Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical Review

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Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical Review

The Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine is an elliptical that has a lot of innovative features that make it a good option for people who wish to add more strength to the body. People who wish to concentrate on their upper body can make use of this machine.

It comes with the ArmBlaster that enhances the resistance in the machine’s handlebars, thereby targeting your upper body. The distance between the foot pedals of this elliptical is about 1.8” foot and this makes it perfect for different people of different sizes and body types.

It is perfect for women who face issues in the knees and hip area due to a lot of distance between the pedals. It features the X-Mode technology wherein the entire body is put to use, thereby achieving your fitness goals.

Read our Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine Review 2021 to know more about this elliptical.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine is one of the top-selling ellipticals for home use especially for those having a low ceiling. This elliptical comes with a 4” step-on height – this is lower than most of the ellipticals available in the market.

Usually, the ceiling height of your room must be a good 8” more than the tallest user height for this specific elliptical. The pedal distance is just about 1.8” which makes it a good option for women who suffer from issues related to the hip or knees caused due to a great distance between the pedals.

This is one trainer which is good for use in basements or homes that have a low ceiling height of about 7 feet. Check out some of the ellipticals which are among the best ellipticals available under the category $2000 to know about the variety of models available in the market.

Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical Assembly, Design and Build Quality


A major chunk of the Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine arrives pre-assembled. So, the resistance, the drive, and the pedals are assembled and fixed to the frame. The assembly process for this machine would involve adding the console mast, the console, the arms, and the covers of the drive.

An instruction manual is provided with the machine that gives you quite brief assembly instructions. However, the machine does not come with the tools needed for the assembly. An adjustable wrench along with a Phillips screwdriver will be required for the process.

One important thing to be noted is that the rails of the machine should always be kept clean and must not have any textile fibers or debris because they could damage the rollers as well as the rail.

The joints of this elliptical will have to be lubricated after a certain period if you begin to hear noises from it while you use the machine. Also, make sure the machine is checked regularly for loose parts so that they can be re-tightened.

Design and Build Quality

The Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine features a double-wheel-track design. This means that the track has two wheels that have shields in contrast to one wheel that you can find in cheaper elliptical models. This feature also ensures that the wheels of the machine remain intact and do not break and come off.

This elliptical comes with speakers that enable the user to connect their device like smartphones, iPods, or even MP3 players to the machine and listen to their favorite music while working out.

The machines also include a book holder for convenient reading. The X-Mode technology is the highlight of the machine that helps the user get a complete body workout thereby achieving their desired fitness goals.

In contrast to some of the best ellipticals 2021, the Octane 37xi is not compatible with fitness applications that assist the user in monitoring their fitness progress. For some extra money, you can buy a bigger console that consists of a tablet holder and dual screens that will have some extra presets as well as many high-tech features that will not be found in the standard console.

Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical Features


The console of the Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine comes with three different placement options for the tablet. Also, it comes with the feature – Smartlight that indicates your level of workout, whether you are well within the target heart rate or whether you need to move to the next interval.

You can also make use of the app- Smartlink which can be downloaded onto your device like the tablet. This offers a lot of workout programs to bring about variety in the regular exercise routine.

The user can download many new workout programs and also get coaching. They can customize their own 90-day program with the help of this application. In addition to this, they can get coaching via videos and also check out the circuit training videos. The app is quite simple and easy to download and use.

Heart Rate Monitor

The console functions well with a Polar wireless heart rate monitor and this helps the user get an accurate heart rate reading.

The machine also has heart rate sensors that are in-built in the handlebars of the elliptical. The console supports wireless pulse monitoring.


It comes with a 3-speed fan located in the console and this fan helps the user remain cool all through the workout.


It has a very high-end design and this reflects in the design of the armbar as well. A low pivot point is used in the armbars and this offers the user a long-range of movement.

This helps the user burn a lot of calories and get a good arm workout. The user can also concentrate on the upper body using the cross-circuit or arm-blaster program.


The pedals are spaced well with a minimum distance between them, about just 1.8” in between the pedals. The pedals are soft-grip as well. Closer pedal spacing is an indicator of the correct alignment of the body from head to toe.

It also reduces the strain on the lower back. This ensures that the user has a very comfortable workout that mimics the natural movement of running.


It has a lot of attachment points that are located at its base. These points can be used to fix power bands that offer a lot of strength workouts.

The Octane Q37xi Console is inclusive of the powerbands. These add more variety to your workouts and give you additional ways of strength-training.

The elliptical also comes with speakers that can be connected to devices like smartphones, iPods, tablets and MP3 players and the user can listen to their favorite music while working out.

Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical Workout Programs

On purchasing the SmartLink, the user can get about 72 different workout programs that make the Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine a more advanced fitness machine.

The wireless app Smartlink gives the user access to a wide range of workouts – 12 weight loss programs, 18 “Feel Better” programs that promote strength, flexibility, and balance; 12 toning workouts and 30 athletic performance workout programs.

This elliptical from Octane Fitness also comes with the Workout Booster programs like the Arm Blaster, the Glute Kicker, and the XMode in addition to the multicolored SmartLight. It also comes with a wireless heart rate tracker.

This console of this machine comes includes resistance bands that can be fixed to the elliptical and can be used for cross-training.

SmartLink allows the user to fix customized training for themselves for either 30, 60 or 90 days. The user can select from four basic goals – Lose Weight, Athletic Performance, Get Stronger, Feel Better Programs.

Another option available is to specify the muscle groups that they would want to focus on, post which they would get customized workouts with the relevant exercises. The Cross-Circuit workout program of SmartLink has about 35 different videos and 225 different exercises and is constantly updated with a lot of new options.

People who are very tall or very short might consider purchasing the Octane Q47 Elliptical as it comes with an adjustable stride.

Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical Warranty

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of the Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine. In addition to this, a warranty of five years is offered on parts and one year of free labor is provided.

Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • The machine is made of heavy-duty steel
  • The pedals are oversized and fit all shoe sizes
  • The console offers 10 different programs along with 3 Boosters
  • The maximum user weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • It has a stride of 20.5” which is fixed
  • It has advanced data tracking system
  • There are multi-grip handlebars
  • The handlebars are integrated with EKG pulse sensors
  • The machine operates quietly
  • It has 20 levels of resistance
  • The machine has a MOM safety function
  • Many optional accessories are available
  • It has a tablet holder and a water bottle holder
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring is possible
  • It has a 3-speed fan
  • Resistance bands are provided based on the model
  • Very less maintenance is required
  • Excellent warranty is offered


  • The machine has no incline
  • It is expensive
  • It cannot be used by people who weigh more than 300lbs
  • It does not have online connectivity


The Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine is a fitness machine that has merged innovation with high quality to give you a piece of fitness equipment that can be found only in gyms. It is one of the best ellipticals for home use that brings technology right into your home.

Brand Octane Fitness has brought about a lot of customizations and ergonomic features that make you love the machine. The Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine is quite sturdy and is a perfect option for heavier users.

The pedal distance has been designed in a manner keeping in mind people who suffer from hip stress, such as women and those with petite physiques.

The machine has converging path handlebars that offer a great upper body workout that is simply the best in comparison with other models in the market. This model is perfect for adults of any size. If you wish to have a fitness machine that is loaded with features, then the Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine is a good pick.

FAQs of Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical

The Octane 37 is available in two models. Which are these models?
The Q37 has an option of two different consoles: the Q37x and Q37xi. These consoles are very distinct from each other, be it in the workout programming or the heart rate monitoring. The most simple console is the Q37x console. This console comes with eight different workout programs and has touch sensors to track the heart rate data. It has a single-color SmartLight that indicates the heart rate zone. This console gives you only two placement choices for your tablet, smartphone or computer. This console comes with eight different workout programs and has touch sensors to track the heart rate data. It has a single-color SmartLight that indicates the heart rate zone. This console gives you only two placement choices for your tablet, smartphone or computer.
What is the stride length of the Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine?
It has a fixed stride length of 21″. The pedal spacing of this machine is about 1.8″ and this supports a very comfortable movement.
Can HIIT training be added to this elliptical?
You can add HIIT training easily to any workout program. You have to just choose a Workout Booster that is provided on the console. This helps you burn a lot of calories and see better results quickly.