ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review 2021

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review 2021

ProForm Hybrid Trainer is viewed among the best elliptical bikes as it offers an effective combination of an elliptical and a recumbent bike that makes it rank among the popular exercise bikes for home use.

This hybrid trainer provides excellent cardio workout sessions for home-based users. Moreover, the provision of iFit compatibility and Bluetooth technology makes it a promising contender for impressive workout sessions.

The key selling feature of this hybrid trainer and the recumbent bike is that its dual functionality along with reliable build quality makes it best to buy fitness equipment. Read more about ProForm Hybrid Trainer review 2021 to know more about the functional prowess of this incredible fitness equipment.

Also, the hybrid trainer is user-friendly with 15” elliptical stride, 14 resistance levels, and a large LCD display. Furthermore, the users derive the benefit of this 2 in 1 fitness equipment at the cost-effective price range.

Best Suited to Whom?

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is recognized as the best elliptical for home use as it provides the dual benefit of a recumbent bike and an elliptical trainer. Thus, users do not need to skip their workout routines if they can’t go to the gym regularly as they can perform rigorous exercise sessions at their home.

Users who prefer to have cardio sessions at home must resort to this exercise bike as it provides challenging cardio sessions with incredible results.

People who require low impact workout sessions should also opt for this exercise bike as users can enjoy intense exercise sessions without hurting their joints.

Users who need compact-sized fitness ellipticals that can be adjusted quickly in any room, accompanied by a high-performance value, then Proform Hybrid trainer is best for them. Also, it is highly cost-effective and ranked among the best elliptical under $500 for optimal results.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of Proform hybrid trainer is straightforward, but due to the provision of many parts, it takes around three hours to put it together. The users are required to connect the two key parts of the frame, then attach the seat, base stabilizers, pedals, pedals arms, mobile arms, fixed handlebar, the console mast, and the console.

The user can go through the guidelines that are mentioned in the user manual clearly and assemble the whole unit correctly. Also, the basic tools like Allen wrenches are provided with the exercise bike.

Still, users also require a Philip screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a rubber mallet to put the unit together. The users are recommended to apply all-purpose lubricant on the joints of the bike while assembling it.

Moreover, the users are required to register the exercise bike on the ProForm website to activate the warranty coverage. This hybrid trainer doesn’t need a lot of maintenance as its internal parts arrive in pre-lubricated form but don’t require lubrication regularly.

But, users need to check on the joints that must be greased if they get squeaking sounds. Also, the frequent checking of parts and loose bolts is advised for durable performance.

Design and Build Quality

The Proform Hybrid Trainer is revered among the home use ellipticals as its sturdy build quality makes it durable and performance-oriented. The two-piece frame of this exercise bike is designed with steel tubing, and the pivotal syncing point between two frames is designed in proximity to the front part of the trainer.

There is a use of various bolts in connecting the two frames that result in providing sturdiness to the whole construction. Moreover, there is a use of corrosion-resistant coating on the steel parts that further adds up to the shelf-life of the exercise bike.

Also, the exercise bike is designed with various PVC parts, including resistance system covers, pedals, and several other covers for added performance.

The hybrid trainer comes equipped with a step-thru design that makes it extremely easy to get in and out of the bike and comfortable position the feet on the pedals for smooth usage. The dual frame of this exercise bike boasts of a robust quality that is rarely seen among the hybrid trainers.

The dimensions of this exercise bike are 45″ x 18″ x 24″ inches, and it weighs 116.8 pounds. The frame of this exercise bike is non-foldable, and its dimensions can’t be altered.

It is designed with a large LCD display screen and there is a provision for a tablet holder as well. Moreover, the console mast is designed with an adjustable angle, and thus, users can tilt the console mast as per their requirement.

The fourteen digital resistance controls add to the versatility of the exercise bike. The seat of this hybrid trainer is extremely comfortable and adjustable to provide convenient workout experience to users.

The oversized pedals of this exercise bike are quite comfortable in both striding and cycling positions. The bike is accessorized with iFit coach and Bluetooth compatibility for added performance. The provision of 15” stride allows for having low-impact workout sessions with precision.

Moreover, the transport wheels add to its mobility and storage. Overall, it is a recommended fitness equipment that comes packed with impressive functioning and perfect designing for smooth performance.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Features


The Proform hybrid trainer is equipped with Silent Magnetic Resistance that is designed to provide fourteen levels of resistance. The users can effectively make a smooth transition from one level to another with ease and according to their comfort zone.

The bike operates silently, allowing users to workout at varying intensity levels. The resistance levels are ideal for beginners and intermediate level and can be adjusted from the console settings.

Fitness meter

This fitness equipment is designed with a large-sized console that is not backlit but has an adjustable angle to suit the requirements of the users. It provides details about the workout data and includes specifications like current speed, calories burned, time worked out, heart rate, and RPM/ Target.

The console syncs perfectly well with iFit coach that provides the personalized workout sessions as designed by world-class trainers like Chris and Heidi Powel. Also, Google maps can be used to workout on challenging routes for maximized results.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

The Proform hybrid trainer arrives with 13 Ibs flywheel that can provide continuous momentum and smooth pedaling motion. The balanced construction allows for optimal performance as the majority of the weight falls on the perimeter.


This elliptical cum recumbent bike is designed with oversized pedals with comfortable positioning of the feet while exercising. Moreover, the safety of the users is maximized with improvement in the traction between the pedal and the feet.

The setup height of pedal is close to 9”, and at the highest level, the rear of pedals rise to 15” above the level of the floor. Thus, for safety reasons, it is advised to place the hybrid trainer in a room that has a ceiling height of at least 20” then the user’s height.

Heart Rate monitoring

The ProForm hybrid trainer is equipped with a heart rate monitoring feature via pulse handlebars. There is no provision of a wireless chest strap for measuring the heart rate. But, the pulse pad on handlebars is not easy to operate especially when the user is working out on high-intensity levels and not considered 100% accurate for optimal results.

Grab handle

The ProForm trainer is designed with soft grip handles that play a crucial role in having upper-body workout sessions. Moreover, users experience low-impact sessions for the upper body and achieve their fitness goals as well.


The seat of this hybrid trainer is comfortable with cushioned support and is easily adjustable. Moreover, users can adjust the seat according to their height and workout requirements for practical use.

Front-mounted transport wheels

This hybrid trainer is equipped with front-mounted wheels that make it quite effective to transport the bike and store it.

Extra Features

  • Integrated tablet and Smartphone Holder: The provision of integrated tablet holder at the top of the console makes it ideal for users to sync with iFit workout sessions and attain their fitness goals.
  • Water bottle Holder: The water bottle holder allows users to give their best while working out and keeping themselves well-hydrated.
  • Sound system: The inbuilt sound system of this unit is highly suitable for MP3 players, tablets, and smartphones. The speaker is located at the bottom of the console and provides the louder sound as compared to the standard smartphone or tablet.

The volume can be adjusted via volume keys that are positioned on the console, and the audio jack is placed on the right side of the bike.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Workout Programs

This Elliptical by ProForm is designed with fourteen inbuilt workout programs, incorporating eight. The seven inbuilt workout programs are further divided into four calorie burning and three performance workouts programs for calorie burn and eight for speed training.

This fitness equipment offers 14 inbuilt workout apps that are segregated into seven workouts for recumbent bike and seven workouts for an elliptical trainer. The users can optimize their workout with these challenging inbuilt programs.

Moreover, these programs are designed to adjust the resistance to provide excellent workout results to the users. Also, users derive the benefit of unlimited workout options with iFit compatibility. Users can either use a tablet or their smartphone as an iFit monitor.

They can explore Google Maps workouts to enrich their exercise sessions with Street View, iFit videos and even download personalized and new workout each time they plan to workout using this trainer. Also, they can participate in online biking races and a lot more activities.

But, the iFit subscription needs to be purchased at $99/year, and there is an option for registering up to four user profiles.

Moreover, users can enhance the productivity of their workout with the videos of their preferred personal trainers and can benefit from endurance training sessions, HIIT, and speed training. Thus, users can maximize their output with digitally controlled resistance levels to meet their fitness goals.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical Warranty

ProForm is a reputed brand that is acknowledged worldwide for providing quality fitness equipment. It offers a five-year warranty on the frame and ninety-days warranty on labor and parts.

The users can derive the benefit of a 30-days money-back guarantee. But, the users have to bear the shipping cost and a 10% restocking fee as well. Moreover, users can initiate the process of returning the equipment by calling customer care at 1-866-896-9777.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Durable fitness equipment with dual benefit of an elliptical trainer and a recumbent exercise bike
  • Availability of 14 resistance levels for challenging workout sessions
  • Provision of Silent Magnetic Resistance System
  • Provision of 15” stride for smooth and comfortable pedaling motion
  • Adjustable and padded seat for different users
  • Provision of a large LCD display with adjustable console mast
  • Availability of 16 workout programs
  • Provision of a water bottle holder
  • The integrated tablet holder can be used for iFit enabled coach training
  • Provision of Bluetooth compatibility
  • Comfortable large-sized pedals
  • It supports 350 Ibs user weight
  • Provision of handlebar sensors for accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Cost-effective fitness equipment with a range of less than $500


  • No provision of a cooling fan
  • No availability of a wireless heart rate monitor
  • Very short warranty on labor and parts
  • The frame is not foldable for storage purposes
  • The inbuilt stride is not adjustable
  • Not effective for tall users
  • Customer service is not satisfactory


The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is recommended as the best elliptical for home use as it provides numerous workout opportunities of an elliptical trainer and a recumbent bike to users. Thus, users can optimize their fitness goals in the comfort of their home with this durable and sturdy hybrid trainer.

Moreover, its magnetic resistance with 14 levels, along with the feature of micro-adjustability and inbuilt workout programs make it best to buy equipment. Furthermore, the added features of tablet integration with iFit compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity enhance its usage for fitness lovers.

Also, it is budget-friendly with added features that make it worthy of investment. But, if you intend to buy an elliptical trainer, then it is not recommended for you as its stride length is quite short.

If you look for better stride, more workout options, better warranty, and long warranty coverage, then we recommend ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical Machine.

However, if you are a newbie, then this exercise bike is effective for you. Moreover, you can rely on this entry-level trainer at an affordable range of this elliptical less than $500, where the dual benefits of an elliptical and recumbent bike are available.

Therefore, ProForm Hybrid Trainer review states that it is ideal fitness equipment for users who require effective total body workout with low impact and effective results.

FAQs of ProForm Hybrid Trainer

What is the stride length of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer?
This hybrid trainer from ProForm offers a 15-inch stride that may prove difficult for tall users to feel comfortable while using this trainer. So, if the user is 6’0” or more, then ProForm Trainer Pro is recommended. It offers 17-inch stride and proves far more comfortable for tall users
What are the incline settings in this trainer?
This hybrid trainer doesn’t have any incline settings
Which best alternatives are available for this hybrid trainer?
This hybrid trainer provides great value for a few users. But, sometimes, it arrives with few defects and not appear suitable for tall users. In such a case, other exercise bikes can be used effectively with the same features and pricing but considered far more reliable. So, these are ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro that offers 15 Ibs drive, 17” stride, and the same features. The other one is the Sole E25 which comes with far much better quality but has its own drawbacks like high-end features