Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Review

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Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Review

The Octane XR6 is a luxurious cross trainer for multiple skill levels. This is a seated elliptical, designed to accomplish results with comfort, with its contoured high back seat. If compared with similar ellipticals available in the market the Octane XR6 lets you burn 25% more calories.

A wide 16” footrest allows maximum movement resulting in engaging more muscles.This model is one of the three XRide recumbent ellipticals, XRide XR4 and XRide XR6000, which fall in the category of zero impact motion and provide excellent support for the back.

The best part of these ellipticals is that they are useful for one and all, for someone who prefers a low-intensity cardio, or for someone who is recovering, or for someone who is into high-intensity cardio. The risk on these machines is minimum as the impact ration is low.

XR6 is fitted with three consoles. The basic one has an option of 5 inbuilt programs with a variety of resistance levels going up to 20. These options are good for beginners and rehabilitating people.

The intermediate level has additional programs and Workout Boosters. The best part about Workout Boosters is that it can be combined with standard workouts for advanced training.

The topmost console of XR6 elliptical comes with a tablet holder and can be connected to the SmartLink cross training app consisting of 43 different workout options. The cost of the machine depends upon the choice of console, priced below 3500 dollars.

Best Suited to Whom?

It is best suited to all; from beginners to fitness enthusiasts, without experiencing any jerks to the body. It delivers an impact-free workout for all users. Octane XR6 seated elliptical is perfect for intense training and weight loss.

  • It targets maximum muscle engagement for increased strength, toning and weight loss
  • It targets at burning more calories in comparison to a recumbent bike.
  • An adequate complete body workout with a fluid motion without any jerks
  • Customized workouts for keeping good heart health and monitoring it

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


For assembly, you will receive a detailed poster with instructions and illustrations for the entire procedure. The instructions are easy to understand and the diagrams are well illustrated.

Design & Build Quality

Octane fitness reformulated the world of fitness with the invention of one of its kind seated X ride recumbent elliptical. The design is conceived keeping the commercial segment elliptical in consideration,however, this elliptical is ideal for home use.

The premium model XR6 can be attached with your tablet to access features like Octane fitness app and Smart light technology to keep the motivation going throughout the workout.

XRide makes use of the Power Stroke technology which enables 343% enhanced glute activity and a 23% increase in burning calories when compared to a recumbent bike, as per a study conducted by the University.

The Step-through design makes it easy for the user to get on and off it. The XR6 comes loaded with octane features as;multi-grip handlebars, soft grip pedals, and workout boosters.

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Features

Power stroke technology

X Ride recumbent elliptical has an edge over other recumbent bikes cause of its 16” power stroke technology. Power Stroke allows maximum leg extension and power drive, hence engaging maximum muscles.

Based on a University study it can be said that XR6 users show more glute activity than other recumbent bikes by 343% and burn 23% more calories when used at the same level of setting.

Resistance levels

XR6 has 20 variations of resistance to give you a varied workout. It can work best for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Fitness meter

The console is user-friendly, easy to navigate to whatever it is you are using, a quick start or an advanced workout program, or connecting to Smart link. The machine is updated with the latest in technology to amp up your workout. The XR6xi harbors three placement options for your iPad; watch, read and surf.

Your workout data is displayed simultaneously on the screen as you workout. Its is also powered with Smart light technology which is an indicator of the intensity of your workout. Smart light monitors your heart rate and guides you accordingly for the next booster program. With XR6 it’s like exercising with your own personal trainer.


Pedals have enough room for feet to be placed comfortably and the grip is soft which enables the foot movement in line with the ankle, all of that without any strain or jerk.

The pedals move both forward and backwards allowing maximum movement and engaging maximum muscles. In case you only want upper body exercise then there are pegs where you can keep the feet stationary for the upper body workout.

The Grab handles

The handles give you a firm grip and allow you to exercise at any level of intensity without the fear of hands slipping or any kind of injury.


The seat of XR6 is designed to provide the necessary support for the back while you burn the calories. To maximize the comfort the seat is set at a 45-degree angle for the hip and torso to flex so the body gets maximum movement with least stress to the back muscles.

To deliver the utmost the XR6 has a seat which can be adjusted to 20 positions pertaining to height and 5 positions for the tilt

Space Efficient

The platform doubles as a convenient step-through area, making it safe and easy for any user to get on and off the recumbent elliptical.The XR6 is aesthetically designed to fit in your home.

It is space-efficient and as compared to other recumbent machines it is short and narrow.The platform is comfortable to step on and off it.

Weight capacity

The user weight capacity of this machine is 300lbs

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Workout Programs

Octane Fitness programs include workout boosters, X- mode, chest press and leg press, HIIT and strength training. These programs deliver an enhanced workout experience. The workout boosters allow you to work out with a virtual trainer engaging maximum muscles including upper body, lower body.

These programs give variety to your workout keeping boredom at bay and deliver effectively. These programs are such that they keep you motivated throughout the workout.

All models of XR6 allow you to customize your workout to enjoy it to the hilt. The XR6e and XR6ce allow you to monitor your heart rate while exercising thus maintaining optimum heart health. There is another interesting program by the name of innovative 30:30 which maximizes results in a short time

Octane Fitness App – The brand Octane Fitness offers a free workout app that helps you monitor your fitness results for better understanding and motivation. You can operate the controls of the machine through your mobile which can be connected to the app without any wires.it is totally hassle-free.

You can access a whole lot of programs so you never have to repeat a prog and keep yourself motivated. To talk of a few it has a goal-based workout, workout tracking, live videos, circuit exercises, and anything that suits your fitness requirements.The app is updated regularly to provide you with the latest.

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Warranty

The frame comes with a lifetime warranty and there is a 5yrs warranty on parts and one year on labour. Please note that this machine is for residential use only and not for commercial use. No commercial warranty is applicable

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • The machines is best for zero-impact cardio and strength training
  • There are 26 levels of resistance
  • Comes with Octane’s PowerStroke technology with 16” pedaling path to burn 23% higher calorie burn
  • Handlebars offers multiple grip positions
  • Contains optimum quality heart rate sensors
  • Seat can be adjusted to 20 varied height settings
  • Gives you a choice of 3 consoles
  • High user weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Warranty period is high as gives Five-year warranty on parts


  • It weighs 250lbs which is a little too heavy for a home machine
  • The console does not come with cooling fans
  • There is no video guidance or a web browser
  • For an Octane elliptical the price is average but as compared to the market the price is on the higher side


The Octane XR6 is a premium cross-trainer that takes care of the complete body exercise all in one that too in the comfort of your home. It costs less than the best XR6000 but delivers the same quality of exercise. It has a five-year warranty.

The Octane Fitness ellipticals offers the latest PowerStroke technology, where the users can take advantage of 343% more glute activity and are able to burn 23% more calories in comparison with the other bikes. The step -thru design of the machine ensures the safety of riders.

Overall it is value for money and an excellent investment for long term health and fitness