Sunny Air Walk Trainer Review

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Sunny Air Walk Trainer Review

A cost effective way to perform all your cardio workouts sitting at the convenience of your home is provided by the Sunny Air Walk Trainer. Its frame folds up for easy storage and it is a compact machine. In this Sunny Air Walk Trainer Review, I will highlight the reasons why this machine has become among the bestseller ones in the elliptical category and that too, so soon.

Easy to use

The users of this Sunny Trainer feel that it is too simple to assemble, and it is a child’s play. This is because it will be partly assembled when the package arrives to you. Also, the instructions given to assemble fully are straightforward and clearly understandable. Its footprint is small and therefore, it occupies the least space in your living area and gives you a workout that you have always wanted.

Light cardio workout

The Sunny Air Walk has a motion that is pendulum style which makes the machine very convenient to use as the arms and legs of the users go front and back in a gliding motion. Even the people who have some issues with their knees can easily exercise on this Sunny Trainer.

It is very popular across the board of exercisers, whether you want an intense workout or even if you are a beginner. It is a great elliptical and is available at an affordable price.


  • It is a lightweight machine that is compact and can fit easily in your living space
  • It is sturdy, despite the fact that it is light in weight.
  • The Sunny Air can accommodate users of the weight of up to 220 pounds. For the heavy users, there is an option to put weights on the front bars, and this stabilizes the machine
  • The Sunny Air Trainer comes with a 1 year warranty on frame & 180 days on other parts and components, but any breakdown of the machine seems unlikely. If need be, the customer service of the company is good enough and responsive at all times and will help you out of your trouble in no time.
  • It is very easy to assemble and also comes pre-assembled to quite an extent
  • It is a smooth equipment and has a quiet operation and therefore, one can even watch TV while working out or have a chat with the family members. The quietness of the machine is appreciated by many users.
  • The abdominal pad is present in this trainer that gives a cushioning effect to the upper body when you are working out. It provides stability to the workout and is a great feature since it can also be adjusted according to the height of the user.
  • The handles of the machine have an ergonomic design and give a great workout to your upper body.
  • The computer of the Sunny Air Walk Trainer provides you with the essential features and parameters of the workout that are needed to keep a track of the exercise performance.
  • It has a foldable frame and can be easily folded for storage in a limited space after your workout session is complete.
  • No settings for the resistance or the speed are available, neither there are any incline settings. Therefore, the resistance, as well as the movement, is brought about by the momentum of the body weight of the user.
  • For the beginners, the Sunny Air is a superb start as the workout that it gives is low in impact. It is also an affordable machine that doesn’t make a hole in your pocket and it fit for home gym use.
  • Most of the elliptical in this range do not feature a display console but in this Sunny trainer, it comes as a bonus.
  • Since it comes partly assembled, there is only need to put the display console, the arms and the abdominal support pad whereas the foot pedals, the main frame, and the base stabilizers come attached on delivery.

Customer Reviews

It is perfect for people with small spaces as it is a compact equipment. It takes less than 30 minutes to get fully assembled according to most of the users. The stride length is also perfect for most of the users.

Drawbacks of the Sunny Air Walk Trainer

  • The machine does not have any resistance settings
  • For some users, the workout may be less intense, especially for the regular and vigorous exercisers.


Air Walker is very similar to the benefits that it provides when compared to an elliptical. It gives a low impact workout and is ideal for the beginners. It is an effective home gym equipment and relies on the gliding motion of the body to give a good workout to the user. One doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on this machine, and it offers a compact and lightweight solution for such a machine that has a great home use.

Agreed, that the display console has limited feedback of the workout, but it is a blessing to get a screen console in such a less price. You can set your goals and also get real improvements in your body with working out on this Sunny Air Walk Trainer after a considerable period.