Best Ellipticals Under $500
Best Ellipticals Under $500

Best Ellipticals Under $500

There is a common notion that with greater price comes greater quality. So when people decide to buy something they make themselves ready to spend extra cash to get the best product. But that is not the case when it comes to selecting fitness equipment. Your intellect decides what you buy. You don’t believe us, do you? We will make sure you understand what we are talking about.

Ellipticals are one of the most common fitness equipment people choose for their home gym. So it has to be costly for the best quality one, right? No, you can even get the best ellipticals for a price below $500. They have all the features that you might expect in an elliptical for your home. They might not be a piece of luxury but they do what they are supposed to do.

If you find the cheap ellipticals to be costly, then you can always choose recumbent exercise bikes. They have similar advantages to the elliptical but they do have their disadvantages too so check them out before making a buy. You can check the list of best ellipticals under $500, then you will know that we weren’t joking.

Top Best Elliptical Machines Under 500

Buying Guide to Elliptical Machines Under $500

You might get reluctant in buying an elliptical by the exorbitant amount you have to pay for one right. There are ellipticals available for $2000 and more but that isn’t the whole story. Cheap ellipticals under $500 are also available and they aren’t bad. Do you want to know how different it is from a luxury cross trainer? Continue reading to find out, we have the answers.


The performance of an elliptical is determined by the resistance and the stride length it has. We have listed out features that you need to check before buying an elliptical.

1. Stride Length: Getting a natural stride is what makes an elliptical the favorite machine for the users. They do tend to make the workout much more comfortable and risk-free. Generally, the natural stride length ranges from 18 to 22 inches but commercial ellipticals have a stride length of over 20″.

Sad to say this but you will only get shorter stride length on best ellipticals below $500. Some are as short as 13″ which must be avoided at all costs. If you try to adjust with the stride length then you are risking your health as it can cause knee pain and other health issues.

2. Resistance Type: An elliptical machine works with flywheel spinning, the resistance of the pedals is controlled either by contact breaking or touch-free magnetic force. Magnetic resistance is a new innovation in ellipticals but it has become the basic standard for all the ellipticals. They make the ellipticals much more durable and they are comparatively quieter than the ellipticals with contact breaking system.

3. Resistance Amount: The primary factor that distinguishes a budget elliptical from a premium one is the resistance levels offered by them. The higher the resistance levels, higher are the intensity of the workout. The best ellipticals will only have low resistance levels and they do not offer smooth rides especially if the user is heavy. Intensive workouts are unimaginable with the kind of light resistance they provide.

Ellipticals that fall under the price range of $500 offer 12 – 15 pounds maximum resistance. In comparison, if you go up to the range of $999 then you will get resistance levels of up to 20 pounds. They offer smoother rides and are much suitable for intermediate users while the other one cam only suits beginners. Commercial ellipticals are the best ones in this category as they offer the maximum resistance levels and the smoothest rides.

4. Resistance Levels: With the availability of different settings, you can get a more precise workout session. The best ellipticals under $500 usually have at least 16 settings that will provide light to a powerful force for proper workout sessions.


Ellipticals are not that easy to understand. But we buy machines so that they could last for a long period. So there are some things that you check to ensure the maximum durability of the product.

1. Maximum User Weight: Commercial elliptical trainers can support the weight of people up to 400 pounds. But when you buy a reasonable elliptical that costs below $500 buy one that can hold up to 250 pounds. Lower weight support means that these machines are not having the sturdier build to support to handle more. So they are an indication of the lack of build quality.

2. Warranty: The duration of the warranty on a product offered by the manufacturer indicates the trust he puts into its own product. This is a good indication of the quality of the elliptical too. You must ensure that parts are covered under warranty. Even the best ellipticals under $500 will only have a parts warranty of over 6 months. If you can spend more money then you will get an elliptical with a longer warranty and longer labor coverage.

3. Brand Reputation: If you don’t find reviews about a product, then confirm that it is not a popular brand. Since you don’t know what you are getting you will always be at a state of ambiguity. Same way check other reviews made on other variants of the same product if they have poor reviews then there are high chances where it might just repeat.

Flywheel Effectiveness

Flywheel weight is an important factor which makes sure about the smoothness and consistency of the workout. Heavier the weight of the flywheel the smoother the elliptical will be at the workout.

Set the Goals you want to achieve

Without fixing a target shooting is totally worthless. Same is the case with ellipticals. If you thought about buying an elliptical and working out on top it is going to make you fit you are wrong. Without a dedicated plan and target to achieve you will simply waste your time working out.

Having multiple resistance levels gives you a big opportunity to challenge yourself and grow beyond your limits. Even before buying the elliptical it is very important for you to make up a workout plan. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve any improvement after buying the elliptical. To make a proper buy and productive workout session use your workout plans to find the right elliptical and schedule your workouts based on your target.

Handrails of the elliptical must be close to you. Make sure that you don’t buy a cheap elliptical with a wobbly body. The motion of the feet while working out must be noted if it is bad it can cause damage to your body. So avoid ellipticals of that sort. If you can find a cheap elliptical with performance tracker then it will be a good buy. Even though it is not a necessity having a performance tracker can help you monitor your health and this will drastically improve your motivation to work out.

Benefits of Elliptical Machines Under $500

Know what are you are buying. Ellipticals have a lot of advantages that you might not have even thought about.

  • It helps in regaining your mobility and balance after injuries. It can also be helpful for improving the health of people after ACL surgery. You can adjust the intensity of the workout based on the requirement.
  • Ellipticals can mimic a variety of workout options. Different exercises like walking, joggings, running and climbing can all be done just using the elliptical by merely changing the resistance levels and intensity. Heart rate monitor can help you analyze your health statistics.
  • Ellipticals give you the unique ability to work out your lower body and upper body simultaneously. Muscle formation and bone strength training are a big advantage offered by the ellipticals.
  • Ellipticals are compact. So they can fit in your small apartments with ease. It will just stay in the corner of your room.
  • Ellipticals promote weight-bearing exercises. When you workout you work against the gravity your hips, ankles and knees move very effectively strengthening your bones. It can prevent diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Your aerobic capacity is increased drastically by working on an elliptical. This will keep you active the entire day.


Now believe us don’t you. Didn’t we tell you that you can find awesome elliptical for $500? You don’t sacrifice much but you gain everything you need. You only need to look at the right place you will find what you need. We assume that you also have gained much knowledge about the features needed in an elliptical.

The machines suggested by us stays within your budget and these cheap ellipticals are good for a beginner. Brands like BodyTrack even have advanced ellipticals in a similar price range. I believe you can choose the best elliptical with our guide. So buy one and stay healthy.

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