ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Review

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ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Review

The ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical is a good machine for your home gym. It helps users get a complete body workout with the help of the 32 workout programs in addition to the 24 resistance levels if offers.

This elliptical comes with a 5” backlit LCD display, a tablet holder, and an adjustable stride of 18-22 inches. It is compatible with iPods and has a CoolAire workout fan. The handgrip sensors on this machine help in tracking the heart rate. The flywheel of 23 pounds gives the machine stability.

The manufacturer Proform offers an excellent lifetime warranty on the frame, a 3-year warranty on parts, and 1 year of labor. Read through our ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical 2021 Review to get an idea about its specifications, features, and workout programs.

The machine can withstand a maximum user weight of 350 pounds. This machine is iFit compatible. The machine with its Center Drive Design caters to home use. The design reduces the size of the frame to half that of the standard ellipticals available in the market, making it one of the best ellipticals for home use.

Best Suited to Whom?

If you are on the lookout for an elliptical that is compact and will give you a total body workout, then the Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is definitely a good pick. This machine is best-suited for those who want a high-end machine that will give them efficient and challenging workouts.

This fitness machine is good for small houses or apartments. If you have no time to hit the gym, this is the machine you must get for yourself. This Proform Elliptical possesses an adjustable and heavy stride that can be repositioned between 18 to 20 inches.

This stride selection gives its users the ultimate customization. You can have a look at some of the best ellipticals over $1000 for comparison. It is perfect for family usage as this machine can be used by adults as well as children, and you can get the perfect stride length for yourself.


Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical Assembly is quite easy and simple to follow. It is an out-of-the-box assembly process and you do not have to struggle a lot to fix this machine.

The package comes with the Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical Manual that offers a step-by-step detailed instruction to set up the machine quickly and begin your workout regimen.

Design and Build Quality

The Proform 16.0 MME has its entire body made up of steel of commercial-grade quality and is quite solid. It can withstand a user weight of about 350 pounds and this is quite rare in an elliptical.

In contrast to the conventional design where the drive mechanism is located at the front or rear, in the 16.0 MME Elliptical, the main motor is located at the center. This makes it more balanced especially when the user steps on it.

This Elliptical from Proform has been designed in a way that it is suitable for the home. This is due to the Center Drive Design. The center drive design for an elliptical helps in reducing the size of the frame to about half the size of any traditional elliptical.

Another benefit is the stability that comes with this feature. It is the latest model that has a very powerful center-drive motor, and this is widely known for its stability and sturdiness. Also, this feature makes this machine one of the best ellipticals for the home of the year 2021.

When it comes to workouts, you need not have any more excuses, when you have this elliptical in your house. The machine offers 32 pre-set workout programs along with 24 resistance levels. This helps you get a complete body workout in the comfort of your house.

The machine comes with a 5” backlit LCD display, an adjustable stride, a 23-pound flywheel, a tablet holder, a CoolAire fan, hand grip sensors, and is compatible with your iPod.

Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical Features


The ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer has 24 Resistance Levels. Users can begin with zero resistance and then keep increasing it while they move ahead in training.

You can burn additional calories within a short span just by increasing the resistance levels. The SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance ensures that each resistance level is very smooth, silent, and frictionless.

Fitness Meter

While working out, everyone will love to know their workout statistics. The Backlit Display of 5” gives you all the required workout data inclusive of speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned.

This is a compulsory requirement for every equipment as this helps you remain on the right path. The elliptical also comes with the EKG Grip Pulse which helps you have a look at your heart rate on the display screen.

The user just has to step on the pedals and start working out by holding onto the dual-grip monitor that is built into the handlebars. The heart rate data may not be accurate, however, it helps you be on track.


The Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical has very large, oversized pedals with cushioning. This ensures users of any foot size can use the machine and you can reposition your feet easily while working out. The pedals also offer stability while you work out.

Thus, your entire family can use the Proform 16.0 MME  Elliptical. The machine also has an adjustable stride of 18” – 22” that can be repositioned in a manner to fit any person comfortably. Be it your kids, parents or even friends can make use of the machine without facing any issues.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

The aim of having Inertia-Enhanced Flywheels is that it reduces the number of vibrations in the equipment and this ensures that the users enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. This machine has an Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel of 23 pounds which puts an end to jerks or vibrations.

Grips and Transport Wheels

This machine allows you to experience a complete full-body and low-impact workout, with its Upper-Body Workout Arms. You can engage all the muscle groups of your upper body such as arms, back, shoulders, and the core.

The chances of formation of blisters around the palms or fingers are rare as the grips are quite soft. It is one of the best ellipticals for weight loss. The Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical can be moved around easily and quickly due to the front-mounted wheels.

The front of this elliptical has wheels and you only have to lift the back of this elliptical to move it around.


(i) iFit –  AT the time of purchasing the Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical, you also get a 1-Year free iFit Membership. The iFit application helps you download your preferred routes through Google Maps and the gradient, as well as resistance levels of the elliptical, adjust automatically to the route.

iFit can be accessed through either your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or smartphone and these devices can be synced with the elliptical. iFit works only if you own either an Android or iOS tablet. If in case you wish to use this application after a year, it comes at a renewal cost of $15 per month.

(ii) Workout Fan – This ProForm Elliptical also has a CoolAire Workout Fan which starts blowing air directly on your face, when you start moving the pedals. The Quick controls on the console let you adjust the fan’s speed whenever you wish to. You also have the option to switch off the fan, if you do not want to use it.

 (iii) iPod Compatible Audio – The Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System in this elliptical lets you make your own playlist of your favorite music and you can work out while listening to the music. You can plug in your iPod to the Sound System and listen to high-quality music that is being produced by the dual speakers.

(iv) Water Bottle Holder – This ProForm elliptical has a holder for your water bottle that is conveniently placed and built in the frame of the machine. You can easily access the bottle while you work out.

ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Workout Programs

The ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer gives you access to 32 different Pre-set Workout programs that have been designed by certified fitness instructors. Each program is distinct and if you use these programs regularly.

You can rest assured that all your fitness goals will be achieved faster. Also, there will be no requirement to spend additional money on fitness instructors.

ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Warranty

The manufacturer offers an excellent lifetime warranty on the frame, 3-years on the parts, and 1-year of labor for the ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical. The lifetime warranty is applicable only if you purchase the elliptical directly from the manufacturer. In case it is purchased through a third party, frame defects cannot be claimed.

 ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer Pros & Cons


  • It has large oversized pedals which suit any foot size
  • Top-quality steel has been used in the construction
  • It comes with a holder for the water bottle
  • It offers 32 pre-set workout programs and 24 resistance levels
  • It is iFit compatible and 1-year free membership is provided
  • You can sync the machine with your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • It has an inertia-enhanced flywheel of 23 pounds
  • The machine has an EKG Grip Pulse
  • The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty
  • It has transport wheels which makes movement easier


  • In case of repairs/ replacements, a lot of time is required
  • In case of returning the product within 30 days, the customer has to bear the return shipping fees along with a 10% restocking fee.


The ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer offers many amazing features and options, which makes it quite a unique product. With an adjustable stride length, cushioned, and oversized pedals, the elliptical can be used by many users.

It also is compatible with iFit and this gives you additional ways to challenge yourself along with the 32 in-built programs and 24 resistance levels. This ProForm elliptical can be easily moved around due to the transport wheels available.

It is definitely one of the best ellipticals for home use and worth the investment. If you are on the lookout for a piece of fitness equipment to work out in the comfort of your home, then this model is the right choice.

Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical FAQ

Is Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical best suited for home?
Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is one of the latest models from Proform and has a very powerful motor. The fitness machine is sturdy and stable. Being center-drive, the elliptical offers a much powerful workout and better sturdiness than its competitors.  Thus, Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is ideal for the home space.
Will Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical offer a more natural experience in workout?
The flywheel of Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is very effective due to the inertia enhancement to support the pedal stroke with smooth and steady movement. You also get more natural experience in striding because the gear ratio is excellent while the weight placement is adequate.
I m looking for a machine that my whole family including kids can use?
Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is convenient and comfortable for your family as both parents and children can fit in the center-drive elliptical. The stride can be adjusted from 18" to 20" thus, vary it as per the user.