Octane Fitness Ellipticals Review
Octane Fitness Ellipticals Review

Octane Fitness Ellipticals Review

Dennis Lee and Tim Porth are the proud founder members of Octane Fitness. Octane Fitness is committed to manufacturing the most exquisite elliptical machines, since 2001. These elliptical machines are unique and the first one got sold out within 45 minutes of delivery to the retailer.

Octane Fitness has already made a mark in the commercial elliptical industry and now it is all set to capture the home machines market. Their elliptical machines are categorized into three categories; standing, recumbent and zero runner ellipticals

Why the Brand Stands out?

Octane Fitness stands tall at their claim of zero gravity runners and seated elliptical machines, as they provide exercise with amazing results with one of its kind design and technology. Within their elliptical line, there are features that Octane has created that are not found in other brands.

Octane Fitness caters to both commercial and consumer segments, thus leaving no stone unturned. Octane Fitness’s elliptical machines are unique and so are the results.

Current Octane Elliptical Lineup

Octane Fitness range is wide enough to fit anybody’s needs, fitness or financial.

Following are the products for that Octane Fitness is proud of:

1. Standing Ellipticals: In the category of standing ellipticals, Octane fitness offers variety in terms of varied technology. Octane standing elliptical machines use unique features like body mapping, ergonomics which personalize the whole workout experience, like being with a personal trainer.

There is another feature called SmartStride, which takes into consideration the height and stature before delivering the workout. These are award-winning ellipticals being used by commercial gyms for a long time.

Owning one of these standing ellipticals would give you a complete experience of a workout, world-class technology, virtual trainer and a gift of good health. The standing ellipticals were the first ones to be launched. They can also be referred to as original or traditional models.

These models also won awards over the years. The models are classified as Q35x, Q37, and Q47. The top of the line commercial ones are XT3700, XT4700 and XT- One.

2. Lateral Ellipticals: Octane fitness offers LateralX; contemporary and robust with diverse levels of movement. In addition to the conventional stair-step movement, the Lateral Ellipticals offers various movements to engage maximum muscle groups for increased activity and better results.

There will be a considerable improvement in the thigh and upper body strength after the regular use of LateralX ellipticals. We highly recommend LX8000 elliptical. The LaterralX8000 elliptical has two consoles, side to side movement which makes it desirable and is also aesthetically appealing.

New Octane Max trainer needs a special mention as it is an improved version of Bowflex elliptical.

3. Recumbent Ellipticals: Octane fitness with its recumbent Elliptical “xRide” has made it possible for people with chronic back pain to exercise and get results- designed for home use.

Those who already enjoy a disease-free lifestyle can use these machines at a different level of intensity to burn more calories. The calories burnt at higher intensity workouts can be quantified up to 20%.

Recumbent Ellipticals like XR6000 has workout boosters that are exclusive of Octane fitness, present a challenge for the seasoned users and fitness enthusiasts.

The unique feature of these recumbent ellipticals is the seat that they offer which makes it appealing to a larger audience. They can also be used by people in recovery, chronic back pain, and beginners.
There are many options to choose from like XT4, XR6, XR650 and XR6000 in recumbent ellipticals with seat.

4. Zero Runners: Octanes’s Zero Runner delivers a smooth, no impact running experience as if it defies gravity. The design and the technology of the “zero runners” is such that even in the most intense setting it allows no impact.

These machines are programmed to adjust as per the users’ stride, going up to 58″ and can effectively replace treadmills and trainers.

If compared to a conventional trainer zero runner allows room for the comfortable swing of arms as close to the natural movement as possible through its gaily designed armbars

Zero Runners can effectively be used by all from beginners to fitness enthusiasts to professional runners as the simulation is similar to outdoor running

Avail the limited time offer of free iPods by placing an order now on both zero runner ellipticals ZR7 and ZR8. Both of them range below 5000$ and are the best high-end ellipticals.

The lastest from octane fitness is the enhanced ZR8 model. The improved ones feel like running mid-air.

Octane Fitness Ellipticals Pros and Cons


  • The frames for home ellipticals are the same as commercial ellipticals so as to deliver best in stability and durability
  • Most of the models are fitted with two consoles for enhanced comfort and experience
  • These ellipticals deliver a personal experience making the machine unique. This experience enhances the workout in every which way
  • The workout details can be linked through the smart link to users’ personal tablet or smartphone for them to analyze the progress
  • There is also a safety feature in most of the models which lock the pedals and console to avoid misuse or injury when not in use
  • Octane Fitness ellipticals are aligned perfectly to body movements for a perfect workout experience
  • Octane’s Zero impact machines are perfect for; beginners, patients in recovery from; back pain, ankle or knee pain
  • Noise: These machines are noise-free


  • These machines fall in the upper segment of the price


Octane Fitness has captured the commercial segment and now is the time to deliver the best quality ellipticals to your doorstep. These machines come with a promise of durability and high-quality standards.Octane Fitness ellipticals are recommended choice for home users

The designs of these machines are unique, with finish and quality to deliver a perfect workout experience. Easy assembly and user-friendly. We are sure you will not regret your decision of investing in your favourite machine from Octane. Its a gift of lifelong health to yourself.

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