Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer Review

Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer Review

Elliptical trainers are known as the newest version of development in low-impact cardiovascular exercise machines and gaining much popularity. It allows you a smooth motion as well as build the strength in your arms and legs by the stimulating movements by walking, stepping, and cycling.

Merit Fitness Brand offers a consistent movement to maintain your steadiness and momentum. It is the most exceptional medium to feel the gym right at your home to go for an extensive and affordable workout at the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, it helps you to carry out your exercises as per your requirement with a lot of sophistication. You can pay attention to your favorite tune, watch television, as well as see the recent news in the magazine while exercising in the environment of the comfort of your home.

Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer Review can help you get a clear picture of its features and suitability.


Best Suited For Whom?

The Merit elliptical 715E is quite good for the gym at home at a reasonable price. It will suit your budget. It goes well for a family that likes to work out without a massive investment, or opting out of the idea of taking a high priced gym membership. It is compatible for those who want a regular workout.

The computer console of the machine is quite capable, but you don’t need to be genius to operate it. Anybody can use it effortlessly. The basic model from Merit is the excellent choice for the people who need a gym like set up at a low cost. And it is good for every age of people, without any restrictions.

Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly process of Merit fitness Elliptical 715E is quite complicated and much different from other models. You have to go through the 715E elliptical manual well. And to bring all the parts together the same as the model is a time-consuming process as well. Lastly due to the lack of proper lining of the bottom holes you have to put extra force for assembling the unit.

Design & Build Quality

The Merit 715E Elliptical trainer possesses an excellent magnetic resistance and offers a comfortable ergonomic design to have an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

The 715E Merit elliptical owns a 10 lb flywheel with eight levels of manual strength, and easy-to-operate computer support to display workout time, speed, total burned calorie as well as distance. The five-groove Poly-V drive belt is attached for transferring energy from the pedals to the flywheel.

This elliptical machine is assembled with reverse, and forward movement comes with electrocardiograph recording facility on the handles as well. The lightweight machine is much handy with its easy to fold option.

It also includes treadmills bikes for your cardiovascular movement, and the proper exercise of your hands and legs with forwarding and backward motion. It almost provides all the outstanding body exercising features with a dual action for upper and lower body parts.

Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer Features

1. Resistance – It’s 1-8 range manual resistance level with manual magnetic resistance adjustment.

2. Fitness Meter – The elliptical houses a thumb pulse monitor to displays heart rate on the console. Battery-powered electronics do not require to be plugged into a wall outlet. It also comes with 2 LCD windows show time, distance, speed, and calories burned. Apart from that, it also features an integrated calorie meter.

3. Flywheel – The 10 pounds Flywheel provides smooth, consistent motion to maintain your momentum and balance and also comes with a Well-off design of Front flywheel to offer easy entry and exit.

4. Pedals – A five-groove Poly-V drive belt for transferring energy from the pedals to its flywheel efficiently with a size of 6.9” spacing of the pedal.

5. Desk Stand – The desk stand permits you to check your computer display for various measurement related to your workout.

6. The Grab Handle and Built-in transport wheels – It is a compact Elliptical Trainer for working both legs and upper body. The curved shape of hand grips provides a natural range of arm and wrist motion. It is quite good for a smooth, natural stride and a more effective workout. It’s pivoting footpads follow the natural movement of your feet.

7. Heart Rate Checking Monitor – It comes with an integrated thumb pulse EKG monitor to ease in checking the heart rate during the work out sessions.

8. Console – Fitted with two LCD windows, one stride length of 16 inches, one integrated calorie converter with a capacity of 275 Lb.

9. Other Features:

  • The Merit fitness elliptical trainer’s foot-pad provides a textured surface for firm grip of your feet on the machine.

Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer Warranty

The Elliptical Trainer from Merit comes with a warranty on frames for ten years, while the breaks and other parts come with a warranty for 10 years and five years respectively.

Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer Pros & Cons


  • The highest level of satisfaction for the workout regimes
  • An integrated computer system to check the heart rate
  • Soft and smooth foot pads for a firm foot grip


  • Time-consuming assembling process
  • Disassembling required for any repair or adjustment
  • Not durable


The Merit 715E Elliptical is a stable trainer that falls among the best ellipticals under $350. It is a little bit expensive regarding its design and builds. It is not that much durable as compared to the higher models. But it is quite suitable for moderate use, and you can keep it for your personal use with proper maintenance.

In its price Merit715E Elliptical is an excellent Merit715E Elliptical, but you can get some more models in that price. So before going with this compare the other available models that come in the same price range.