Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer Review

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Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer Review

Merit 725E Best Elliptical Bike is an exercise machine to keep our body fit. It has many workout programs to work. This is an interesting and challenging trainer for a workout. This Merit elliptical machine can burn many calories and can be used by both men and women. It can burn calories as per the exercise you perform.

The design of the front flywheel uses easy exit and entry. For easy entry, the control panels lock the pedals. It has a curved shape grip for hands. The Merit 725E Elliptical promotes wrist motion and range of arm. It has an electronic resistance adjustment on the push button.

At the hand grips, the contact of pulse monitor is fitted. It has an eLCD information screen on the console.

Best Suited for Whom?

The 725E Elliptical Machine is suitable for all the people. It helps to keep your body fit and healthy. You can even use it in the office gym. This elliptical helps you increase the activity level as per your requirements. It endows you with numerous workout facilities. Thus, it is suitable for commercial purpose as well as for home use.

Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Merit 725E Elliptical machines do have some assembly. But it is a bit complicated. Its inner machine is already assembled and is connected to the frame. It is confined using the protective shrouds. The front base, pedals, fitness meter, rear plate, pedals are attached.

Design and Build Quality

This Merit 725E Elliptical is mostly used to carry out the workout while in sitting position. It is completely magnetic and resistance adjustable. The footplates it has are non-slipped and ribbed. Merit Fitness 725E Elliptical includes the fitness meter that comes with three years of warranty.

Its weight is assembled as 31 Ibs (14 kg). Its dimension is assembled as 34L* 20w * 12H inches.

Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer Features


It has a resistance system of magnets. It has a magnetic brake and it is attached to the small lever on the rear. It has 10 resistant levels on the lever. If you adjust resistance, the magnetic pads will move to the flywheel. It generates more or less resistance.

The lowest resistance has high light and the highest resistance offers a consistent workout. Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer is easy and it has a good adjustment system.

The drive system has a belt. It has a magnetic resistance that balances flywheel and it is small. It is smooth and it is stable to work. The best elliptical equipment has a reverse pedalling system and is able to track the statistics.

Fitness meter

This meter is supplied with the machine. It helps you track the distance, time, speed, burns the calories. The distance is indicated in miles, and speed is indicated in MPH. It has a scan function, it rotates the aforementioned value.

The values are displayed on the screen for 4 seconds. This operation is easy and it has an AA battery. Elliptical Trainer 725E has three buttons such as MODE, SET, RESET. MODE button navigates through the values or to disable or enable the SCAN mode.

SET button is used to select the values which you want to view at all time. The RESET button is used to rest all the values into zeros. The box has the wire and desk stand for the meter.


The pedals are smooth and it is easy and comfortable to workout with these. It has a heavy flywheel for fluid medal motion. It is flexible to work in the office.

Desk stand

The free desk sand is included in the Merit 725E Elliptical Machines. It has a computer display to view the desk stand. You can view the desk at any place. You can bend down your display and you can see the performance data.

The grab handle and built-in transport wheels

The grab handle allows you to fit the desk at any place. You can adjust it for comfort.

Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer Warranty

Before the parts expire, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer. As per the terms of manufacturer warranty, the merit machine comes with a registration page that carries the expiration dates of the parts and components.

Get the covered products replaced on time as these fail to perform efficiently for daily use. During the manufacturer warranty, you can get the product parts at your home as well. The elliptical trainer thus, has 5-years warranty on the frame, 3 years on the brake and 90 days on parts and labour.

Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for toning, fitness and weight loss
  • Durable and strong
  • Superior fitness monitor
  • Portable and lightweight
  • High-quality internal parts


  • Not easy to sit
  • Comes with large footplates
  • Squeaking joint and resistance pads


For a Merit 725E Elliptical Machine, this is used for toning the leg muscles. It is made for cardio training. You can burn 800-900 calories per day. It is mainly used for fitness. It helps to lose the weight. It is counted amongst the best cheap ellipticals. Merit Fitness Models does not in any way disappoint you.