Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Review

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Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Review

Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Machine Trainer is the first machine of the third generation of elliptical machines of Octane. The Pro3700 Classic Elliptical was the first that introduced the Converging Path Handlebars.

These handlebars enhance the overall ergonomics thereby providing comfort as well as keep you safe from any strain or injury during an intense workout.

In addition, this machine has a lower body that can be adjusted- it has a stride length that begins at 20.5″ and stretches out to 24″. This machine was originally created to be a commercial elliptical, but its large frame makes it sophisticated to be used at home.

Despite this, it is highly preferred by those value fitness and love being personally challenged from the convenience of home. It is one of the Best Elliptical Over $2500.

Read the in-depth Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Machine Trainer Review 2021 to know more about its features.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Machine is designed to suit people who are into fitness. It helps you to stay fit and it makes any ordinary workout more productive.

With the Pro 3700 Classic, you can target different muscle groups, other than just cardiovascular fitness. For example, with stationary and moving handlebars, just changing the grip will help you focus on different areas.

The machine is designed to guard your body against harsh consequences, thereby making your workout much safer than running on a street.

In addition, this elliptical can be pedaled either forward or backward, and you can make use of the X-mode and ride it in a squat position.

This elliptical machine is suitable for home gyms or commercial gyms only because it is massive which makes space an issue. It is also best suited for people who are in the fitness industry such as athletes, trainers, etc.

Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical assembly process is quite a complicated one and has a lot of work. The pedal lever has to be attached to the 3-pivot link in the cross trainer base.

The moving handlebars need to be installed and so is the console mast. Post this, you need to install the access panel and mount the keypad to the console mast.

The console needs to be mounted to the console mast. The arms have to be adjusted and the handle covers have to be placed. Post this the stride length needs to be adjusted.

Once this is done, the top cover can be placed and the mast boot, installed. After all of this, you can adjust the levelers and set your preferences.

Since the machine is big and heavy, it would require two people to lift or move the machine.

Design and Build Quality

Users mainly make use of the Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical to execute their workouts in the standing position. This fitness machine is huge, expensive, and of exceptional quality.

The Pro 3700 Classic comes with a variety of programs to challenge you such as the 30:30 intervals, the MMA fighting moves, Cross Circuit, the X-Mode, Glute Kicker, as well as the Arm Blaster.

The machine can be used in manual mode. Or the user can also make use of the 19 different in-built workout programs provided by the elliptical.

The Pro 3700 Classic is a huge machine that would need a lot of space. It comes with a large LED display and this makes reading easier. The display also gives the user all the necessary feedback.

Octane Ellipticals are popular for their smooth functioning and great features that make your workouts challenging and productive. The Pro3700 Classic is definitely a machine that gives you value for the money spent.

You can make use of the self-powered as well as a quiet operation that makes it quite easy for you to workout anywhere. The fitness machines of Octane are well-known for their excellent performance and quality.

They are used not just in homes but also in health clubs, military bases, training centers, and more.

Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Features


It has 30 resistance levels. These can be easily accessed and adjusted on the console or the app. This machine is best suited for creating resistance workouts which can help in fat loss, flexibility, etc.

This is one of the features that would impress gymming enthusiasts, circuit trainers, athletes, high-intensity workout individuals, and the like.

Fitness meter

The Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic elliptical comes with a large LED screen that displays important workout data such as time, calories burned, time elapsed, target heart rate zone, distance, speed, heart rate, and level. It isn’t a touch screen.

The 15-inch widescreen with Intel processor and touch screen capabilities is available on the PRO3700 TOUCH model.

In the Pro 3700 Classic, you have buttons like Program Workout and Level- wherein you can select your workout, resistance level and other buttons like Quick Start, MOM, Pause, and Boost workouts. It is quite easy to operate.


The Octane Pro 3700 has a 24-inch stride length, which gives you a natural, smooth and comfortable movement while striding backward or forward.

The 1.8-inch foot pedal spacing is quite minimal, and the long stride helps imitate the natural stride and decreases the stress on the lower back.


The Octane Fitness Pro 3700 comes with a device shelf that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet thereby ensuring the safety of your device while working out. It also has a water bottle holder which is quite convenient and helpful.

The movable handle and built-in transport wheels

This elliptical has adjustable handles and these Converging Path handlebars challenge the upper body in a better way than the traditional ellipticals.

Transport Wheels are an addition which makes it easy to move the machine to any room. It also has a three-speed cooling fan.

Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Workout Programs

The Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic comes with about 30 different workout programs

1. Workout Boosters – This elliptical comes with its trademark Workout Boosters, inclusive of the X-Mode, GluteKicker as well as ArmBlaster. These workouts add cross-training with numerous commands that ensure the heart is pumping and the user also works on the muscles.

This gives the user a lot of variety, motivation, productive intervals along with greater intensity that gives them better results as well as efficient workouts.

2. 30:30 Interval Program – The 30:30 interval program is a new and creative workout that is offered by Octane Fitness on all its elliptical machines. It is quite motivating and challenging for users of different abilities.

This program had been created by Paul Robbins of Athletes’ Performance so as to enhance cardiovascular performance for the elite athletes however, it also works well for those who are deconditioned.

3. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts – MMA is a new kind of sport that has literally taken over the sports world and has become a favorite.

Octane Fitness has created an innovative new workout on the elliptical machines that imitate real-life MMA bouts and also provides the participant with an efficient training routine.

The MMA Program is quite a challenging and motivating workout session.

Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Warranty

When it comes to the Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical, it is recommended that before the parts get expired or worn out, you must consult with the manufacturer Octane Fitness.

As per the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, there is a registration page that indicates the expiry dates of all the parts and components.

You must get the parts that are covered under warranty replaced before time because this will ensure the elliptical runs efficiently. This elliptical machine comes with a warranty of 30 days on its parts along with 30 days on labor.

Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • It provides a comfortable, natural movement combined with a very quiet ride
  • It has a large LED display complete with a message center
  • It is Wireless heart rate compatible
  • It comes with a three-speed cooling fan
  • Variety of workout programs and resistance levels
  • Simultaneously displays workout data essentials
  • Adjustable stride length, handlebars, and many high-end customizations
  • Converging Path handlebars which challenge the upper body
  • High maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • The Close pedal spacing of 1.8” makes it quite ideal and safe for all users


  • The more expensive console offers vastly different features than the standard
  • This is a massive machine and is not compact
  • It is quite expensive
  • You might need to purchase additional accessories like CrossFit Pro to get all features as advertised


The Octane Fitness Pro 3700 Classic Elliptical Machine is perfect for people who want a good upper body workout and wish to tone their upper and lower body muscles. The pro-Classic 3700 is a good option for cardio workouts, cross circuit training.

This machine features Work Boosters, the 30:30 Interval, and the Cross Circuit which is perfect for people are love to perform circuit training. Workout professionals accept that Octane Fitness ellipticals present unique workouts that give an impressive result.

This machine is quite massive and weighs around 320 pounds and has dimensions of about 69″ x 31″ x 56″, thus making it able to sustain a maximum user weight of about 400 lbs.

The Pro 3700 Classic is worth investing due to its customized ergonomic design, advanced technology, and customized program options when you’re serious about your home fitness life.

So if you are into fitness training at the advanced and professional levels, this machine is apt for you.