Best Ellipticals Under $1500

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Best Ellipticals Under $1500

A home gym is a dream-come-true for all the fitness enthusiasts. But getting affordable and efficient equipment is not hassle-free. Many machines can even adversely affect your body. An elliptical is a machine that can help you in this situation. There are many affordable ellipticals to choose from and they cause zero strain or damage to your body. By spending around $1,000 to $1,500 you can get a good elliptical for your home. This is the budget range if you are ready to shell out more cash you can get better features.

But the best ellipticals under $1500 perform really well. After detailed reviewing, we have listed out top three ellipticals to make your job easier. Every elliptical that we selected can fit most of the body sizes. Some of them have very highly intense training support which will be useful for people needs to challenge themselves and they also have light training for beginners.

We have mentioned ellipticals with two different kinds of drive systems Front drive and centre drive. Cheap front drive ellipticals do not have proper stride paths but if you choose the best ellipticals under $1500 then you will get a good quality elliptical. All the ellipticals mentioned below are compact sized.

Top 3 Elliptical Machine Under $1500

Ellipticals Under $1500: Buying Guide

We all know that the path to a healthy life is a healthy body and this is only achievable through disciplined exercising. Exercise must become part of your daily routine. Fitness equipment can always be a good companion in a daily workout plan. The best ellipticals under $1500, we suggest can help you take your daily workouts to the next level. It is not as popular or as common as the treadmills but they are comparatively better, cheaper and efficient than a treadmill.

The primary advantage of this machine is that doesn’t affect badly on your joints while jogging or running. Elliptical machines are popularly known as elliptical trainers for a reason. They are simple machines that can take up the role of trainers helping you to work out more. We have listed out the top ellipticals below:

What to Expect

The best elliptical trainers can also work as good cardio training equipment. They can provide enough intensity for low impact cardio workouts. It has a simple user interface that will help you control over 20 resistance levels present in the elliptical. This is good because workout demand for different people differs a lot. Unlike manual resistance shifting digital controlling of resistance levels has many advantages. With digital technology, shifting levels have become effortless and are friction free. This increases durability and prevents frequent maintenance expenses.

The best ellipticals are heavy and durable because they are made with much more metal components. The weight of the ellipticals ranges from 300 pounds to 400 pounds which makes them sturdy and wobble free when you intensely workout on them. A general complaint like squeakiness, faulty screens, and broken pedals are unheard when it comes to ellipticals.

So the machine will last long without incurring any expenses soon after the buy. Some ellipticals do come with extra features such as workout guidance and other entertainment features. They can improve the experience you have during your workout sessions.


1. Resistance and stride length: The most important factor that determines the maximum potential of an elliptical trainer is its resistance level and strides length. If you buy an elliptical under the $1500 price bracket, then you will generally be getting one with a flywheel weight of 25-pounds which is equivalent to commercial quality builds. It also has 20 resistance levels that are digitally controlled; this is more than enough for most of the workout enthusiasts.

The best ellipticals in this price range also have adjustable stride lengths which are a blessing for people with extreme heights. An athlete who needs 18″ stride and 20″ stride can work on the same machine. So, elliptical trainers can become an ideal machine for everyone in the family keeping your whole family healthy and sound.

2. Storage: Conservation of space is a major requirement when people decide to set a home gym. Because most of the modern apartments may not be having enough space to accommodate a big machine, the best elliptical machines that we mentioned are at an advantage in this category. They are fitted with hydraulics making them easily foldable. Elliptical trainers under $1500 can keep your room spacious while also keeping you healthy.

3. Automated Incline: Inclines are a useful feature for improving the intensity of your workout sessions and making it more challenging. The ellipticals we reviewed mostly have automated inclines which are easily adjustable. The incline can be changed from 0 to 10 or to 20 at an ease. Higher incline settings are useful for athletes and fitness experts who are targeting special muscle groups and who focus on improving the metabolism. With adjustable stride length and incline, you get the best workout experience at home.

4. Heart Rate Control: Heart rate monitoring is an essential feature if you are focused on improving your health. Because without tracking your improvement there is no point in working out, the best ellipticals come installed with heart rate monitors. Their sensors are mostly found on the grips so that you can easily measure your heart rate while working out. Some machines even have a wireless tracking system. Wireless systems are much more popular because they are better in providing accurate feedback to the users.

Pulse rate is easily used by these machines for analyzing the heart rate using the data provided by wireless technology. You can control your heart rate level by adjusting the incline level and pedal resistance. This is ideal for cross fit training.

5. Screen Display: The digital screen is the main control you have over the elliptical the simpler the interface the simple the usage will be. The best ellipticals under $1500 have digital full-color screens with touch input screens. They are available in different sizes ranging from 7″ in length and 10″ in width to 22″. Some of these ellipticals even have internet facility on these displays which are a luxury but if you need them you can have them.

6. Work-out Programs: Workout programs are very helpful for the beginners who are just starting to work out and for the users who crave for a variety in their workout pattern. So, many of the best ellipticals come pre-installed with workout programs.

If you are interested, you can even download them from the internet using a web browser or using Bluetooth connectivity which technically means you have an infinite number of workout options available on your elliptical. But it is always easier to stick with the company installed workout routines unless you know exactly what you are doing. This will deem helpful while tracking your workout progress too.

7. iPod Functionalities: Having entertainment facilities is often seen as a luxury but it is true that you need to stay motivated if you want to work out for a longer period of time. The ellipticals we selected have iPod and MP3 player support. Having music played not only makes the work out enjoyable but improves the value of the machine as a fitness partner that keeps you motivated. If you find a machine with music facilities in that in that price range then it is an excellent choice.

8. More Extras To Look For: Ellipticals under $1500 are generally not as efficient as the commercial ones. Therefore, these are considered to be a choice for beginners or home gyms users. Their cheap price can easily make them an obvious choice in the home gyms. But that doesn’t mean it is absolutely worthless for extreme athletes who desire to workout more intensively on the elliptical.

With an additional payment of money, you can get accessories like cooling fan, a bottle holder, and a bar for towels and an area for storing keys and your phone which will make it comfortable for people of different age groups.

9. Warranty: A good warranty period is an indication about the trust manufacturers keep on the durability of their products. And nobody wants to spend additional money on repair just after getting their fitness equipment. So always try to find the best elliptical with a longer period of warranty. At least 3-year part warranty and 1-year labor cost coverage is necessary for a machine at this cost.

Final Thoughts

Our guide must have helped you to get a good idea regarding the features to look for in a good elliptical under $1500 price category. The good thing is manufacturers are competing with each other to make the best budget elliptical so you will be having a lot of options to choose from. Basic facilities in all of these will be similar so additional features will give you an extra edge and that is what you must look for.

Before purchasing the product check for online reviews, customer ratings, and after-sales service because you are planning to use it for a long period. All the best ellipticals we listed here are mid-range ones so don’t compare them with expensive ones to check their quality. These ellipticals are a perfect fit for the home gyms. In total, find out a product that fits in your budget and has the best features and services. You will never regret your decision if you followed our guide. So buy one and reap the benefits of having an elliptical at your home.

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