Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Elliptical Review

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Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Elliptical Review

Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical Machine Trainer is a top-line machine that is loaded with premium features which include adjustable stride length from 18 to 24 inches which makes it easy for a person of different sizes to change stride easily.

The exclusive feature of Smart Stride enables the stride length to adjust automatically to replicate either natural walking or jogging or running or even moving backward.

The XT4700 gives the user various effective and efficient complete body workouts with the forward and Reverse motion which makes you burn more calories and gives you the desired result.

The user can also add HIIT routines to the unique Workout Boosters, like the X-Mode or Arm Blaster, to intensify the workout and make use of cross-training.

For a more challenging workout, one can make use of Octane’s exclusive advanced workouts like CROSS Circuit, MMA and 30:30 Interval, which help build stamina and improve one’s fitness.

It is one of the best elliptical for home use. Read the in-depth Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical Machine Trainer Review 2021 to know more about its features.

It is the best compact home elliptical machine that comes with Exceptional comfort comes by way of Octane’s patented MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars, in addition to the smooth motion which mimics natural movements.

Best Suited to Whom?

The XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical is designed to suit people who totally are into fitness. With its advanced workout programs like Arm Blaster, 30:30 Interval, MMA, etc.it not only makes you stay fit but also makes any ordinary workout more productive.

With the XT4700 Commercial Grade, different muscle groups other than just cardiovascular fitness can be targeted. With 30 resistance levels, this machine is good for both beginners and professionals.

The XT4700 has an exclusive feature SmartStride, which helps you perform actions like running, jogging, and moving backward which ensures you won’t need a treadmill anymore.

The machine is created to safeguard your body against severe consequences, thereby making your workout much safer than taking a run on a street.

This machine is quite compact and is also suited for everyone, including people who are in the fitness industry such as athletes, trainers, etc.

Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical machine has quite a bit of assembling. The Pedal lever has to be attached to the 3-pivot link in the trainer base.

The mast and battery have to be attached to the base, post which the moving handlebars, covers and top tray need to be installed.

The console needs to be separated and attached. Post this, assemble the side and front shroud and attach them as also the mast boot. After this, you can complete the setup and level the machine.

Design and Build Quality

This Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical is used to work out while in standing position. It is expensive, massive, is of exceptional quality, yet this elliptical is quite compact. The XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical includes 30:30 intervals, X-Mode, and Arm Blaster, that challenge your basic daily workouts.

You can use these in manual mode or while during one of the 16 built-in training programs. It has two fixed and two moving handles. The moving handles have fingertip buttons that allow you to modify the resistance levels without having to reach for the console.

They are also designed to enable you to hold them in various positions, thereby enhancing the exercises you perform with your upper body. It has a large LED display which makes reading easier and gives all the required data related to the workout.

Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical includes warranty offered by the brand Octane Fitness – Lifetime on the frame, five years warranty on parts, in addition to one year on labor. Its weight is assembled as 340 Ibs (154 kg).

Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Elliptical Features


It has 30 resistant levels that can be easily used and modified on the console or the application. This machine is best suited for resistance workouts which help in fat loss, flexibility, burning calories, etc.

The features of this machine would impress a lot of gymming enthusiasts, athletes, high-intensity workout individuals, trainers, and the like.

Fitness meter

The Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical comes with 16 programs and a large LED screen that displays essential workout information like time, calories burned, the time elapsed, time in target heart rate zone, distance, speed, heart rate, and level.

The XT4700 Smart comes with 21 programs and a 10-inch touchscreen which can even show video workouts and it also comes with a web browser.

With both these consoles, the heart rate information can be included in the feedback.

The handlebars have inbuilt high-quality Polar Digital contact heart rate sensors and also, the elliptical works perfect with a wireless heart rate device ( the chest strap is not included).


In addition to Brand Octane Fitness’s well-known “zero impact” workout, another feature that stands out is SmartStride ergonomics. In this machine, the stride length adjusts itself automatically from 18 inches to 26 inches while working out.

This ensures maximum comfort to the user in addition to providing a natural-feeling at the time of working out at high-intensity.

The stride becomes short when the user is walking on the machine, and the same stride expands when the user begins to walk at a faster pace, thereby simulating a natural walk.

In addition to this, the pedals provide the option of walking backward which is quite challenging to the user’s muscles. It gives the user numerous workouts, both upper-body as well as lower-body.

In the XT4700 machine, the workout pertaining to the upper-body is much better than other machines.


The Octane Fitness XT 4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical comes with a shelf that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet and ensures the safety of your device while you work out.

It also has a water bottle holder which is quite convenient and helpful.

The movable handle and built-in transport wheels

The Octane Fitness XT 4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical comes with movable handles. These are multi-grip handles and help in various exercises.

The XT4700 also has the converging path feature and this enables arm movement in a natural way.

Transport Wheels are an addition which makes it easy to move the machine to any room. It also has a three-speed cooling fan.

Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Elliptical Workout programs

The standard console comes with about 16 different workout programs that have been designed by experts and certified personal trainers.

These also include a few programs that can be customized. In addition to these, the elliptical also has fitness boosters such as the ArmBlaster and the GluteKicker that can be integrated with other programs.

When you use the Octane Fitness XT 4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical, your workout sessions will never be the same again, with its signature Workout Boosters such as the X-Mode, ArmBlaster, and GluteKicker.

A workout booster promotes cross-training by way of increasing the intensity with a few quick interval bursts and these focus on certain body parts or the whole body.

For example, X-Mode will require the user to squat, pedal fast, lean back, go in reverse and much more. This ensures you have challenging workouts and helps them in achieving results.

Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Elliptical Warranty

The Octane Fitness XT4700 elliptical machine comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame. It also has a warranty of 5 years on its parts and also a 1-year warranty on labor.

In order to make sure the machine functions efficiently, it is always better to check and replace any parts whenever issues are faced.

Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • SmartStride which auto-adjusts the footpath for good ergonomics and provides a variety of exercises
  • The pedals have a comfortable spacing of 1.8”
  • It has 30 resistance levels which are quite challenging to anyone
  • It has Multi-Grip handlebars which allow diverse upper-body exercise
  • It has two options for heart rate monitoring
  • It has a diverse preset and customizable workout programs
  • There is a three-speed cooling fan
  • Optional Smart XT4700 console comes with video training and web browser
  • Optional TV screen for the upgrade


  • The sale price is high. Most other high-end home ellipticals cost less.


The Octane Fitness XT 4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical Machine Trainer is used to tone the upper body as well as the lower body muscles.

It is the perfect trainer for both cardio and cross circuit training- the best features being the Smart Stride, 30:30 Interval, Arm Blaster, and the Cross Circuit which is ideal for professionals as well as beginners.

Fitness professionals admit that Octane Fitness ellipticals offer unique workouts that give an amazing result. This massive machine weighs around 340 pounds, thus making it able to sustain users weighing up to 400 lbs.

The Octane XT4700 is one of the most specialized, efficient, luxurious and expensive elliptical trainers available in the market. It is the best machine for cross-training.

Though expensive, if you are a fitness freak, this machine is the one for you