Proform Ellipticals Review

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Proform Ellipticals Review

About Brand

ProForm Fitness is a renowned brand of the international fitness industry that is catering to the market requirements for the past three decades. Now, the Utah-based parent company ICON Health and Fitness own the brand.

The ICON Health and Fitness is a prominent face of the international fitness world. It is acknowledged for being the largest manufacturer, and developer of ellipticals. Also, it offers the marketing platform for the best ellipticals for home use and other equipment for home-based training.

The company owns numerous prestigious brands and NordicTrack is one of them. ProForm Fitness brand is particularly acclaimed for offering personal training round the clock across different price ranges.

All the ProForm elliptical trainers are accessorized with a 24/7 fitness guide, nutrition guide, and iFit coach. There is a customized app that offers personalized solutions by considering the exercise, sleep and diet patterns of the users.

Why ProForm Stands Out Among The Rest?

ProForm is undoubtedly the leading brand of contemporary times as it provides fitness equipment that offers exciting features, particularly for cardio and that too across different price categories.

Along with that, all ProForm ellipticals are designed tablet holders and offer a provision for iPod compatibility. Besides, the high-end models of the brand come equipped with Android web browsers to support the well-integrated touch screens.

The elliptical trainers provide the comprehensive workout menu having access to iFit coach programming for better results. Therefore, users can access a plethora of workout options to make themselves fit and healthy.

The users can access the iFit Coach on the console of the ProForm elliptical via a touch screen. Also, users can access the iFit Coach through their Smartphones for their convenience.

ProForm ellipticals are marveled with advanced engineering and a diverse range of incline provisions, resistance systems, and stride length options. The ProForm elliptical trainers series are mentioned below:

Rear Drive Series

ProForm offers the rear-drive series of their elliptical trainers that are designed with motors on the backside of the trainers for impressive results. Also, users find it an entirely comfortable experience to exercise on the rear-drive elliptical trainers.

Another key selling point of the rear-drive ellipticals series is the use of SpaceSaver technology that makes these equipment ideal for space-crunched areas.

The Smart Strider 535 is the basic model of this series that doesn’t offer any advanced features. While the Smart Strider 735 and 935 are the topmost models of the series that provide advanced features and customized provisions including power-adjustable ramp and power-adjustable stride for optimal results.

Front Drive Series

ProForm also offers the front-drive series of elliptical trainers that arrive with the motors on the front side. Even though these elliptical trainers are not as comfortable as rear-drive trainers, but these offer advanced consoles.

Moreover, the provision of iFit compatibility makes these front-drive elliptical trainers worthy of investment. The ProForm front-drive elliptical trainers incorporate the Endurance 520 E, 720 E, the 9.0 NE, and 12.0 NE models.

But, the high-end model of this series is the 16.0 NE that offers Google Map Routes, comprehensive workout training, and fitness tracking. There is a wireless heart rate monitoring, along with other advanced features.

Space Saver Series

ProForm Space Saver elliptical trainers are designed with precision to allow users to reclaim their floor area after usage. The users can reclaim half of the floor space that the elliptical trainers occupy while in use. Proform 930 SpaceSaver, Proform SpaceSaver 500, and Proform SpaceSaver 600s are the prominent models of this series.

Endurance Series

The ProForm endurance series ellipticals are designed with the resistance systems at the front of the bike instead of the backside. Therefore, the ellipticals of this series occupy less legroom area without compromising on the stride length.

Three elliptical trainers are included in this series with Endurance 520 E, Endurance 720 E and Endurance 920 E. The starting range of these elliptical trainers under $600 with free delivery and that too within the 48 states of the US.

The top-rated model of this series is 920E that incorporates the bulkier drives with adjustable strides and intuitive incline systems. The high-end model of 920E also offers the iFit Coach compatibility and 7” HD screen with web connectivity. But, each trainer supports 325Ibs user weight for extensive usage.

Pro Series

The Pro Series of ProForm elliptical trainers comprises three models 9.9, 12.9 and 16.9. The elliptical trainers of this series have a robust build and impressive performance even though these trainers have not got upgraded in the current year of 2021.

But, two models come equipped with touchscreens with 7” or 10” that support web browsers for maximized results.
The Pro Series elliptical trainers are designed with front drives that are found in Endurance Series, but Pro Series offer the heavier drives as compared to other series trainers.

The heavier drives benefit in two ways with promoting strength training and supporting a much smoother motion for optimal performance. If you look for high-end performance, then choosing the Pro 9.9 can be great for you as it offers 28Ibs flywheel.

And, if you prefer more power, then Pro 16.9 can be your best bet with its 32Ibs flywheel. Moreover, the users can avail the benefit of a higher level of resistance with 26 levels that make this equipment perfect for light to high- intensity workout sessions for users with varying fitness levels.

The top model of Pro Series offers iFit connectivity with 35 workout apps and 10” touch screen. The 375 Ibs user weight capacity makes it perfect for heavyweight users. The initial range of the machines in this category begins at $999.

CSE Series

The ProForm CSE Series offers four Smart Strider ellipticals with a rear-drive mechanism requiring more leg-room than the front-drive ellipticals. But, the vertical storage of these machines helps in saving a lot of space.

The rear-drive machines are usually found on the expensive side, but the Smart Striders are extremely cost-effective with light drive mechanisms. These machines are ideally meant for novice users but looking at the top models like 895 and 935 are meant for intense use for pro users with advanced features.

The provision of wireless heart rate monitoring with chest strap and 10-degree power incline makes it the best addition for serious users. Users can avail the trainers at a starting range is under $600.

Hybrid Series

The Hybrid series of ProForm offers an interesting combination of an elliptical and a recumbent bike. These trainers provide a robust performance at a low pricing structure. These trainers are designed with some intuitive features but are considered basics for having amazing results.

People with a small frame find this equipment user-friendly with 17” short stride and 15 Ibs drive for having effective and low-intensity workout experience. Users can buy the basic Hybrid Elliptical Trainer is under $500 and the Hybrid Trainer Pro is over $500.

This trainer offers a combination elliptical stair climber meant to provide a workout for the lower body. Using the vertical climbing motion, the user can engage more muscles and provide more burnout of calories as compared to the basic elliptical trainer.

The latest addition in the Hybrid range is XT, which is a combination elliptical trainer bike. It can be used in two ways like an elliptical trainer and a recumbent bike as well.

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer PRO

If you are looking for a high-end cardio HIIT trainer, then your search ends at ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer PRO. It offers the powerful combination of an elliptical stair climber to ensure incredible fitness levels at a faster pace.
Moreover, it offers the vertical elliptical path that appears to simulate the climbing experience more than the running experience for having excellent workout results.

Common Features of ProForm Ellipticals

  • Having the construction of steel frame of Commercial gauge
  • Availability of Silent Magnetic Resistance Technology
  • Access to iFit compatibility
  • Provision of an MP3 and iPod Compatibility


Most of the elliptical trainers of the brand arrive with a lifetime warranty on the frame. But, the warranty on parts and labor offered is quite less with just a 90-days warranty.

Pros and Cons of ProForm Ellipticals


  • All the ellipticals boast of solid commercial gauge steel construction for durable performance
  • Use of Silent Magnetic Resistance helps in offering quiet operation for hassle-free workout sessions
  • Many models of the brand come accessorized with iPod compatibility
  • Many models have provision for iFit Coach
  • Provision of incline ramp and adjustable foot pedals allow for customization of the workout sessions
  • Most of the elliptical trainers are backed with an impressive lifetime warranty on the frame


  • Some users may feel uncomfortable using the Front drive series as it offers a less natural feel while working out
  • The users have to buy a yearly subscription and a wireless module to use iFit mode
  • A few users have experienced malfunctioning in the In-handle controls of the elliptical trainer
  • Warranty on parts and labor is quite less with just a 90-days coverage


The Brand ProForm is recognized for making elliptical trainers for home use that are meant for training and also provide motivation. The top-line models of the brand are accessorized with iFit Coach, tablet holders, and web browsers with advanced incline settings and stride adjustability.

These features enable the users to personalize the features as per their comfort level and try out new options for making their workouts more promising.

But, the warranty coverage and resistance levels are different in various models. Therefore, the users need to make a comparative analysis of models to choose the one that offers an excellent combination of features, pricing, and durability for having amazing fitness equipment.

FAQs of Proform Ellipticals

Is the Proform elliptical a good workout?
The elliptical trainer is the leading choice of the users primarily because it offers low-impact workout sessions. Secondly, it proves a great option for total body conditioning and cardio sessions. On the contrary, the workout on ellipticals can turn quite monotonous. But, overall, the elliptical proves an excellent choice for toning the body and having excellent cardio sessions.
Can I use ProForm Ellipticals for Running?
It is believed that training on elliptical is far more comfortable than running outside and that’s true as well. And it is extremely beneficial for the users as they can burn half the calories compared to the workout on the treadmill within the identical time frame. But, the entire workout is low-impact and that makes it more useful for users with joint pains and aches.
Who makes ProForm elliptical?
ProForm Fitness was founded in the 1980s, and now, it is owned by Icon Health and Fitness company based in Utah. ICON is acknowledged among the largest manufacturer and marketer of fitness equipment mainly designed for home use.
How much does a ProForm elliptical weigh?
The average weight of ellipticals weighs around 100 to 150 Ibs, mainly determined by factors like the size, build, and model of the elliptical trainer. It is often seen that ProForm ellipticals used in the home gym are quite smaller and portable as compared to the ellipticals used in professional gyms.

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