Best Ellipticals Under $2,000

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Best Ellipticals Under $2,000

If you are planning to get the best ellipticals under $2,000, then you must be the luxury type who is expecting a bit of luxury on your powerful elliptical. Ellipticals in this price range are usually fit for most of the fitness enthusiasts. They have high-end features guaranteeing guidance and entertainment during your workout sessions.

For making the selection easier for you, our experts have sorted out the top 3 ellipticals under $2,000 and some similar performing ellipticals. By reading our guide you will know what to expect from an elliptical costing this much.

Three Best Ellipticals Under $2,000

Elliptical Machines Under $2,000 Buying Guide

$2,000 is a premium price range so they are among the best elliptical trainers available in the market. There are of course cheaper machines available under $1,500 but paying this extra money is reasonable as you will get a lot of extra features and the best resistance systems. This literally translates the better workout experience and better health.

Many will argue that spending $2,000 on an elliptical is foolish as there are ellipticals available in the market for as less as $300. But if you talk to an expert, he will surely recommend an elliptical above $1,000 because they know the difference a good elliptical can make in your workout. Spending a little extra cash will get you an elliptical with better features and top quality build.

The price category $1,500$2,000 has the best ellipticals available in the market. It is not the best ones for beginners but is for fitness enthusiasts who can make use of advanced features available in it. They are well built so you can expect them to last for a long period without any maintenance. Many famous brands like Sole Fitness, NordicTrack and ProForm have put extensive research to bring out the best in these devices so you can trust them.

The best elliptical machines from this category can be found in any famous gym or local store because they are well known for their efficiency. Commercial ellipticals are built to withstand 8 hours of heavy usage per day. These ellipticals come with most of the qualities of its bigger brother but at a very affordable rate (below $2000) making it the best and the most affordable elliptical in the fitness world.


At $2,000, you can easily expect a light commercial grade performance from your residential elliptical. This means that even though you are only given the warranty of a residential elliptical it can do work than a normal residential one. They can take many demanding workouts usually that is only done by commercial ellipticals in clubs and fitness centers. You must be confused about why we use the term “Light commercial” for mentioning the capability of the ellipticals in this price range.

We will soon explain to you why we did so. They have heavier rides that give really smooth motion for heavier athletes. It has an average stride length that is fitting for the majority of users. Even the resistance levels are enough for high-intensity training. We will list down the features to make you understand why it leads.

1. Resistance: As we have already told the best ellipticals under $2,000 performs similarly to the club quality elliptical trainers. Having a high-quality resistance system gives smooth rides for people even with heavier weights. Cheap machines are wobbly and give a choppy feel when you work out on them. If a machine doesn’t challenge you then it doesn’t qualify to be a trainer but this one can raise your fitness standards easily.

Even beginners can make use of the lower resistance levels for getting started with their workout session which will soon improve with this type of machines. The best resistance levels will unleash your maximum potential making you the best version of yourself.

2. Stride: The stride path tends to vary with the type of flywheel designs: rear drive, front drive or center drive. The best ellipticals usually have rear drive mechanism. It is much expensive than all the other types because it is really costly to produce a rear drive design but the advantage is that they have better balance and gives a really good workout experience. A coordinated workout of upper and lower section of your body can easily be expected from a rear drive elliptical but you can also expect a decent stride from front drive and center drive machines.

You only need to make sure they are of good quality by checking out their reviews. The best ellipticals available for below $2,000 generally comprise of 20 inches stride length. Very few of them have variable stride lengths with limits of 18 to 22 inches. Hybrid fitness machines are also gaining popularity in the fitness market. They can have very dramatic stride length changes with which they can act like stair-steppers, elliptical trainers and low-impact treadmills within a single workout session.

3. Incline: An incline can boost up your work out productivity by many folds. With power incline, you can increase the tilt of you pedaling footpath by up to 20 degrees. It can be quite useful if you are focusing on sculpting your specific muscle groups such as lower legs, hamstrings, and quads, or glutes. Many of the elliptical trainers also aim at simulating outdoor workout experience on their elliptical.

They utilize virtual reality and video footages to create the simulation of outdoor experience this can increase your mood while working out. The most famous example is the use of Google Maps Street View integration which is found in ProForm and NordicTrack fitness equipment. Another one is Horizon Fitness that can simulate hiking in scenic destinations.


These machines are expensive for a reason. They are highly durable and are built to last. They have heavy drives, steel frames, sealed bearings and other features for durability. Check the features listed below to know their durability level.

1. Rear Drive Design: It is important to note that rear drive machines are the most durable ones when compare to the front drive machines. But rear drive elliptical trainers are expensive because there is a lot of patent protection on their design. But the durability factor makes it even. Anyway, don’t jump into conclusion of choosing a rear drive elliptical trainer over other types. Compare and read reviews of both front-drive machines and rear-drive elliptical trainers before buying one

2. Maximum User Weight: The best ellipticals under $2,000 usually have a weight capacity of more than 300 pounds. There are even machines with weight capacities of 400 pounds or more which are comparable to club trainers. Heavier the weight capacity the smoother the ride will be.

3. Warranty: The warranty period indicates the durability of the trainer. The best ellipticals under $2000 will have at least 5-year part warranty and 2-year labor warranty. Unlike cheap trainers electrical components also come under the warranty.

Why Buy Ellipticals From $1,500 To $2,000?

Simply put your body is your wealth and an investment on it pays the highest return. So spending around $2000 on an elliptical trainer that will keep you healthy is an easy choice to make. You might argue about the cheaper price tags but you can’t take risks when it comes to your body. Moreover, they offer better specs, workout programs, resistance, stride length, max user weight, and incline. So the price is justifiable.
They are better in:

1. Levels of Resistance
2. Stride Length
3. Pre-Defined Workout Programs

The resistance systems are the best and quiet so you can focus well on your workout. With max weight capacity, they are durable and sturdy. Many ellipticals in this range even have adjustable stride lengths which give variety and flexibility making it suitable for multiple users.

Features of Top Best Ellipticals Under $2,000

The premium features offered by $2000 ellipticals are:

1. Heart Rate Control: Tracking your heart rate while working out makes your cardio training safe and efficient. With pulse tracking resistance levels it adjusts automatically, challenging your heart forcing it to reach its max capacity of up to 55-75%. It can adjust the speed and resistance levels simultaneously.

2. Top Quality Workout Screens: Theses luxury ellipticals come with high-quality screens with touchscreens and web browsers for internet connectivity. They also have tablet docks enabling you to work on your tablets while working out.

3. Workout Programs: At this cost, your elliptical will have many workout programs and support for multiple user profiles helping in personalized workout sessions. Some of them even have automatic Bluetooth data tracking. With popular fitness apps, you can easily monitor your workouts and install new workout programs.

4. Console Extras: High-end home ellipticals have all the features of club quality ellipticals such as cooling fans, water bottle holder, Tablet deck, MP3 players and smartphone support.


After reading our review now you must have understood why we considered the best home ellipticals under $2000 as “Light Commercial trainers”. They are better as compared to the quality level and endurance capacity of club quality elliptical trainers. They are highly durable and offer support for a variety of users so you will never have to worry about anyone in your family being neglected by the machine that you bought. Check the list we made and pick the best one which you feel suits your needs.

We always advise you not to make a random buy based on the advertised features so make sure that you check the reviews of actual people who have used the product you desire to buy. This will give you clarity on what you are getting for the money that you pay. We will assure you that you are making a really good investment in your home and on the health of everyone in your family when you buy an elliptical. With good exercising keep your family healthy and happy.

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