Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Review

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Review

The Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical is a very comfortable elliptical and is great for home use for people of all weights. It is quite comfortable and, therefore, provides a good workout.

Smooth operator

Users say that the bulky flywheel on the Sole Fitness E95 allows a very comfortable stride and hence a solid workout. Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Review also say that the E95 has a very strong frame and foundation. As a result, it’s very stable, and its quiet eddy-current braking system is reliable and smooth. The E95’s stride length ranges between 20 and 22 inches, depending on where you’ve positioned the motor adjust inclined ramp (which adjusts between 0 and 40 degrees of slope), and it functions in both forward and reverse direction. It has a gamut of workout routines that include six preset workouts, two custom workouts, and two heart rate control workouts for use with the included chest strap heart-rate monitor. Users completely adore these features also because they are getting these at such a good price.

Ease of use

Most users have found the assembling of E95 very easy and said that it took only a few hours.¬†Although there have been a few who have found it difficult to interpret the instructions but if you practice a bit of discretion, they won’t be hard to interpret. Users and experts are all praises for this fitness machine whose features include its 9-inch LCD console (which provides easier viewing) and cushioned footpads.

The footpads are angled 2 degrees inward and can be further adjusted according to the user needs. Incline and relaxing can both be adjusted from the console or via handgrip controls. The E95 is also equipped with a built-in sound system and a fan to provide truly a complete user experience while working out.


  • Elliptical trainer with massive 30-pound flywheel for stable performance
  • Power incline feature adds resistance while targeting different muscle groups
  • Commercial-grade 9-inch blue LCD tracks time, calories, distance, and resistance, custom-designed foot pedals,
  • Integrated sound system is oversized and weighs 215 pounds
  • Cooling fans are of a 400-pound capacity.
  • Transport wheels have rear and front movement capabilities
  • Apple and MP3 compatible with built-in speakers
  • Higher weight capacity at 400 pounds max
  • Includes heart rate strap
  • Power adjustable incline up to 40 degrees
  • Five-year warranty on parts, lifetime warranty on frame
  • Solid use up to 400 pounds: The Sole E95 is primarily for users up to 400 pounds, but even the overweight users have had no issues with this elliptical. The E95 is very durable, and it becomes clear from the fact that despite being used by different family members at different times of the day it maintains its steadiness. The E95 is not very portable because when it is assembled it weighs 215 pounds. Any squeaking around the foot rails can be solved easily by lubricating and oiling. Customer service gets excellent feedback from owners. The sole E95’s frame has a warranty of a lifetime, the electronics are insured for five years, and the labor is covered for two years.
  • The Sole E95 elliptical training equipment has an electronic console that incorporates all of the features you’d find in an elliptical at a health club.
  • There’s a smart LCD readout, a holder for your water bottle, and a cooling fan. There are also the built-in speakers that you can plug in with your mp3 player and enjoy your cross-trainer workout.
  • The drive system is noiseless and works in forward or reverse motion. The gear ratio is higher than the other models in the same range, and the flywheel is bulky (34 pounds). This great pairing provides great smoothness and at the same time enough resistance to put in front of you a challenging workout. The resistance can be augmented by using the power incline or by adjusting the ramp angle up to forty degrees. This allows you to rigorously workout the muscles in the lower body.
  • For your upper body workout, the E95 has custom-molded grips for extra comfort.
  • The Resistance and inclination can be adjusted using the handles, and the heart rate is always kept in check by the built-in sensors.
  • There is a chest strap that provides for hands-free monitoring.
  • The foot pedals on the Sole E95 were designed taking the expert advice of a physical therapist to reduce knee and ankle stress. These pedals can be articulated according to the want of users. Many people who did not take up exercising earlier state that it is this feature in particular which has prompted them to take up exercising.
  • This feature is not available on any other elliptical, no matter what the price range.


There is a certain downside also associated with this elliptical, and this is that if the power went out, you would be unable to use it since it is electronic and has to be plugged in to work.

Not everything remains nice and steady all the time, and so does this machine. Many users have reported the clicking noises in the machine. But with great warranty that has been provided, the user can always avail it at the time of need, and the problem would be resolved. E95 Sole Fitness is known for great customer support, and if a customer comes calling, his problem would be given full priority.

Here are some other drawbacks enumerated below:

  • No reading rack
  • Huge model can be hard to store in small spaces
  • Speakers are not very powerful
  • Only ten workout programs
  • Lacks more advanced entertainment and tracking options


The Sole E95 is a strong machine one of its kind where there is no compromise on quality at all. A heavy flywheel, good warranty, sturdy frame and excellent customer service are the shining lights of this product that have made it the most sought after elliptical in the market. Its best features are motor-adjust incline ramp, adjustable foot pedals and heart-rate interactive programs. Highly recommended for all those who want to see a change in their physical appearance.