Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Review

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Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Review

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine is an elliptical machine with many unique features to help you to stay fit. It is one of those machines which gives you challenging workouts which helps in burning a lot of calories per day and thus one of the top-rated home elliptical machines available in the market.

The unique feature of this machine is the Cross Circuit program – a mix of cardio and strength, which challenges and gives you an effective workout. For more challenging workouts, it has the Workout Boosters-X Mode.

This elliptical machine from octane fitness can be used by both men and women – elderly or young and ensures you burn a lot of calories with its challenging programs. Read the in-depth Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine Review 2021 so that you know in detail about its features.

The machine has a short footprint and the low step-up height making it easier for the users to step on and step off it. It has a large LED screen which is easy to navigate. It has two sets of handles which facilitate wrist motion, the range of arm and enable lower body workouts.

In addition to all these features, the Q35x Elliptical has the safety feature MOM Mode– this disables the console buttons, stops pedal movements and keeps your children safe. It is one of the best compact elliptical machines that can fit into any room in the house.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Q35x Elliptical Machine is designed to suit all people who want to stay fit. It enables you to maintain your body and stay fit and healthy. The machine is so compact that it can fit anywhere, in any room of your home, or maybe even your office.

This machine would also be ideal for people into circuit training or high-intensity training programs. This elliptical enables you to increase the workout level as per your needs.

It provides numerous workout activities with numerous resistance levels. This makes it perfect to be used in your house or your personal office.

It is also ideal for the elderly or people recovering from injuries due to its short footprint and low step-up feature which makes it easy to get on and get off the machine.

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Octane Fitness Q35x elliptical machines have quite a lot of assembling to be done. It is a bit complicated. The Pedal lever has to be fixed to the 3-pivot link. The console mast also needs to be installed.

The arms, top cover, the console, mast boot and access panel have to be fixed and installed to the frame. Post this, the levelers must be adjusted as well as tightened. You would need additional help as the elliptical is quite heavy.

The machine comes with a manual that gives you all the necessary instructions to fix the machine.

Design and Build Quality

This Octane Fitness 35x Elliptical is one of the best fitness equipment used for working out in the standing position. You can get this elliptical in the price range of $900-$1000 and is of great quality.

The Q35x comes with various modes like the X-Mode, the Glute Kicker, and the Arm Blaster that make your workouts more challenging.

The Octane 35x can be used either in the manual mode or in the 8 preset workout programs that it offers. The machine is quite compact. It comes with the lowest step-up height of about 4”. The LED is quite huge that ensures you can read the data easily and get the necessary feedback.

The best part about the machine is that you get a lifetime warranty on its frame, a 5-year warranty on parts and a warranty of 1 year on labor. Once fully assembled, the machine weighs about 210Ibs (95 kg) and stands at about 61.75 inches high.

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Features


It has 20 resistant levels. These can be easily accessed and adjusted on the console or the app. The machine comes with an added feature- attachment points for resistance bands.

These are best suited for creating resistance workouts which can help in fat loss, flexibility, etc. This is one of the features that would impress gymming enthusiasts, circuit trainers, high-intensity workout individuals, and the like.

Fitness meter

The OctaneFitness Q35x elliptical comes with a large LED screen that displays important metrics such as time, calories, distance, speed and look at your heart rate. It isn’t a touch screen.

There are soft buttons like Program Workout where you can select your workout, Level- which enables you to select your resistance level and other buttons like Quick Start, MOM, Pause, and Boost workouts. It is quite easy to operate.


The Q35x has a 20.5-inch stride length, which makes you feel quite natural and comfortable for striding backward or forward. The movement is quite smooth and natural.

The 1.8-inch foot pedal spacing which is quite minimal, and the long stride, imitate your natural stride and reduces the stress to the lower back. Also, the machine’s step-up height is low, which makes it ideal for even the elderly, or people who are recovering from injuries.


The Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical comes with a device shelf that permits you to keep your smartphone or tablet which ensures you use your device safe while working out. It also has a water bottle holder which is quite convenient and helpful.

The movable handle and built-in transport wheels

In addition to the large outside handles, the Q35x elliptical also has smaller stationary handles near the bottom of the console, which offers an optional position for comfort and balance. Wheels are an addition which makes it easy to move the machine to any room.

The Mom Mode Safety Feature

One of the best features of the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical is the Mom mode. With the single touch of a button, the resistance can be increased to a level that the kids cannot use the machine and injure themselves accidentally. It is quite a good safety feature in the elliptical.

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Workout programs

The Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical offers 8 different preset workout programs inclusive of the copyrighted workout boosters. These programs will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals.

Workout Boosters: This feature is not found anywhere else. Workout Boosters help boost your workout training anytime and offer interval training that helps in burning calories and building muscle.

The Q35x features the X-Mode, Glute Kicker, and Arm Blaster all of which make your workouts more challenging. You can also make use of these features during the manual mode or when you use one of the 8 in-built workout programs.

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Warranty

It is advisable that prior to the expiration of the parts, the manufacturer should be consulted. According to the terms of the manufacturer Octane Fitness warranty, the machine has a registration page that indicates the expiry dates of all the parts and components.

It is advisable to replace the covered parts’ time as it will keep the machine running efficiently. Under the manufacturer’s warranty period, the product parts can be obtained at your home as well.

This elliptical machine, has a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • Cross Circuit technology that combines workouts
  • Workout Boosters included
  • Quick interval bursts
  • Built-in personal trainer
  • MOM Safety-Console buttons can be disabled for protection for younger children
  • Can be easily placed in areas with a low ceiling height
  • Shorter footprints and low step-up heights
  • Biomechanically accurate machines


  • Heart rate sensors, built-in fan, and adjustable stride are not included
  • The machine is expensive


The Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical machine is one of the ideal machines to tone the leg muscles and your arm muscles.

The machine is best suited for those into cardio and cross circuit training due to some amazing features included in this machine like the Work Boosters as well as the Cross Circuit that are perfect for people into circuit training as well.

The Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical is quite a comfortable fitness machine. The stride length as well as the handlebars of the upper body function smoothly together and provide the user with a wide range of motion.

The space between the machine’s pedals is quite small and permits natural alignment that assists the user in long workout sessions. Workout Boosters that are included in this machine are good for people who prefer customizing their workouts.

This elliptical is very durable and a space-saver machine. It is quite compact and the safety MOM feature is one of the best features in this machine. The quality is pretty impressive, however, it might be a bit expensive.

If you are on the lookout for one of the best home elliptical machines, the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical is worth picking up!