts, straps, attachments, and other moving parts make for a longer-lasting unit that can be ridden hard seven days a week.
  8. Commercial indoor bikes can be used daily by any number of people and still it will last you for years. They are made with heavy duty bolts and straps to handle this kind of strain.

Generic Buying Guide for Exercise Bike

Part 1: Usability

1. Just How Advanced Do You Need Your Exercise Bike To Be: Don’t jump into buying anything that looks good. What you need is something that is perfect for your workouts. And to find out something that is fit for your needs you must understand your fitness goals. That will help you narrow down the options. People have different preferences. Some choose to workout at times lightly while others are hard workers. The exercise bikes must be able to deliver to your expectations.

What we normally see is people having high goals that are in most cases beyond their reckoning. And the result is you end up buying expensive equipment which you won’t be able to use at all. This is a common mistake so stay away from this stupidity. To give an example, models like Keiser M3 Indoor Spin Bike is something that can only be used well by the hardest fitness worker.  For a beginner, it is totally useless. So, make up realistic goals and find the best exercise bike that can best serve your needs.

2. Must-Have Features: Generally, there are two kinds of customers we see. A category of people who have a tight budget trying so hard to find fitness machines that offer the best value for money and another category of people who are willing to invest any amount of money looking out for features to invest in. Whichever category you fall into, make sure that the exercise bike you get has all the basic features or else you will be buying something primitive.

To start with, there must be multiple resistance levels available with the bike. Then the comfort you get with it will determine how much time you spend on it. So, make sure that the bikes give you maximum comfort while riding. Having an adjustable seat is a blessing if you want to change the position for increased comfort. If you come into a position where you like everything about the bike except the seats, then all you have to do is purchase a separate seat and your problem will be solved.

3. Comfort should be considered: No matter what your budget is, never make a sacrifice on the comfort level you get with it. The fitness you get from an exercise bike is dependent on the time you spend on it and if you struggle to fill in your workout time, then the point of spending money on a machine like that is total nonsense. The pedals on the bikes must also be wide so that you will have enough space to hold your feet.

If the pedals have extra straps, then it is much better as it will make sure that you don’t slip off while pedaling. Getting a technology integrated machine can make the workouts both interesting and intuitive. It will let you know the number of calories you burn during the workouts and the speed at which you are running. Statistics like heart rate can be quite useful in analyzing health over time. If the exercise bike you get lacks a heart rate monitor, you can always buy one separately when you need one.

4. Optional Accessories: Finding the optimum exercise bike is a daunting task especially when the market is saturated with features that are too similar. In most of the cases, the exercises bikes will not leave you disappointed when it comes down to workouts. Sadly, you can only buy one so you need to find some way to sort it out. One way to do this is by checking out the additional features or accessories that are provided with the bikes.

They may or may not be significant but more is better for your money.  For example, models like Schwinn AD6 Airdyne and the Body Rider have inbuilt fans which are not found in many other exercise bikes. They are useful both for supplying resistance and for cooling the body. And there are music players installed into exercise bikes like Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. For a music lover, this will be an easy choice.

Then there are bikes with water bottle holders. We all are lazy to go out and drink water in between workouts so it will be good to have a water source by the reach of your hand. After all, it will make sure that you are hydrated. Apart from these, there are additional features like cup holders, magazine stands and much more. They might look simple but you fall into a confusion of their usage for you while sorting out the choices.

Part 2: Design Considerations

1. The flywheel weight, comfort, and fluidity: The flywheel is an important component of the exercise bike. It plays a good role in determining the comfort of the workouts. As a general rule, the heavier the flywheel is, the more fluid the workouts will be. Since the flywheel rotation is smooth, you will get a comfortable workout experience with it. And when the flywheel weight is less, the experience becomes worse.

There will be jitters experienced throughout the ride. Usually, the weight of the flywheel is chosen based on the intensity of your workout style. The higher the intensity you need, the higher the weight of the flywheel will be. The budget also plays a good role in the choice of the flywheel. Heavier ones seem to be much more expensive than the normal models.

Try to keep 7kg as a standard for the flywheel weight. It will be enough to give you comfortable riding experience. If exercise bike training is your main workout, then consider getting something that weighs around 9 kg.

2. The resistance: mechanical or magnetic: Like the name suggests, the mechanical resistance system can be adjusted using a control wheel and the magnetic resistance can be adjusted using the controls on the monitor. Magnetic resistance systems are durable as compared to the mechanical systems. The good thing about magnetic resistance systems is that they are controlled by the computer system making it easier for you to set workout plans.

3. The Watts: The wattage of the exercise bike can be used as a measurement to understand the maximum power the bike can provide for you. Higher the watt rating, the more efficient the exercise bike will be. A higher watt rating will make you apply more force into the riding making it good for intense workouts.

Sole Fitness SB 700 Exercise Bike is a machine that has a watt power of around 600 watts which is enough to give you a pleasurable experience. Avoid exercise bikes that have watt power less than that. Unless the exercise bikes can challenge you, there is no point in getting one.

The console: with or without Bluetooth?

This is like an additional feature available on exercise bikes. A good technological integration comes with the availability of Bluetooth facility. Bluetooth connectivity can make it easier for you to connect your mobile phone with an exercise bike. All the statistics on the digital console can be monitored using any device that has the connectivity.

This is completely optional. It will be useful if you want a lot of control over your workouts. With a smartphone, you can change the resistance settings and set up workout programs. You can create your own personal workout plans just using the phone and even play games on the bike. It will be good addition but generally, this feature increases the price.

So, make it an optional feature if the price is a major concern. Bluetooth connected equipment will have a cleaner interface. It is always better to have lesser buttons for easier control.

4. The seat: adjustable: Having an adjustable seat can be a blessing if you have an issue with your back. And there are cases when the seat positioning is not right for your body. In all these cases, keeping it to the position that suits you will make sure that you are getting a good workout experience. Most of the exercise bikes will have the vertical adjustment if a horizontal adjustment is there then it will be an added bonus.

5. The handlebars: adjustable as well: Similar to having a good seat position having an adjustable handlebar will also help you in putting the exercise bike in the right position for your body.

Check the Weight Limit and the Weight of the Bike

It is a common mistake for people to underestimate the strength of the exercise bike. In most of the cases, they are designed for the usage of up to a particular maximum weight. If you weigh beyond that, the chances of you injuring yourself and the bike are highly likely. Stability of the bike must also be given attention for the same reason.

If the bike wobbles when you workout, then never buy it. It will harm you if you take it home. The same thing applies when you buy something online.  The heavier the exercise bikes, the stable they are. And when it comes to heavy bikes, there are other features to look for. Like the presence of transportation wheels to move it around.

Without the wheels, you will have a really bad time moving them around. To keep things safe, don’t simply go for a machine which has your weight at their maximum permitted capacity. Always prefer something that leaves room for error. This way they will serve you better in the future.

Excessive Noise

When you buy an exercise bike for your home, all you want is something that keeps you fit not something that takes away your peace. So, the noise it makes must be a big concern. The kind of resistance offered by the bike will determine the amount of noise made by it. The bikes equipped with fans are found to be a lot noisier than the bikes with air resistance.

Other than this, remember that the sound made is proportional to the pedaling done by you. Don’t get us wrong but the exercise bikes are not noisy fitness machines but it might irritate some people in your home. So, choose the one that least irritates you.

Enclosed Mechanics for Safety

When kids are around, their health matters more than yours. So, make sure to keep the machine in such a way that it won’t hurt them. This might seem like a stretch but the truth is that there are thousands of cases where the children get injured from the fitness machines. It usually happens because of the interaction made with the mechanical parts of the bike. So, those parts have to be covered. This will prevent their tiny fingers from getting caught between the chains.

Part 3: Budget

In the fitness world, the more you are willing to pay the better the machine becomes. But there are places where you can easily lose money so be patient and find out the ones that give better value for your money. And to not stay confused check your wallet and fix the budget before going out for the purchase. The best spin bikes can be bought for under $500.

If you want something premium, then be ready to spend around $1000. The commercial ones that are generally used in gyms can be bought by paying between $1000 and above. Most of the recumbent bikes and upright bikes are priced similarly. The cheapest in them can be bought for $500. If what you are looking for a good quality bike that sets in most of the quality standards, then $500 is the average investment you must make.

They are good brands that offer good quality products within the price range of $200-$300 like Roger Black. The premium ones can also cost a lot more than what we have mentioned but what we have mentioned is the general trend the market follows. They can even range to thousands of pounds with many advanced features that you might never use but they are all a subjective choice. If you need to save money that you can always go for the refurbished models.

They will give you the same good quality experience as any other normal bike would. But make sure to evaluate the quality of those bikes. Check whether the life is sucked out of it like traces of heavy damages or lack of important parts. If all the things are in place, then you will be getting good value for money. That is one way to go for people who are concerned about the budget.

Part 4: Warranty

Nobody wants their favorite fitness machine to be under repair after a month’s usage so it will be good to have a good warranty over these fitness machines. Generally, if the companies have good confidence in their build, then you will get a good period of warranty. Almost all the exercise bikes have a warranty of 1 year or more so if you find something that less than that then avoid buying it.

Part 5: Buy from us with Confidence

We always want you to get the best after all you are our valued customers. So, we will never make a suggestion that could potentially harm you. The reviews we provide for you are written after a good amount of research so you can easily pick them up and start using it. We give high priority to health nothing less than a healthy body can satisfy us. So, be confident when you are with us.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

1. Great for Injury Prevention & Recovery: Exercising bikes do not put much strain on your body. So, the risk involved in injuring your body is quite less than any other fitness equipment you could get. Because of this, you can easily use it for people who need fitness equipment for rehabilitation after injuries. Exercise bikes are safe on the hips, knees, and ankles which are usually affected during running and weightlifting.

The harmless nature of exercise makes it an optimum choice for rehabilitation in hospitals. It doesn’t cause any strain on other body parts. There isn’t any form of weight bearing involved in using exercise bikes. So, when it comes to cardiovascular workouts, you can continue to do it for hours without affecting your muscles.

2. Great Cardio Option: Cardio workouts are the best workouts out there which you could use to burn down the fat and improve the overall body fitness. When it comes to cardio, all people do these days is run, run and run. You will get tired of this in a few days. There are many more cardio workouts out there you have no clue off. Adding multiple varieties can keep you motivated and interested in the workouts.

As a common rule, never let the body get used to any kind of workouts. Once the body gets immune to a set of workouts, they won’t be able to bring out any more benefits as it did on the beginning days.  The exercise bikes are one such way to add variety in your workout schedule. These are efficient and interesting so you will stay motivated throughout the workouts.

If you can’t get an exercise bike, then even cycling can be beneficial. It can bring out the cardio benefits but not everything exercise can bring you. Keep on working out with exercise bikes and your heart and the respiratory system will stay as healthy as ever.

3. Strength Training: The reason why cycling stays at the top of the most preferred workouts is because of the wide range of muscles it workouts within a short time. Almost all of your lower body muscles get worked out during cycling. The resistance offered by the cycles does not remain constant. It can easily be changed. Disciplined training can be effective in building your body strength.

Making cycling as a daily activity will, overtime burn down the body fat while also increasing the strength of body muscles. The kind of exercise offered by cycling is isotonic in nature which can only be achieved by repeated contractions and relaxations of the muscles. Ultimately, you will be able to build a strong core with this exercise.

4. Weight Loss: Most of the people in gyms choose cycling for just one reason: to burn down their body fat. It is no wonder because obesity has become a major health problem everyone faces these days. Cycling is an easy exercise to practice and that is why many people have opted into it.  And for a good reason too. It will burn down the body fat in no time.

Cycling is an effective fat burner while also being a good strength training exercise and cardio exercise. To put this into perspective, if a woman is weighing around 135 pounds’ cycles for an hour, then she will be burning almost 500 calories. If practiced regularly, besides burning down your body fat, you will also be developing a strong body. For really busy people they can cycle for at least 20 minutes a day which is enough to substitute the workouts

5. Low-Risk Exercise: Cycling is one of the few exercises that won’t bite you back. Almost all the other exercise develops one part of your body at the expense of another part. We can easily call it low risk and low impact exercise. The exercises you normally do like running, skipping, jumping is causing harm to your body joints. You may not be aware but nobody is planning to get a health issue just because they want to stay healthy.

Most of the injuries are caused by the constant jerks that occur during the jumps and runs. And to add to that instead of harming, researches suggest that cycling is beneficial for strengthening the joints.

6. Improved Joint Mobility: You might have noticed this earlier while riding your bike. The movement of your joints and legs are much more than that you usually do. Because of this, your knees, ankles and hip joints will get better. During pedaling, all joints move around a lot more than in the usual conditions, thereby, improving their health and smoothness resulting in a better experience in doing daily activities.

7. Easy and Convenient: You ask a five-year-old and even he would know how to ride a cycle. This is because it is easy to ride one. It doesn’t require you to have a particular level of fitness to workout. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or expert it will be enough to provide you with the right amount of workout. That doesn’t mean the exercise bikes are limited in their resistance levels.

You can always change it based on the amount of resistance you need.  A big advantage of cycling is that they will let you do multiple activities while working out. Only your lower body needs to be engaged for the workout. Watch your favorite TV show, brush your teeth, or do a thing that you like during the workouts. The effect won’t change a bit and you will be saving your time too.

Get the best exercise bike and you will never have to curse yourself for not having enough time to spare for workouts. Couple your workouts with daily activities and have fun.

8. Climate Friendly: We slack a lot when it comes to workouts. Even if it is drizzling, we will make it a reason to skip the workouts. But sometimes the only time you spare for workouts will be affected by bad weather. It is during these situations, having the top indoor cycling bikes becomes a boon. Hop on it and do your cardio workouts you will be good to go. With workouts being a part of your life you will always be able to keep a healthy body.

9. Mood Lifter: Sometimes life is too boring and sometimes it hurts a lot but you have no option other than dealing with it. You obviously can’t run away. In situations like those, exercises can be your best friends. Everything that we feel is the play of hormones in our body.  Having a good workout will release stress-reducing hormones leaving you to feel energized and happy. We have heard people telling they often stress eat but isn’t it better to bust the stress with something that can keep you healthy.

10. Killer Lower Body: It is very common among the fitness enthusiasts to put their focus on the upper body and leave the lower body. And the result is almost laughable. The bodybuilders end up having a well built upper body and lean lower body. To avoid the embarrassing situation, put the time into working out your lower body. After all isn’t it good to have strong legs?

Cycling is one of the most effortless yet effective ways to work out the lower body. Cycling can help you develop your thigh muscles, glutes, hamstrings, calves and shin muscles.

11. Better Health: People usually turn to workouts when they become obese. Somehow we just fail to realize that a healthy body is significant for leading a happy life. We invest our time into almost anything except for maintaining our fitness. There are some researchers that suggest that cyclists tend to live 2 years longer than the other people and also they are less susceptible to diseases.

Apart from overall health building, you will notice a boost in core body strength if you keep cycling as your daily activity. Anyway, who wants to die early? So, better start working out with the best model of recumbent bike you can get.

Correct Setup and Attire Ensures Safety

We have been talking about how easy it is to use exercise bikes but don’t be hasty and jump onto it for workouts. Every equipment has its own learning curve. So, take time and be patient enough to learn in before diving in. Making the proper set up will ensure that the equipment stays healthy and will also prevent possible injuries.

1. Cycling Shoes: To protect your feet, it will be good to buy a good pair of cycling shoes. They must be easy on your legs and must have enough padding to protect your feet. Avoid using loose clothes when you are on the exercise bike. It might get caught in between and cause unexpected incidents. It is advisable to use shorts or something that sticks closer to your skin.

For the same reason make sure that the exposed parts like the chains and screws are locked in properly before each workout. The seating must also be comfortable otherwise you will have a hard time adjusting to it. If you find it uncomfortable, just buy one separately.

2. Body Posture: Your body posture is important for getting maximum output from each workout. But more importantly, if things like your seat positioning are not corrected then there are chances of you injuring your knees. There are chances of hypertension on your knees unless there is a 10 to 20-degree bend when you are exercising with your legs. You should not let your knees to lockout during any moment of workouts.

3. Seat Alignment: Alignment of the seat must also be given good concern too. To make the alignment right, what you could do is sit at the end point and slowly bring it to a position where both the feet is at an equal distance from the floor. The knee cap placement of the straight leg must be parallel to the instep.

4. Foot Placement: Just like the body placement, your foot placement is also important. Always keep them in a right angle. That keeps the ball of the foot well above the center of the pedal. You don’t have to lean your foot or cram it up. If you do that slowly you won’t be able to feel your foot after spending some time working out. Moreover, the pedal strokes will not be balanced. Meaning the right amount of force needed for the workouts will not be kept constant.

5. Handlebars and their Placement: Handlebars can also be adjusted in most of the exercise bikes.  If you are suffering from back ailments, then it will be a good idea to keep the handlebars at a higher level. This will reduce the chances of frequent backaches. In ideal situations, you can keep the handlebars and the seat at the same level.

If you are new into cycling, it won’t be that safe to experiment with the placement of the handlebars. It will be better for you to begin with keeping the handlebars way higher than normal position.  Change this only when you are totally confident with cycling.

And don’t lock down the leg elbows during cycle rides. Make sure to keep an upright posture during the cycle rides rather than keeping them around. Keep a loose grip on the handlebar. Always keep the balance of your body in the center of the bike and avoid leaning over when you when standing and riding the bike. Keep the resistance up during your standing rides to balance off the weight.

The whole purpose of using exercise bikes is to engage your bodies into some form of resistance riding so make sure to always work out with some amount of resistance. If you disable the resistance levels completely, then you will be flying over at high speeds. But this won’t produce anything worthwhile to your body. So, refrain from doing that.

If you don’t there won’t be any kind of cardiovascular benefit that you will be getting out of it. Moreover, it will hurt your knee, joints and the cartilages. Unless you want to hurt yourself don’t even attempt it. Another common error in the usage of exercise bikes is hip swaying and the bouncing that occurs during intense bike rides. Not only is it unnecessary and awkward to watch but too risky. In a nutshell, keep your bike rides as smooth as possible.


If you love to ride the cycle but are lazy enough to workouts in gyms, cycling is the best way for you to keep your body fit. It doesn’t involve much learning so you can begin the workouts by the time you get it to your home. It is the perfect equipment for overall body maintenance and strength training.  Make it a habit to workout with and you will develop a carved out body in no time.

All this said it is not that easy to find the best exercise bike these days. The fitness market is saturated with different kinds of fitness machines. So, make sure to make a random purchase just because something looks good. Consult our guide well and make a choice. Fix a proper budget and fitness goal so that the selection process becomes easier for you.

Don’t make the mistake of hoarding expensive machines and not using them at least for once. So, make sure to make a schedule and workout whenever you are free. Always remember it is a healthy lifestyle that leads to a happy life.

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