ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical Review

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical Review

The ProForm Hybrid is considered as a cost-effective elliptical, and the best part is the fact that it can be conveniently changed to an elliptical from a recumbent bike. The foot pedals are oversized, and the measurements are about 76” in length x 26” in width x 76” in height. It means that these offer incredible traction control as well as stability. The console has been provided with an attractive LCD screen.

It also supports a feature of target pacer based indicator light that helps the user to set the weight loss objectives while exercising. The model has been provided with a non-adjustable 15” elliptical stride. It also efficiently supports 16 built-in different working out programs for the users to select from.These include manual as well as interval training programs. It doesn’t offer customizable alternatives, advanced options of entertainment and essential features, but its cost is just unbelievable.

Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic exercising machine as it provides its users with two entirely different working out option. It supports the weight capacity of 350 pounds, and it can be rightly said that this machine has almost everything that is required for working out safely. It  takes off all the additional weight on the joints and knees.


This model is perfect for all those users who are elderly or overweight. It can be considered as a smart investment as there is no requirement of buying any other piece of exercise machine or equipment. There are many users who have experienced amazing weight loss only after a few weeks of continuous usage. It comes with amazing features that are handy and add to your overall comfort level. These include a water bottle holder, ergonomically padded seat EKG Heart Rate Monitor and much more.

The most attractive part is the price range. It can be rightly said that it is much cheaper in comparison to all those machines available on the market that are less equipped. Due to its incredible longevity and efficiency you can easily spot the machine in training bases and gyms.

Other than the monitor, the equipment is also associated with the amazing Target Pacer. It comes with an intense indicator light and these functions in harmony with the individual based goals for weight loss. It means that the pacer will light up for indicating if you need to increase or decrease speed for reaching the set fitness goals. The athletes get to enjoy the 14 variable intensity levels as well as 14 programs that can be set for interval training. It means that you can conveniently transform from moderate to vigorous pedal strokes or elliptical in no time. You are offered an impressive stride length of around 15” and this is great for beginners as well as experienced athletes.

Thickly padded seat

The Hybrid Trainer is simple to use and is exceptionally comfortable. In fact, you can easily say that this amazing recumbent bike gives you the opportunity to lie back comfortably, pedal and get a perfectly toned body. The seat has been designed ergonomically by the experts and is thickly padded. It easily accommodates several kinds of body shapes of the users. There is no need to worry about issues like saddle soreness due to the thick padding.

A very stable grip is guaranteed even during tough workouts by the textured foot platforms. Even the bike handlebars and elliptical arms are textured as well as padded for the prevention of the hands from slipping even when they get excessively sweaty. You will also be getting an informative instruction manual with the packaging that proves to be of great help in using the machine.

This massive model has been provided transport wheels that allow you to move the machine without any difficulty. These wheels also make sure that you can store the equipment without any difficulty.You get the machine partially assembled, and the users have to join only small parts with the help of the instructions. All the keys, tools, knobs, screws, wrenches and bolts are provided, and these make the entire assembly process very simple. The following parts are given in the packaged box:

  • Monitor
  • Elliptical hands
  • Partially assembled frame
  • Pedals
  • Screwdrivers and other tools


  • You have to follow three simple steps for transforming it from an elliptical trainer to a recumbent bike
  • Cushioned and larger foot pedal offer joint support, traction, and comfort.
  • Target pacer gives information to the user about pacing for meeting and maintaining goals about weight loss.
  • There are different built-in apps for work out to select from, and these have been designed specially by a certified personal trainer. These prove to be of great help in customizing workouts.
  • Silent Magnetic Technology allows the trainer to carry out incredibly quiet and smooth operations. It can be said that the machine is great for in-home use.
  • The steel frame is durable steel, and it makes this trainer very safe and sturdy.
  •  You will be getting two different pieces of exercise equipment for the price of only one.


  • Most of the other ProForm models come with lifetime warranties, especially in the frame. But this model offers a warranty of only five years in the frame and about 90 days on labor and parts.
  • The essential features like keypad, reading rack, speakers and built-in fan are not provided with the console.
  • There is no backlight on display, and it gets rather tough to read in rooms with dim light.
  • The stride as well as the incline is not adjustable. It means that targeting distinct muscle groups is difficult.
  • It cannot be folded for the purpose of storage and cannot be used for small spaces.
  • There is an absence of in-handle inclines controls.


The equipment is versatile, durable, affordable and quiet. But is lacks the attractive entertainment as well as customizable options. The build and design are robust, but you cannot adjust the stride, foot pedals or incline.