ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical Review

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical Review

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT was introduced by ProForm by the end of the year 2017. Similar to other models produced by ProForm in their Hybrid Trainer Series, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT  functions as not only a recumbent bike but also a rear-drive elliptical.

You can have a look at some of the ellipticals that have made it to our list of best rear-drive ellipticals. This fitness machine allows you to workout either by sitting or standing. So, users are offered workout styles at an extremely low price. On sale, you can get the ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT at a price of less than $500!

Hybrid Trainers are fun to use especially with the workout courses using Google Maps. This can be downloaded along with your iFit Coach membership. These workouts allow you to pedal through various views from across the world. Read through our ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT 2021 Review to know more about the product and its features.

The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is not just an elliptical machine but is also a recumbent bike: the console and pedals need a simple adjustment which lets you shift from one mode to another mode.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT from ProForm is a great option for people who are new to fitness and working out using fitness machines. It is good even for those who want a low-impact workout machine. The resistance levels are quite light and these will be quite challenging for novices, however.

If users build upon their endurance and strength, you will have to purchase a fitness machine that will offer you more resistance and many more features that can challenge your body.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Assembly process appears to be a little difficult. The package definitely comes with the Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Manual, however, you might require assistance to set up this machine.

Design and Build Quality

The recumbent of the Proform Hybrid Trainer XT has been designed in a way that there is a cushioned seat that is adjustable and gives you a comfortable ride. The pedals are large, over-sized and cushioned which give importance to comfort and also offer numerous positions for your feet and ensures stability.

The audio auxiliary port lets users plug in their music device and the volume can also be increased via the two speakers of 2” each. Having your favorite music playlist, iFit Coach or a podcast makes your workout more fun than being just a routine.

The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT has wheels that are mounted right at the front of the Trainer which helps in easy movement and storage when not in use. The front of the trainer also has a water bottle holder, which helps you stay hydrated throughout your workout.

The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT can withstand a user weight of about 350 pounds and this makes it an ideal choice for your home gym. This is quite useful, as you do not have to purchase two machines and do not require additional space that would have been needed to place two fitness machines.

This is one of the best ellipticals for home use as well. This elliptical gives you a full-body workout as you can move the handlebars when you stride. The stride length of this elliptical is 15” which is shorter than the standard stride of ellipticals which lies between 18” – 20”.

This machine is similar to ProForm’s original Hybrid Trainer, however, it has upgraded pedals as well as an enhanced console. The advantage of this machine is that the user gets two fitness machines in one! 

The machine also comes with a tablet holder that is located right above the console and you can enjoy your favorite movies or surf the net or even access your emails while you work out.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT is iFit-compatible and this lets you run on trails from across the globe and you can enjoy the scenic views while you run.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical Features

Resistance Levels

The machine offers its users about 16 different levels of resistance that can be changed just by touching a button located on the console window. This is perfect to add many high-calorie-burning workout intervals to your regular and basic workout sessions.

Fitness Meter

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT comes with an upgraded, and sleeker console. The console is backlit which makes it easy for the user to read their workout statistics.

The display monitors and shows your time, distance, speed, and calories burned. Another interesting feature us that the console angle is adjustable – so the user can move the console to a good position in order to view all the workout stats.


This machine has been considered as a lower-level resistance machine in contrast to other models, because of its 13 lbs flywheel. This makes the ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT a good workout machine for newcomers and for regular exercise routines.


The machine has a stride of 15 inches which might be a little short for a tall user. If you are about 6 feet tall or above, you can have a look at the Hybrid Trainer Pro model which has a stride of 17 inches, thereby making it more comfortable.


The Hybrid XT trainer also offers an upgraded and very comfortable seat (in contrast to the original Hybrid Trainer). Lumbar support along with additional padding has been added by ProForm to give you a very comfortable ride experience.

The seat can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically – this makes it easier to find the right fit for any user ( anyone in the family).


The Original Hybrid Trainer faced an issue where the pedals were designed specifically for the elliptical and the bike was not considered while designing the pedals. The angle was not right. Even though you could use the pedals while you were biking, the pedals were not ergonomically friendly.

Proform solved this issue with the ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT by adding a special attachment to its pedals which enabled the user to use it while biking. This has made the biking feel very comfortable in comparison to that on the original Hybrid Trainer. The pedals are over-sized, cushioned and are very comfortable.

Handlebars and Transport Wheels

The elliptical can give you a complete body workout when you make use of the soft-gripped moveable handlebars. Transport wheels are located at the front of this elliptical which ensures ease of movement and storage when not in use.


(i) Music: This elliptical by Proform has an audio auxiliary port that lets you plug your music device and the volume can be increased via the two 2-inch speakers. A workout is more fun and motivating when you have your favorite music, podcast or the iFit coach.

(ii) Large Tablet Holder: The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT has a shelf that can hold your tablet or your smartphone securely. This lets you sync up your gadget easily and follow the iFit workout.

(iii) iFit Coach-enabled: The fun and entertaining feature ( for this you will have to purchase the iFit subscription. It starts at $15 a month as per the iFit site) is the iFit CoachUsers can access the workouts of iFit Coach and its features through your mobile or your desktop computer. You can run on paths and routes from across the globe and enjoy the sceneries from all over the world.

(iv) Water bottle holder: The holder for your water bottle is located in front which makes hydration quite easy especially while you workout.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical Workout Programs

This elliptical bike comes with 16 in-built workout programs and is also iFit-compatible. The speed and resistance of this elliptical can be controlled by the 16 workout programs. They make use of several combinations of duration, speed, and resistance in order to support training at various levels of intensity.

Eight workouts are set aside for biking and the remaining eight are meant for elliptical training. The most exciting feature is that the ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT is an “iFit Coach ready” fitness machine. This machine can access all the iFit Coach workouts and various other features of iFit via your mobile or desktop computer.

Once you connect the device to the fitness machine, you can either stride or ride with the views of Google Maps streets! iFit allows you to select from a variety of suggested map workouts or customize your own workout anytime. Check out the ProForm Hybrid trainer Reviews to know all about these elliptical trainers

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical Warranty

The manufacturer Proform offers a short warranty on this elliptical. Only five years of warranty is offered on the frame, and 90 days on parts and labor.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • It is a two-in-one machine: an elliptical and a recumbent bike
  • It has 16 in-built workout programs and 16 resistance levels
  • The machine is affordable
  • The hybrid trainer offers oversized and cushioned pedals
  • The seat of this machine is upgraded and is more comfortable
  • It has a tablet holder and water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels are available
  • It can withstand a user weight of 350 pounds
  • It has movable handlebars which give you a full-body workout
  • The machine is iFit-compatible
  • The trainer comes with an audio auxiliary port


  • The resistance levels are light due to the 13 lbs flywheel
  • iFit comes at an additional cost
  • The stride is short at just 15”
  • Assembly process is difficult
  • The manufacturer offers a short warranty on frame, labor, and parts


The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is the ideal machine for beginners and newcomers who have never used a fitness machine. It is a two-in-one machine, i.e., it is an elliptical machine as well as a recumbent bike. So you do not have to purchase two machines.

The machine is available at under $500 and is best suited for those having a budget. The stride might be short, but it is a good buy if you have an iFit subscription and you are not very tall.

This machine is one of the best ellipticals for home use and is best suited for a family as it can withstand a user weight of 350 pounds. Overall, the machine is worth the money you would be spending on it.