ProForm 720 E Elliptical Review

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ProForm 720 E Elliptical Review

ProForm 720 E Elliptical is the budget front drive elliptical option, available under $1000 if you need a good value for the price you pay. This could be your best choice for basic workouts and offers an overall great workout experience. It is equipped with all the features that will make your workouts more productive.

A 19″ power adjustable stride makes Endurance 720 E Elliptical Trainer a compelling choice over its predecessor the 420 E elliptical. The freedom of movement provided by it with the front drive system and the advanced stride gives more versatility into your workouts.

The Elliptical with its low impact design has made it a suitable option for people who even have slight injuries. The natural movements mimicked during elliptical training can be extremely beneficial for rehabilitation purposes. Thus, it is a worthy investment to keep your health at its best at a small price.

We found ProForm 720 E Elliptical to be one of the best elliptical trainers manufactured by Proform. So, if you are looking for one and want something that gives out good value for your money, then this is the one you must go for. With a stable built and a long warranty period.

It will surely serve you for years to come. Read on our ProForm 720 E Elliptical review 2021 to gather more information about this elliptical.

Best Suited for Whom?

ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical is one of the best ellipticals in the product lineup given by Proform. Elliptical itself has become a favorite workout option for the fitness world for its uncountable features.

The non-impact workout nature makes it a perfect choice for the weak & weary and also for the people who don’t want to harm their body for the sake of keeping it healthy.

ProForm 720 E Elliptical iFit compatible is highly durable and is strong enough to carry the weight of around 325 pounds covering almost all the weight categories people generally fall into.

With around 20 resistance levels, everyone in your family can find their own sweet spots with the fitness machine. This literally makes this elliptical a family favorite workout machine.

Gym memberships may seem attractive but buying the ProForm 720 E Elliptical trainer will prove to give more value to your money in a few months. Above that, you can work out whenever you want at your home with it.

ProForm 720 E Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Nothing much has to be worried about the ProForm 720 E Elliptical assembly. A detailed guide is included with the product. Follow the guide word by word for easy assembly.

If faced with any kind of difficulty during the assembly, feel free to contact the customer care or hire an expert to fix the issue and get the elliptical functioning. This might incur some cost but it will be worth the money.

Design & Build Quality

ProForm Elliptical has a simple design with a silent magnetic resistance system for a smooth ride. Shifting the resistance levels haven’t been any easier than this. Your stamina and health are a lot dependant on your cardiovascular health.

If you keep on working out with the ellipticals daily, then you will surely be able to improve your cardiovascular health in no time. The 20-pound flywheel gives enough resistance to an extent where you won’t feel limited during your workouts and the extra addition of 20 resistance levels, ProForm Elliptical lets you do a variety of workouts.

With around 24 preset workouts assisted by 20-degree power incline facility, there is nothing more you could get at this price tag. Apart from this Endurance 720 E Elliptical Trainer also has wireless telemetry and is well integrated with the iFit Coach.

Every bit of ProForm 720 E Elliptical is based on productivity making the workouts on them worth your time. It also has the assistance of a heart rate monitoring system for advanced workout sessions. For this 720 E is equipped with an EKG heart rate monitoring system.

This can make your workout plans more achievable and practical. Since it offers non-impact workouts anybody can use the elliptical trainers to their full potential.

ProForm 720 E Elliptical is supported by the front mounted transport wheels to make the movement of the machine in the house easier.

ProForm 720 E Elliptical Features


The flywheel of the elliptical weighs around 20 pounds that lie in the average mark. Coupled with 20 resistance levels it will be enough for light to medium workouts.

Fitness Meter

Fitness meter is necessary for understanding your fitness growth over the training period. Mere workouts won’t be as beneficial as tracked well-controlled workouts.

Endurance 720 E Elliptical Trainer has many sensors included within the equipment to track your performance. The main sensor being the heart rate sensor gives a comprehensive idea into your body’s threshold limit.


The handlebars and the pedals are positioned in comfortable areas for a good workout experience.

Desk Stand

Desk stands are included with the elliptical to let you use your laptops and tablets during the workouts.

The Grab Handle and Built-in transport wheels

Ellipticals are compact and with easy to transport wheels moving them around will be easy. The handlebars can be used for combining upper and lower body workouts which let you do full body workouts.

Heart Rate Checking Monitor

Heart rate analysis can unlock the details into your physical capacity. Endurance 720 E Elliptical Trainer comes with EKG monitoring that would help in measuring the heart rate and track your heart rate monitor zones for workout planning.


Endurance 720 E Elliptical Trainer is equipped with a legible display system that will give off all the workout details no matter what the lighting conditions are available. Unlike the complicated consoles that require a learning curve, Elliptical Trainer has a straightforward console that you can get used to in no time.

There are charging facilities for iPods and also one-touch incline and resistance buttons for easy shifting during workouts.

Other Features

iFit mapping will take your workouts to the next level. iFit can make the normal mundane workouts interesting with advanced features. Since you will be using the iFit coaching service with the support of your smartphone or tablet you will be provided with a bracket for that.

The advanced models like 920 E have the iFit coaching integrated into the display which is more practical for daily usage. Endurance 720 E has the iFit® Bluetooth Smart (BLE) available on it making it easier for you to workout with new programs each day.

It can easily track your workout progress and will even provide you with a natural workout experience where you can compete with your friends worldwide with real-life running scenarios.

This will boost up your willingness to engage in workouts. Endurance 720 E also has an integrated music system that will let you workout freely without any tangled wires.

ProForm 720 E Elliptical Workout Programs

Endurance 720 E workout programs are divided into four based on the different workout levels :

  • Calorie
  • Intense
  • Speed
  • Incline

They have specific settings in terms of the incline adjustment, resistance levels, calorie burning capacity and so on. They are made in conjunction with the general fitness goals people have. Most of the people will fall into one of those categories.

If you are an expert in fitness workouts they might know what you need and for people like that, they can easily stick to manual workout modeProform ellipticals are superior to all the other ellipticals in terms of the value they provide for their price. For instance.

720 E is designed with 24 workout programs which are more than enough for most of the fitness users but unfortunately, it is not that easy to find ellipticals with these many workout programs. Each of the workout programs is designed by experts to work specifically for a fitness need.

The calories burning capacity, resistance level, incline angle are all unique in each of the workout program. If you need more guidance and workout programs you can always get the same using the premium subscription of the iFit coach. However, you will need a tablet or a smartphone to use the full potential of iFit coaching.

With the bracket facility, it won’t be that much of a difficulty to use it while working out. There is also personal training you can choose from iFit coaching facility if that’s what you desire. You can also get virtual reality runs that works with the help of Google street view letting you feel like running at places around the globe right from your home.

There are many training videos available at the iFit coaching site to train yourself. iFit coaching gives out a lot of value by providing with automated fitness tracking and customized fitness training even including the sleep patterns to choose.

ProForm 720 E Elliptical Warranty

Warranty periods can be considered as the health zone for every product available in the market. That’s the period which the manufacturers expect their machines to stay fit. Elliptical machines are also like that. Fortunately, Endurance 720E Elliptical by ProForm is covered by a long period of warranty.

This will keep you tension free whenever you workout on the machine. Moreover, even if the elliptical has to undergo some kind of repair, the extra costs will not become a burden over your head instead will be covered by the company itself. Besides this, you get a 10 years warranty on the frame, 2 years on parts and 1-year labor.

ProForm 720 E Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • Highly durable frame with a lifetime warranty
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Power Incline lets you adjust it using the console
  • 24 inbuilt workouts designed by professionals
  • iFit integrated
  • Tablet holder makes your workout entertaining


  • Small 5” display system
  • Too basic resistance levels


ProForm 720 E Elliptical cross trainer is a budget front drive elliptical option for all those who desire to get non-impact workouts. It has a heavy flywheel and its paddles are also adjustable which makes your workouts easily customizable.

From what we have seen, the wide range of workout possibilities available on this machine makes it a suitable choice for becoming the family workout machine. When the number of resistance levels helps you push your limits, the workout programs will keep you happy during the workouts.

With the wide warranty coverages, the elliptical will also stay healthy just like the way it keeps you healthy. We love to see you healthy so you can put your faith in our reviews.