Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical Review

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Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical Review

LS13.0E is an excellent cross-trainer built for quality, performance, and innovation. The trainer comes with an advanced feature of tracking the workout progress with the Livetrack Interactive Technology.

The LS13.0E comes with 2GB USB which can be inserted on to the console while you are working out and transfer it to your system after the workout is finished, in no time you can get your workout history and progress with their Daily Plate feature of Livestrong Fitness. This encourages to attain great fitness results.

Along with that, it allows you to update your daily diet and gives a view on calories consumed and calories burned. The trainer also has a robust heavy-duty flywheel of a whopping 30 pounds which is much higher than its competitors; it makes the running very smooth and fluid in motion mimicking the natural path feel.

Nothing best can be of the machine giving you can regular walking feel because it reduces stress or pressure on Knee, ankle and hip joints, so in this way investing in LS 13.0E will be worth every penny.

Plus, it has in-built workout videos designed by Peter Lance, a renowned fitness coach.LS13.0E is competitively priced could be one of the best elliptical under $1500 with all the advancement in technology and excellent quality standards. Read more in our detailed LS 13.0E review 2021.

Best Suited to Whom?

LS13.0E is the very user-friendly trainer, anyone looking for the best fitness solution can use it; be it a fitness freak or someone taking baby steps towards fitness, from beginners to professionals everyone can use it and across all ages.

Even suits those who have undergone joint or knee surgeries can step on it as its design gives all the comfort and reduces the stress on the knees and joints.

Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The trainer is very stress-free to assemble. Within a few hours, it can be set-up, and it will be ready to use with their instruction manual which is easy to understand and has step by step guidelines written on it. A technician can also be requested from the company if required.

Design & Build Quality

LS13.0E design comes with SIXSTAR Certified™ frame: Derived from Extensive Biomechanics Research. This Six Star Certification is a combination of Six extensive elements to provide the most natural elliptical feel available.

These elements are a zero-gap in the placement of pedals, ideal handlebar spacing, upright body posture, natural path which allows regular walking, easy access to get on/off the brakes, smooth pulley drive for natural motion.

The elliptical also has a Max Tone arched design pedal which helps the runners to get the fluid motion and gives the feel of natural walking, and gel cushioning gives additional shock absorption.

The cross fit is the best fit solution in the comfort of your home; it proves to be the best home use elliptical with standard quality and innovation.

Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical Features


LS 13.0E has a varied range of resistance from 1-20 which has excellent range and is good enough to give the best workout experience. With this vast range of resistance, the trainer allows you to train at high intensity and rigorously, encouraging the fitness enthusiast to get great results on their fitness sessions.

Fitness Meter

The elliptical has wide and bright backlit LCD and 2 LED feedback windows assisting you with the details such as time, incline, speed, resistance and many more. Basically helping you to get accurate information about your workout level in particular.

Thus, it allows you to maintain consistency in your training sessions and encourage you to improve every day.


LS 13.0E comes with a MaxTone arched design pedal which gives the most excellent relaxation from heel-to-toe. By far it’s the best used in any elliptical. The design of pedal is such that it gives you a very natural walking motion and making it low impact workout by not having stress on ankles, knees and hip joints.

And Additional it provides Gel Cushioning with shock absorption which adds more comfort to your cardio.

Grab-Handle and Built-in Transport Wheels

The Elliptical Has multi-grip handlebar helping you to have the right body posture, which is very essential while you workout. It has inbuilt contact grips for monitor the heart rate another necessary element for a useful exercise.


  • Built-in Speakers – The elliptical comes with built-in speakers on the console which help in the entertainment.
  • Fan – There is a workout fan by CoolFit that helps you keep you cool during intense workout sessions.

Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical Workout Programs

Built-in Programs

LS 13.0E elliptical has a challenging and effective varied 12 integrated programs which give you a perfect blend to your workouts, encouraging you to focus on the weaker sections of your body and also give you an overall body workout.

The different workouts are Manual, Weight Loss, Muscle Toner, Strength Builder, Constant Watts, Mellow Johnny’s Trail, Lance’s Climb, Lance’s Descent, Max Cardio, the Tour, Custom, and

This stimulating workout mix gives you the best results, and there is no boredom too as the workout sessions do not get monotonous because you can try new workouts every day.

Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical Warranty

The brand Livestrong offers a good warranty as they are confident about the quality of their trainers. Lifetime warranty is given on Frame and Brakes.5 years warranty on Spare Parts and 2 years on the service.

To reach customer care, you can use their toll-free at 1.855.220.7777 or visit them online at You can also view videos and see the FAQs on their website.

Livestrong LS13.0E Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • Livestrack Interactive Technology to keep a track of your workouts
  • Heavy flywheel-30pounds to offer a smooth workout experience
  • Sixstar Certified thus, the trainer ensures the posture improves and less stress on knees and joints
  • Best Cushioning System for Pedals
  • Better Warranty on Parts and Service
  • Quality Driven Trainer


  • Can have a Better Screen Display with new features
  • Needs Improvement in Heart Grip system- No chest strap for better accuracy
  • Bluetooth enabled the audio system


LS 13.0E elliptical is proving to be one of the best ellipticals with no compromise on quality standards and loaded with great advanced features but yet has a competitive price best under $1300. It has all the essential elements installed to make a well-received model.

The sturdy frame and well-built body structure stand out with its competitor’s models.LS 13.0E has a super heavy flywheel of 30 pounds which is great for smooth and fluid motion running. And of course, its SIXSTAR certification is like a cherry on the icing making it unique and worthy to invest your precious earnings.

Plus, it has Livetrack Interactive Technology that allows you to follow a workout regime and know the history and also have the inbuilt best workout videos for renowned coaches. The elliptical from livestrong is only in one package of quality, advancement, innovations, and perfect solutions for all your fitness regimes and training.

All of this can be experienced in the comfort of your home. Thus, it’s the best home use elliptical. Additional at Livestrong Fitness, they are dedicated to working towards the people with cancer, as they believe in making a difference in one’s life by making a good share of their profit a minimum of $4 million every year with the purchase of their different products.

By this way, you could also contribute in a smaller way towards a good cause by buying their product.