Sole Fitness Ellipticals Review

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Sole Fitness Ellipticals Review

Sole Fitness one of the Fastest-Emerging Fitness Brands in the world is known for its industry-grade build and durability in all of its fitness trainers. The brand has a series of elliptical trainers designed to meet the needs of different levels of users from beginners through mid-level users and advanced users.

For all those fitness enthusiasts whose interest is to bring a high-quality, durable and reliable elliptical trainer to home, SOLE Elliptical Trainers could definitely be one of the best choices. The powerful motor, heavy-duty steel construction, high resistance, power incline, adjustable features, heart rate monitoring, and reduced post-workout pain are the few features of SOLE Elliptical Trainers that provide value to the customers.

The brand has Entry-Level Elliptical trainers as well as the Advanced Elliptical Trainers, some of them being featured on the best selling elliptical trainers list.

Why Sole Fitness Stands Out Among the Rest

The primary factors that make SOLE Elliptical Trainers stand out from the rest are high-quality construction and comfortable motion. The heavy flywheels, adjustable and standard stride length and oversized foot pedals ensure the users get a very comfortable workout experience.

The highest grade steel frame and the commercial-quality components provide the power and strength to the equipment making them stable, durable and reliable.   The company offers a range of elliptical trainers to meet the needs of varied users from beginners to experienced ones.

Their engineering team with the help of physical therapists has designed the adjustable foot pedals with an inward angle of two degrees to reduce the post-workout impact on the users. The company has developed Elliptical Trainers for Home Gyms as well as for the light commercial purpose and offer both the residential and light commercial protection.

SOLE Elliptical trainers come with an excellent warranty unlike many other options in the market by providing a lifetime warranty on frame. It also offers a five-year warranty on parts and electronics and a two-year warranty on labor. Known for its customer service, SOLE also promises to refund the customers in case if they return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase provided the trainer is in unused condition.

Sole Fitness Elliptical Series

SOLE Fitness offers a variety of elliptical trainers to its customers, each targeting different set of fitness enthusiasts. Most commonly they are grouped as either home ellipticals or light commercial ellipticals depending on the kind of warranty it offers. However, the SOLE fitness has another classification when it comes to its elliptical trainers. It has elliptical trainers with fixed stride length as well as with an adjustable stride length keeping the user comfort in mind. So, what do these categories mean?

1. Home Ellipticals: These are the elliptical trainers designed for personal use, suitable for home gyms. They might not be as sturdy as commercial trainers which are used continuously by multiple users, however, are good for a family’s use. They are normally very economical as compared to commercial ones.

SOLE offers a number of options to its customers when it comes to home ellipticals, some of which are rated best in their category. While SOLE E25 and SOLE E35 are designed for beginners, SOLE E55 is suitable to users from beginners through intermediaries. Advanced SOLE E95 and SOLE E95s Ellipticals are suitable for experienced users.

2. Light Commercial Ellipticals: These elliptical trainers can be used in small public places like a small clubhouse or an office setup as they are designed to perform for long durations, by multiple users. SOLE  has introduced the advanced SOLE E98 elliptical trainer with a light commercial warranty along with the residential warranty suitable to both the advanced home gyms and light commercial setups.

3. Ellipticals with fixed stride length: The usual practice is to design the ellipticals with a fixed stride length. Users can choose the ones that offer stride length suitable to their body types. SOLE has developed its ellipticals with different stride lengths; some with shorter and some with longer stride lengths to accommodate different types of users. Its E25, E35, E55, E95, and E98 elliptical models come with fixed stride length.

4. Ellipticals with adjustable stride length: They give more flexibility to the users as they let users set the stride length according to their needs, thus, giving more options to tone the leg muscles as compared to the ones with fixed stride length. SOLE’s E95s model offers adjustable stride length -18” to 24” giving more flexibility to its users.

Let’s understand the features of each one of them below.

Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical

The brand’s basic and entry-level elliptical E25 elliptical is the most Affordable Elliptical Trainer in its series with a price of around $1000. Aimed at supporting the beginner-class fitness enthusiasts, it has a compact design and user-friendly features providing them a natural body motion during the training.


  •  It has a heavy-duty steel frame that can support user weight up to 350 lbs.
  • It comes with 20lbs flywheel and high gear ratio to provide a smooth and quiet ride.
  • It comes with a higher resistance up to 20 levels and power incline up to 20 levels offering increased calorie burn.
  • It has a stride length of 20 inches which is the standard stride length in the industry.
  • It has the pulse sensors located at handlebars and is compatible with wireless chest straps for monitoring the heart rate.
  • It comes with ten workout programs that help the users to achieve their fitness goals.
  • It’s oversized foot pedals reduce the stress and pain on ankle, knees and other joints.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity to enable transferring of the training feedback to the smart devices or to allow connecting with the music players.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical

It is for users looking for a simple, user-friendly elliptical with great components. It has an adjustable stride length making it more attractive in its price range. The model is designed to meet the needs of both beginners as well as the mid-level users.


  • It has 15” oversized foot pedals with an adjustable feature to give a natural motion and body balance during the training.
  • Its heavy-duty steel construction can support users rated up to 375 lbs.
  • It features heavier flywheel of 25lbs providing stable, smooth and quiet training experience.
  • It has power incline with 20 positions and 20 levels of magnetic resistance offering challenging workout to its users.
  • It has a stride length adjustable from 20”- 22” allowing the users to work with different stride lengths for better muscle toning.
  • It has built-in pulse sensors and wireless chest straps to help the users monitor the heart rate during the workout.
  • It features 7.5” white LCD for a vibrant and clear reading of the training feedback such as calories burned, time duration, resistance and incline level, heart rate, etc.

Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical

With a high-quality performance and a compact design, it is one of the Front-runners in the Home Elliptical Segment. The compact footprint makes it fit into the limited workout areas and its user-friendly features make it a most suitable cross-trainer to the beginners and intermediaries.


  • It has a compact footprint measuring 27” in width and 71” in length making it a good-fit to smaller areas.
  • It is built with a heavy-duty steel frame and can handle user weight up to 375 lbs.
  • It has 20 lbs flywheel that provides quiet and smooth training experience to its users.
  • It provides plenty of resistance up to 20 levels and has the power adjustable incline levels up to 20 positions to offer an extremely smooth ride.
  • It has 20” stride length and oversized adjustable foot pedals that help in sustaining the natural body balance while doing the workout.
  • It has tech-friendly features like built-in pulse sensors, wireless chest straps, Bluetooth connectivity, and 9.0” LCD to make the training experience a pleasant one.
  • It features transport wheels and a handle facilitating the easy storage and movement.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical

SOLE E95, the most recommended and the top rated elliptical trainer by Sole Fitness is one of the Best Elliptical Trainers available in the market. It has club-quality features and commercial-grade components providing stability and durability.


  • It has one of the heaviest flywheels provided in the home elliptical segment with a 34lbs flywheel.
  • It features the heavy-duty steel frame and can support user weight up to 400lbs.
  • It has the adjustable stride with a length from 20” to 22” allowing the users to work out with different stride length.
  • It offers 20 levels of power incline and 20 levels resistance offering different workout options to its users.
  • It has moveable armbars with multi-grip positions mainly to support the users get the upper body training done.
  • It allows easy monitoring of the heart rate during the workout with the help of a compatible chest strap and built-in pulse sensors.
  • It has transport wheels to help the users move and store the equipment easily.
  • It has incorporated the technical features like 10.1” TFT LCD, Bluetooth technology, Built-in speakers and MP3 playable port to offer more comfortable training to its users.

Sole Fitness E95s Elliptical

This elliptical trainer with its power adjustable stride allows the user to set the stride length from 18 inches to 22 inches depending on their needs and fitness goals. With high-quality components and great features, it is one of the top choices for the advanced home trainees.


  •  It has the club-quality 30 lbs flywheel offering a quiet and smooth experience.
  • It has the impressive highest grade build and can support the users rated up to 400lbs.
  • It has the power adjustable stride with a length from 18” to 22”, the most highlighting feature of the elliptical.
  • It provides 20-levels resistance and adjustable incline up to 20 levels offering greater workout challenges.
  • It has oversized adjustable foot pedals specially designed with the help of physical therapists to reduce the post-workout pain and stress.
  • It features compatible chest strap and hand pulse grips to enable the heart rate monitoring.
  • The other features include 10.1” TFT Display, Bluetooth, MP3 compatible Built-in speakers etc.

Sole Fitness E98 Elliptical

Sole E98 elliptical is the commercial-grade trainer with a residential and light commercial warranty and sold at the price of home elliptical. It is loaded with club-quality features, commercial components, and industry-quality build and can run for long hours without much hassle.


  •  It has the commercial-quality 32 lbs flywheel for smooth and quiet operation.
  • It is powerful and sturdy with a capacity to handle the user weight up to 400lbs.
  • It has 20” stride length, 20-levels of resistance and power incline up to 20 positions.
  • It has oversized foot pedals with an inward angle of two degrees to reduce the impact on the knees and ankles.
  • It helps in monitoring the heart rate with wireless chest straps and hand pulse grips.
  • It has a 10.1” high-resolution display and Bluetooth connectivity to connect with Fitness apps.

Pros & Cons of Sole Fitness Elliptical


  • Ergonomic Designs
  • Commercial-grade components
  • Residential and Light Commercial models
  • Industry-best warranty
  • Friendly customer service


  • No elliptical under $500
  • Limited workout programs

Final Verdict

SOLE Elliptical Trainers, with an impressive build and top-notch performance, have won the hearts of many customers. With a higher resistance and adjustable stride length, the elliptical can meet the expectation of varied users.  While the brand’s basic models are good enough for the first-timers, it also has the most advanced trainers designed especially for the experienced users.

If you are not looking for too many workout programs, if you have a moderate fitness budget, if you are willing to bring a sturdy, reliable and long-lasting elliptical trainer to your home gym, then Sole Fitness Elliptical could be one of the top choices.

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