Precor EFX 546i Commercial Crosstrainer Review

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Precor EFX 546i Commercial Crosstrainer Review

The Precor EFX 546i Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (2009 Model) (Certified Refurbished) is a fantastic machine which has been refurbished into an outstanding product. Precor is a US-based health equipment company which is passionate about fitness and comes with well-engineered machines for the customers.

This elliptical is designed by the Precor brand for ease-of-operation and has an intuitive design suitable for all types of users. This machine is natural, fluid, as well as dynamic due to its patented CrossRamp, smooth resistance, robust frame, pedals, and handlebarsand certified Biomechanics.

Read the Precor EFX 546i Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (2009 model) review 2021 here and learn how this machine was refurbished into a fantastic product for commercial use.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Precor EFX 546i Commercial Series Elliptical (Refurbished) is an ideal machine for commercial establishments like health clubs, society gyms, clinics, office gyms, etc.

As per the Western Washington University, the Biomechanics of this machine is such that a user of any fitness level or size can make the best use of this elliptical. It is one of the best-selling commercial ellipticals. It is also an affordable machine for homes and is one of the best ellipticals above $2000.

Precor EFX 546i Commercial Crosstrainer Assembly, Design & Build  Quality


The assembly of this refurbished Precor elliptical is straightforward. Although Precor recommends professional assembly of its products, if you are good with tools, then assembling this machine is not an arduous task.

The package comes with an instruction manual which consists of assembly guidelines. You must follow these instructions and will be able to assemble this device in 45-50 minutes.

Design and Build Quality

Precor has designed the refurbished EFX 546i elliptical for ease-of-use. It delivers an outstanding workout and gives a natural, elliptical movement with the help of its adjustable cross ramp design. This feature also helps in isolating the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and claves.

Its design is such that it moves fluidly and delivers an intense cardio workout for glutes and quadriceps. It comes with ten preset workout programs and a quiet eddy current resistance system. It has an accessory holder to hold a water bottle or reading material.

It also comes with a biofeedback center, which is a computerized system that gives feedback on calories and heart rate. The arms of this elliptical are fixed and thus does not offer a full-body workout.

It is a portable machine as it comes with transport wheels mounted at the rear of the device. The QuickStart button enables a quick start to the exercise with a single button push.

The built of the EFX 546i refurbished elliptical is super reliable. Its frame is sturdy and is processed with two-step powder-coating. It has a rust-resistant undercoat which makes it last longer. The cosmetic topcoat on the frame gives it a chic look.

Its wheels are made of double polyurethane and have oversized axles and sealed bearings. The precision extruded aluminum tracks balance and distributed the bodyweight efficiently. The cover of the ramp is injection-molded ABS, which keeps the ramp cleaner and last longer.

The Biomechanics of this elliptical is verified by the Western Washington University Biomechanics Lab which certifies that it is an ideal machine for users of all fitness levels and sizes.

Precor EFX 546i Commercial Crosstrainer Features


The resistance system of this elliptical is the durable, 6-phase generator system which has no contacting parts. Due to this reason, there is no friction, and hence, the machine output is noiseless.

This system gives 20 levels of consistent resistance which range from 18 watts to 720 watts. You can challenge yourself and build endurance by working on higher resistance levels.

Fitness Meter

The display console of the Precor EFX 546i elliptical (refurbished) is a large LED window which has a beautiful design. The buttons are large and very prompt to the user’s request.

It is user-friendly and helps you in monitoring your workout progress. The console also has a QuickStart button which instantly starts the machine. It has tactile dome keys and tap control. The console comes in many languages – English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanized Russian.


The pedals of this unit are made of polypropylene plastic and are self-draining. They provide enough friction to the feet so that they do not slip during intense pedaling. The minimum space between the pedals is 2.4 inches so that the feet do not collide while pedaling. The height of the pedal at the lowest position is 8-inches.

Desk Stand

The desk stand of the EFX 546i elliptical cross trainer has an accessory holder which can hold the water bottle, reading material, portable music, keys and more. You can also mount your Personal Viewing Screen to enjoy videos.

Grab Handles and Built-in Transport Wheels

The handlebars of this Precor cross trainer are fixed. Heart rate sensors are mounted on these handlebars, which increase the accuracy of the heart rate monitor reading. The handles have friction which does not let your hand slip while exercising intensely.

This elliptical is portable as it comes with integrated transport wheels mounted at the rear of the unit. You can drag the machine anywhere while cleaning the floor or while shifting.


  • QuickStart: The QuickStart button on the console enables instant machine startup for exercising.
  • PVS: It gives you the provision of installing an optional Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) with the console and enjoy watching videos while working out.
  • iPod/iPhone Compatible: The EFX 546i refurbished cross-trainer is compatible with iPod and iPhone.

Precor EFX 546i Commercial Crosstrainer Workout Programs

Built-in Workout Apps: The Precor EFX 546i Commercial Series Elliptical (Refurbished) comes with ten preset workout programs. The system gives you the freedom to switch to any fitness program at any point during the workout. You can select any program from the console via the six standard keys. It is a fast process and helps in giving a motivating workout.

These programs are – 1 Fitness Test, 1 Heart Rate, 3 Cross Training, 2 Gluteals, 1 Weight Loss, 1 Interval and 1 Manual. Depending on your need and choice, you can choose any one of the above and achieve your fitness goals.

Precor EFX 546i Commercial Crosstrainer Warranty

Precor EFX 546i commercial elliptical (refurbished) comes with a seven years warranty on Frame, two years on parts, five years on display and one year on labor. Precor’s Customer Support is excellent and available at 1-888-665-4404.

You can reach them for any query or concern, and their able team will leave no stone unturned to satisfy you. Their Return Policy is friendly wherein you can return the bought product within 30 days of your purchase, along with the original receipt.

Precor EFX 546i Commercial Crosstrainer Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable CrossRamp technology delivers a natural, elliptical movement
  • The LED is extensive, intuitive, and easy-to-operate
  • The ten preset programs offer a great workout variety
  • The 20 resistance levels are smooth and consistent
  • The machine is portable with transport wheels
  • It comes with great integrated entertainment options


  • No cooling fans
  • No moving handlebars


The Precor EFX 546i Commercial Series Elliptical (Refurbished) is a 2009 model which has been enhanced in performance, innovation and looks. It is designed for the rigors of a commercial gym and offers excellent features, as discussed in the review above.

It’s cross ramp is unique to Precor and offers smooth and different incline levels, ranging from 15 to 40 degrees. Its fluidity and ease of use make it one of the best Precor Ellipticals 2021. All its functions and features help achieve your fitness goals.

It is a machine built to last longer and delivers a noiseless workout. It is undoubtedly one of the best ellipticals of 2021, which mirrors the body movements.