Octane Fitness XR6000 Elliptical Review

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Octane Fitness XR6000 Elliptical Review

Octane XR6000 is an elegant recumbent elliptical from Octane Fitness, a brand that is committed to making zero impact fitness machines for home and commercial use. The XR6000 is a zero impact sitting elliptical which allows the user to sit while exercising, providing support to the back and making it possible for a wider audience to benefit from this product.

It yields better results than conventional recumbent elliptical in terms of burning calories and muscle engagement. The design and build of this high-end elliptical support exercises of all intensity and is suitable for all. It delivers a workout which is zero impact and risk-free.

Octane’s XR6000 XRide recumbent home elliptical shows better results than other seated ellipticals like; recumbent bikes, rowers and seated steppers. Octane’s power stroke technology lets the users burn more calories and there is an increase in glute activity. This machine definitely gives better results than any other in the market.

Best Suited to Whom?

Octane Fitness elliptical meets the expectations of all users with its unique features like resistance levels, workout boosters and the versatility with which you can use them.

Octane Fitness xR6000 Recumbent Elliptical offers a low impact workout thus you get to workout without jarring your joints and knees, thus it is mostly recommended by physiotherapists to rehabilitate patients who are recovering from knee, hip and lower back injuries.

But it is always advisable to discuss your needs with medical adviser before you start any exercise routine.

Octane Fitness XR6000 Elliptical Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The machine comes with instructions for assembly. The instructions come with well-illustrated pictures to make the understanding complete in all respects. We suggest employing a helping hand for the assembly part as the machine is heavy.

Design and Build Quality

This elliptical comes with two data consoles, where users get more options for workout programs not only for the lower body but for the upper body as well. Just to familiarize some of the options are leg press, chest press, push arms, pull arms and x mode for interval training.

Users can also customize their workout as per their requirement or schedule of exercise. There is a 10” smart screen for guidance through the workout and web browsing. The videos can be accessed through Octane’s cross circuit training and other programs that help users alternate between cardio and strength training.

There is an upgrade available for those who will be interested in an entertainment center which includes TV and wireless radio. Other upgrades include adjustable weights and a chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring.

The xRide is one of the kind ellipticals which provides comfort with exercise. It offers multiple adjustments in seat settings such as height and tilt. The patented multi-grip handlebars are true to grip, non-slip and slide smoothly with the movement of the body to give a total body workout.

This commercial elliptical has additional features like number of workout programs, upper and lower body workout, workout boosters and more.

Octane Fitness XR6000 Elliptical Features


The smart console will need an upgrade but will be totally worth it. The Smart console offers internet access, through which the users can remain up to date with the latest in fitness world.

Video coaching can also be accessed for select programs. Other features that can be accessed are web, applications and videos all at the press of a button.

PowerStroke Technology

The 16” Power Stroke technology of the xRide recumbent elliptical is that what makes it desirable from any other machine in the market. The advantage of Power Stroke technology is that it allows maximum leg extension, thus engaging maximum muscles.

The fact that xRide users show an increased glute activity by 343% and produce 22% more mechanical power and burn 23% more calories as compared to users of other brand ellipticals, is based on a University study.

Space Efficiency

The XR6000 is built so aesthetically that it blends seamlessly with living spaces and looks great. Its base is solid and is also space-efficient which makes it even desirable.

The platform is so comfortable that it is easier for anyone to get on and off it. It can also be used as a step-through.


The pedals are oversized to provide the users with maximum comfort and a strong foothold. The movement of the pedals slides seamlessly along the movement of the body thus keeping it easy at the ankle and allowing maximum muscular activity.

The pedals can be moved in both directions forward and backwards. The machine is also fitted with stationary footpegs in case the user wants only upper body exercise.


The machine has a patented converging path and multi-grip handlebars for focussed muscle engagement. The users can customize the workout plan thus keeping the upper body muscles all worked up and looking good.

Heart Rate Monitoring

For optimum heart health, the users can take advantage of Polar non-coded chest strap which monitors heart rate and can be connected without wires.


This elliptical gives you an additional benefit of a virtual personal trainer. The cross circuit program allows to mix cardio and strength training can be accessed through video which allows the users to completely understand the form of exercise.

Octane Fitness XR6000 Elliptical Workout Programs

The Octane Fitness xRide xR6000 seated ellipticals come with varied options of programs to choose from and users can also customize the program to suit their needs.

The many program options offered include; the heart rate controlled program, constant output programs(measured in METs or watts), the innovative 30:30 performance program, and Octane’s unique workout boosters for muscle endurance, chest press and leg press.

Workout Boosters: The XR6000 offers more than a cardio machine. It also has chest press, leg press and XMode workout boosters which allows users to expect more in terms of fitness and well being. It conditions the body well with all-encompassing exercises.

It also includes effective and efficient interval training which is known to yield results faster than normal workout.

Octane Fitness XR6000 Elliptical Warranty

The manufacturer Octane Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on parts and 1 year on labour.

Octane Fitness XR6000 Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • With 16” pedaling path, you burn more calories
  • Seat can be adjusted to different 20 height settings and 5 angles
  • Suitable for all with thirty resistance levels
  • Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring for accurate heart rate monitoring
  • High Weight capacity of up to 400 pounds
  • No cord is required, as it is self-powered


  • The machine is heavy, weighs more than 300 pounds
  • Heavy on pocket as costs above $5000


The Octane XR6000 is a robust yet comfortable trainer for all levels of proficiency. The user weighing up to 400 pounds can use the machine with comfort and ease. This machine has an edge over other recumbent bikes and recumbent ellipticals.

The special features cannot be ignored like video exercise guide, web browser, tv and radio.The machine has the capacity to deliver an engaging workout in itself. This is a long term investment for anyone who wishes to derive long term benefits for fitness and health.