ProForm 520 E Elliptical Review

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ProForm 520 E Elliptical Review

ProForm 520 E elliptical available at just below $1000 and with commendable features. This one is known to be one of the cheapest ellipticals presently available in the market from one of the trusted brands.

It is the blend of extremely lower price and amazing features that make it the best selling elliptical machine that is aimed at low impact workouts in the comfort of your home. 520 E is known as the entry-level machine in the endurance series elliptical of ProForm.

The power incline feature further makes your workout effective.But 920E is counted as the top-of-the-line model that has the 25-pound drive and also with a High Definition touch screen which can be used for web browsing and for workouts as well.

The 520 E elliptical by Proform is, however, one of the most preferred machines presently. The upgraded version is 720E that comes with a 20-pounds drive.

Best Suited For Whom?

ProForm 520E Elliptical machine is a budget machine that can be your all in one solution towards a healthy life. Ellipticals are quite famous among the fitness enthusiasts these days and for good reason too.

If you are that guy, then you are free to skip. But of course, for this price, it is a steal deal. If you want a workout machine for your family which is capable of maintaining their health or introducing them into the fitness world, then this is a good choice for you.

We can call it the perfect workout machine for the beginners. It is not the most powerful variant manufactured by Proform and only has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds so if you are obese then you might want to check for other options.

The flywheel of the elliptical weighs around 15 pounds gives off enough resistance for light workouts. This may not be sufficient for a moderate fitness user.

ProForm 520 E Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


520E elliptical Assembling is quite challenging. This machine almost takes 2 hours to set it up and make it work out ready. Just make sure, when you are going to arrange the whole set up of this machine, you have 2-3 persons available with you. This machine is so heavy that you won’t be able to screw it alone.

Design & Build Quality

This fitness machine comes with a steel frame that weighs around 94 kgs (207lbs). The advantage of this steel frame is that it provides immense strength and stability to the elliptical. It is due to its strength that the person weighing 300Ibs will also have excellent stability even during vigorous workouts.

There is no issue in moving the machine from one place to another. This machine comes up with leveling feet, transportation wheels, and transportation handlebar. This enables you to drag it easily. As with other high-end elliptical, this machine comes with both fixed as well as mobile handlebars.

Though no adjustments can be made to these, the angled padding along with the curved design provides you with a good grip. The fixed handlebars come with heart rate sensors to help you record your pulse rate.

The 520 E Proform equipment has a 1-piece heavy frame that weighs 207 lbs and is made of steel. This is what provides your training as well as the machine with great stability. Regardless of the fact that you weigh more than 300 lbs, the machine won’t wobble despite your intensive workouts.

Small leveling feet are also available at the back base of this machine’s frame which really helps when the machine is placed on an uneven floor.One of the best things is that it has footplates that are very large in size.  Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about fitting your foot on it.

Their ribbed design makes sure you have a good workout time. The console of the elliptical has a ‘My trail’ tab. This brings you the track showing you 400m and indicates the laps that you are done with.  This functions in a way that it acts as a vital base for expert training.

Besides this, you have access to many workout options. This is again due to the various levels of résistance you are provided with that can be altered between the levels.

ProForm 520 E Elliptical Features


Eddy brake system with silent magnetic technology is available in this elliptical. This system is kind of a tension system available. You will need to power the console in order to adjust the tension.

The 520 E comes with 18 levels of resistance. Everything you need to alter these resistance levels is there on the console. This ensures that your workout doesn’t come to halt in any way.


An inertia-enhanced flywheel is also available in the drive system of this machine. The weight of this flywheel is 6.8kg (lbs). For having a smooth and steady work out, a heavy-duty v-belt is also available.


The manually adjustable incline is available with this fitness machine. The incline of this machine is set at 20 degrees. You need to adjust it according to your requirement. This is not automatic. So, you need to set it well.

Adjustable Foot Pedals

The footplates that are available with this machine are extremely big in size. The users with 13 or even higher shoe size will also find it suitable. You can lower the numbness and the foot lifts that come with the foot pedals by simply adjusting them.

Just like other high-end elliptical models, Proform 520 E has fixed as well as mobile non-adjustable handlebars which also have heart rate sensors.

Drive and Brake System

Eddy brake system is available with this machine. This system is considered to be one of the best types of tension system. A power source is required by this machine. You will need to make use of the console and for adjusting the tension as well.

The drive system available in this machine comes with heavy-duty v-belt, a pulley and inertia-enhanced flywheel weighing 15 lbs. All these features provide you with a smooth and silent workout. These parts are highly durable, perform for a longer time and require low maintenance.

Grip handle

The elliptical comes with a transportation handlebar. This makes a good grip and helps in moving the machine. The base’s front has transportation wheels which are really required to move this heavy machine.

These handlebars are come up with fixed and mobile features. These cannot be adjusted but the curved design and angled padding provide you with a perfect grip.


520 E comes with its own sound system and goes well with most of the MP3 players. In case you are not able to use earphones or headphones, you can listen to music easily through the console speakers.

Also, the USB charging port is available to help you put your phone or any other device on charging mode using a USB, but you cannot use it to transfer the data and serves only as a charging port.

Heart rate monitor

The 520 E comes with a curved design and angled padding with an aim to provide you the right grip. Heart rate sensors are also available with this machine to help you monitor your heart at the time of the workout. These heart rate sensors are available in fixed handlebars.


  • iFit ready: The elliptical brings you unlimited workouts that are exclusively designed by certified personal trainers. You also get amazing fitness tracking and a limitless workout library. With the help of the iFit module, you get connected to the iFit database and website.

This lets you choose from the numerous workout routines, keep a track of your progress online.

  • Water Bottle Holder: You can place your water bottles in this water bottle holder and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Tablet holder: The machine’s upper part of the console has a tablet holder. This is helpful when you need to use the internet, watch videos or movies online while working out.
  • Alternatives: Schwinn 470 and Nautilus E614 are the dominating elliptical machines.

If we take into account the price, then the point of difference between Schwinn 470 elliptical machine and ProForm 520E is just a few dollars. Schwinn 470 has an edge over ProForm due to the numerous workout programs along with the levels of resistance.

This is what makes it fall in the higher price category machines. However, the other features look more or less similar. So, it depends upon the level of diversity that a user likes with an elliptical machine.

Even Nautilus E614 is not heavily priced as it again is a matter of a few hundred dollars. What gives it an edge over ProForm 520E is the somewhat high workout programs, the levels of resistance and the incline positions. The other features are somewhat similar. So, when it comes to choosing between the two, people mainly look into the price factor.

ProForm 520 E Elliptical Workout Programs

The magnetic resistance which is available with 18 levels offers you frictionless workout which is smooth as well. You can adjust your workout program according to your requirements for calorie burning and intensity.

Professional trainers have designed these workout apps and you can use them to meet your calorie burning, speed, and intensity goals. Every workout routine is categorized into 1-minute segments.

RPM and resistance have been pre-programmed for these segments. You will come across various motivational messages on the console to help you stay motivated during your workout.

Proform 520 E Elliptical Warranty

ProForm 520 E Elliptical has a comparatively lower warranty. This is not because of the lack of durability but because of its cost. With the decrease in price, companies will not be ready to extend their free services for a very long time. But still, you are getting 10 years warranty over the frame and 2-years warranty over the parts and 1 year on labor.

But this time you will recognize whether the machine had any manufacturing defects when you bought it. So it won’t be a big issue. After that, the machine will continue to stay healthy if you will adhere to all the rules of maintaining a workout machine.

ProForm 520 E Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance (26 levels) keeps your workout noiseless
  • Heavy duty flywheel for smooth rides
  • A 10-inch display system for easy workout analysis
  • 35 workout apps offer you a variety to choose from
  • the iFit compatible workout system
  • Tablet holder to help you place tablets and watch movies
  • Long warranty keeps you stress-free


  • Front Drive design, which is not everyone’s preference
  • Heavy price tag, which is not affordable for many
  • Requires iFit subscription


The elliptical trainer Proform Endurance 520 E has a few limitations and so is highly suitable for moderate users and individuals who have moderate weight. Though 520 E is an entry-level elliptical machine.

If we talk about the durability and power, it is much better than the other cheap ellipticals when it’s about the variety of workouts that it offers. It is not suitable for aerobic workouts, good cardio or muscle toning.

But it surely is good for shedding weight and getting trained for longer runs. Striking features together with a reasonable price is what makes it a good buying choice.