Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Review

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Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Review

The Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical is one of the high-end ellipticals that are quite affordable as well. It is priced under $800. This Sole Fitness Elliptical comes with an ECB magnetic resistance system that gives the user a frictionless workout experience especially when they change the incline levels.

It has a flywheel of 21 lbs and a maximum user weight capacity of 325 lbs. The E20 treadmill is quite a sturdy machine and is relatively compact. It also comes with transport wheels that allow the user to store it easily.

The Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical has about 10 in-built workout programs and 20 different resistance levels. The console of this elliptical powers automatically when the treadmill is connected to an AC power cord of 110V.

This treadmill is more popular than the Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical. Read through our Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Review 2021 to know more about its features and pros and cons.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical is a good entry-level elliptical trainer. If you are on the lookout for an elliptical that does not have many features and you require it just to stay fit, then the brand Sole Fitness is a perfect match.

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The assembly process of the Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical is quite fast, simple, and easy if you have all the required tools. Most of the users have assembled this machine in about 90 minutes.

You can prepare a checklist of all the screws and bolts that are provided in the package, to make sure that you have not missed or lost anything. You will also require 4 different types of wrenches along with a standard-sized screwdriver for the process.

A knife and a few hammers are quite handy while unboxing and fixing the base. You can make use of a regular screwdriver to fix the plastic parts.

Design and Build Quality

The Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical has an ECB magnetic resistance system that gives the user a workout experience that is frictionless when they change the incline levels. The treadmill comes with a flywheel of 21 lbs and a user weight capacity of 325 lbs.

The E20 is quite a sturdy machine that is quite compact and has transport wheels that allow the user to store it easily. However, this treadmill cannot be folded. The console comes with a backlit LCD screen of 5.5” along with 20 different resistance levels and 10 in-built workout programs (there are 6 standard, 2 custom, and 2 heart rate workout programs).

The treadmill is compatible with many MP3 players and products of Apple. The console also has some basic options such as an in-built fan and a bottle holder.

Next to the console, there are 2 handlebar sets: there is one set of stationary handlebars that gives stability and another set of handlebars that are movable with in-handle controls that work on the upper body.

The pedals are oversized and are about 15 inches. These pedals have a 2-degree inward slope and this is quite easy on the joints and knees. This machine is created out of a heavy-duty steel frame of 38mm and is available in different colors – black, red, or silver.

The Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical might have a few limitations in terms of pedal size and stride length, as this might be a problem for obese people. Another significant drawback of this treadmill is that it is highly corrosive in nature.

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Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Features


The Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical has about 20 resistance levels. The advantage of having many resistance levels is that you can not just make gradual, manageable adjustments with time and ensure that your body keeps adapting. It gives the user a lot of control in every single workout.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitoring system in the Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical is quite simple to use. There are stationary handlebars that have Contact Heart Rate Sensors, which have to be grasped in order to start the heart monitor.

In addition to this, the chest strap transmitter can be used by simply wearing it. A blinking heart icon is an indicator of an active process of the heart rate monitoring process. A pulse window reveals the heart rate in beats per minute.

A heart rate graph does a comparison of your heart rate with the projected upper limit in terms of percentage. Rigorous workouts can result in some false readings when the hand pulse sensors are being used. Chest strap transmitters are precise and reliable.

Display and console

The QuickStart mode starts with a single click of the start button. The display of 5” is backlit and it displays the type of program, the workout time as well as the user level by default.

Resistance levels along with the incline angle can be manually set by a few button clicks. The console is programmable in a manner that can be used by a person who is a digitally illiterate person. The program can be set according to age, weight and calorie count.


There are two sets of handlebars located near the console: a set of handlebars that are stationary for stability and a set of handlebars that are movable and have in-handle controls that work on the upper body.


The oversized foot pedals of 15” have an inward slope of two-degrees and it is quite easy on your knees and joints.

Cooling Fan

There is a power switch for the fan within the console, thereby making it quite easy to turn on and turn off the fan. The cooling fan is not very efficient to keep a person of average built cool all through the training.

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Workout Programs

The Sole  Fitness E20 Elliptical has about ten pre-installed workout programs that help a user execute a variety of workouts. The programs can be switched easily with the up and down buttons.

The north and south buttons are available to adjust the resistance and incline. The user profiles can be customized and every user can set up limits. The inputs required for the profiles are age, weight along with workout timings.

There is a message window that gives you a summary of your performance at the end of the workout. You can have a look at some of our best ellipticals 2021, as this will give you an idea about the variety of models available.

There are 2 programs that are Heart Rate controlled. Apart from the treadmill’s pulse grip sensors, the console also comes with an inbuilt receiver that can connect wirelessly to a chest belt transmitter that is compatible.

In case you want to benefit from fat-burning workouts, you can set one HRC program that keeps you within 60% of the target heart rate.

In case your goals are directed towards endurance, there is one program that can set the target heart rate at about 80% and the Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical adjusts the intensity to ensure you are within the right zone.

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Warranty

Sole Fitness Ellipticals offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of the Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical. The electronics along with other parts come with a warranty of 3 years.

The E20 also has a 1-year labor warranty and cosmetic items have a warranty of 3 months. Accidents, corrosion via moisture, or abuse will not be covered by any kind of warranty mentioned.

Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • The Sole E20 comes with 2 sets of handlebars
  • It has transport wheels which makes relocation easy
  • It has a 5” backlit console that is easy to use
  • The assembly process is simple and easy
  • It has an EC Magnetic Resistance system
  • The treadmill has over 10 in-built workout programs
  • It has 20 levels of resistance
  • The E20 has a stride that is adjustable up to 20”
  • It is compatible with MP3 players and products of Apple
  • The treadmill has a fan and water bottle holder
  • It has an excellent warranty
  • It has rear as well as front movement capabilities
  • It also has a power-adjustable incline


  • The flywheel is quite heavy
  • Only 2 custom profiles can be saved
  • There is no reading rack
  • The console and pedals cannot be adjusted
  • Heart rate strap is not included
  • The machine cannot be folded


The Sole E20 Elliptical trainer is a mid-level and advanced trainer that comes with a few extra features. Many of the entry-level ellipticals do not offer extra customizable features such as the adjustable incline and stride.

If multiple users intend to use the elliptical trainer or if you want a trainer that you can customize to match your size, the Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical machine is a good choice.

In case you wish to have a comparison, you could check out the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical or the Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical. However, for the price, the E20 is quite a good option. The workout offered by the Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical is pretty good in comparison to that offered by some models in the price range of $500-$600.

Overall, the Sole E20 is a well-built and durable trainer that is a good choice for any user who is on the lookout for a reliable trainer. However, in case you want a fitness machine with lesser features, you can check out some of the best entry-level trainers that have a similar build quality but are less expensive.