Best Ellipticals Under $2500

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Best Ellipticals Under $2500

If you are in search of the best ellipticals available in the market and are ready to spend some cash to make yourself fit then you came to the right place. This is because here we are discussing the best-rated ellipticals that you can get for under $2500. Obviously, these elliptical machines are not for beginners you must either be an advanced fitness expert or health-conscious home gym user to the get the maximum out of them.

They have heavy flywheels and very smooth rides so you will have a very smooth workout experience on them. It has a very robust build; therefore, you can trust the device to last for a very long period without damages. At this price, they easily offer a 5-year part warranty with the machine. With the extra cost, you are also getting extra features.

The best elliptical machines in this category offer automatically adjustable stride length and that literally means that you will not be restricted by single stride length during your entire workout session. You can focus on specific muscle groups using this feature and this also means that anybody in your family can easily get accustomed to the elliptical. The premium ellipticals under $2500 have multi-grip handlebars that give you the freedom to use different hand grip position making it easy for you to work on your upper body.

Top 3 Best Rated Elliptical Machines Under $2500

Elliptical Machines Under $2,500 Buying Guide

In the above list, we made sure that the best of the ellipticals available in the market are presented so you won’t end up making the wrong choice when you are about to purchase one. They are priced between the $2,000 to $2,499 and have similar specifications. Almost all of the ellipticals that we listed have a maximum weight capacity of over 300 pounds and adjustable stride lengths. They all have many resistance levels making them optimum devices for the people who want to push themselves beyond their limits.

For perfect analysis of your workout progress, they do have wireless heart rate monitors. So if you find any elliptical without the basic features then avoid them at all costs. For making that easier for you we will discuss some features that are supposed to make an elliptical a best one under $2500.

1. Resistance: The resistance offered by the ellipticals makes them better than any other equipment found in the market. With proper flywheel weight, one could attain very smooth rides while pedaling. And when you pay $2500 on an elliptical then you must surely have a very smooth ride. This is less likely to be seen in ellipticals that are cheaper. The flywheel in this category is capable of creating more inertia because of the heaviness of the flywheel.

They usually weigh more than 25 pounds in this category. Some manufacturers are even advertising watt rating instead of flywheel weight so you must also understand what that means. A power rating of around 550 Watts is preferable for an elliptical under $2500.

2. Stride and Incline: Adjustable stride length can add a lot of variety to the traditional workouts done on an elliptical. Moreover, it lets a number of people with different heights to use the elliptical in a very efficient way. At this price range, it is compulsory to have stride length adjustment without which the elliptical can become a limited equipment for a very few people to use.

This is the common scenario in ellipticals available at a cheaper rate. When you pay $2,000 to $2,499 for the elliptical, you either get an elliptical with a fixed stride length or the one with automatically adjustable stride length. For Example Nordictrack C 7.5 Elliptical has automatically adjustable stride length. We will always advise you to go for the latter because that gives you better value for the money you spend. Read our comparison chart and identify the difference between the top ellipticals available in the market right now.

The incline is what makes ellipticals a challenging workout machine. It gives fitness enthusiasts the ability to increase the intensity of their workouts. Differently angled inclines help you in focusing on different muscle groups.

3. Total Body Training: The best ellipticals are built like total body trainers which engage the lower body through pedaling and the upper body through pulling of armbars. The ellipticals under $2500, for instance, Nautilus E618 Elliptical Machine have multi-grip arm bars which can be gripped from different positions which help you in focus on different muscle groups while working out. On the best of the machines that we reviewed, the resistance controls and online management are built near the arm bars for easy adjustments.

4. Electronics and Extras: When you pay around $2500 on fitness equipment a mere cycling device won’t be enough to satisfy you. Obviously, you will be expecting many additional features and accessories that can take your workout to the next level. The expensive ellipticals like Octane XT4700, Precor EFX 835, SportsArt G875 that fall amongst $5K-$8K price range come with high-quality electronic fittings that are highly durable. They have a lot of workout programs and interactive video training with virtual reality to simulate the feeling of working out in a different environment.

Generally, their consoles are around 7″ wide with touch screens and wireless connectivity for data tracking and downloading new workout programs. They even have iPod support and in some cases support for HD TV.

Top 3 Ellipticals Under $2500 Rundown


We intended to give you a good insight into the best ellipticals that you can possibly get under $2500. Octane Fitness Q35 and Life Fitness X3 Cross-Trainer are the best ellipticals under $2500. We understand well that you need the best machine and that is why you are ready to invest that much amount on your elliptical.

We have listed out the basic features in an elliptical to help you out to make sure that these features are at their best in the elliptical you choose. The more features you have the better. You are obviously expecting your machine increase your productivity a lot more so check for the challenging workouts it can offer.

The investment you make must last long so make sure that the elliptical you buy is having a long period of warranty as a whole and on its parts. Before finalizing the product, check out customer reviews online so that you will get a clear picture of how the machine actually performs in real life. Spending this much amount must not be seen as a point of luxury but as a worthy investment, you make on your health. So, utilize the elliptical to your maximum and lead a healthy life.

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