Livestrong Fitness Ellipticals Review

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Livestrong Fitness Ellipticals Review

If you are looking for a brand that you can Trust, Livestrong Fitness is among the best. It has been a leader for about 30 years in the fitness industry. Livestrong Ellipticals are a merger of Innovation and elegance. They are machines driven by performance and have a modern design that gives them an edge over their competitors.

They also come with advanced features that offer the best cardio workouts to a fitness enthusiast as well as challenge them constantly. Livestrong also designs and manufactures other fitness machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and the like.

In addition to the advanced features and modern design, LIVESTRONG FITNESS contributes to various social causes. For instance, monetary donations were offered by the company to Hurricane Katrina survivors. Also, they help Cancer Patients get back to their normal life, by way of committing a share of their profits via the LiveStrong Foundation and by their collaboration with LANCE ARMSTRONG.

Why Livestrong Stands Out Among the Rest

Livestrong  fitness all Elliptical design comes with SIXSTAR Certified™ frame: Derived from Extensive Biomechanics Research. This SixStar Certification is a combination of Six extensive elements to provide the most natural elliptical feel available.

These elements are a zero gap in the placement of pedals, ideal handlebar spacing, upright body posture, natural path which allows regular walking, easy access to get on/off the brakes, smooth pulley drive for natural motion.

Most of their elliptical have it also has super heavy duty flywheel of 23lbs up to 30lbs that provides exceptionally smooth and fluid running motion which is far better than its competitors. Also, their elliptical models are designed to provide a low-impact workout which reduces the stress on legs and is also works well for elderly persons with joint pains or even those who have had knee surgeries.

The elliptical models of Livestrong Fitness also have a vast range of resistance from 1 upto 20, which is good enough to give the best workout experience allowing you to train with high intensity. Plus, most of their models have Max toned designed pedals with gel cushioning pads for a comfortable training experience.

These elliptical models also comes with a good range of built-in programs, they have upto 12 different challenging workout programs like are Manual, Weight Loss, Muscle Toner, Strength Builder, Constant Watts, Mellow Johnny’s Trail, Lance’s Climb, Lance’s Descent, Max Cardio, the Tour, Custom to give you an excellent and effective cardio results.

One of the elliptical also comes with an advanced feature of tracking the workout progress with the Livetrack Interactive Technology which allows you to download workout videos designed renowned fitness coach Peter Lance of Armstrong fame.

The models have in-built features like cool fit fan, contact grips for accurate heart rate,good sound system to give full energy while working out and bright screen for easy viewing with backlit LED and two LCD feedback windows. Additional the ellipticals also have a  Lifetime warranty on Frame and Brakes.

The highlight of this brand is that it takes customer feedback very seriously and try to give the best models and also keep improvising on with every new model they launch. And pricing is also very competitive their models range from $800 – $1400.Elliptical Can be used comfortable at your homes.So,it’s the best elliptical for Home use

Livestrong Elliptical Series

Livestrong Fitness have various models each one with excellent quality and pioneering features suiting the necessities of the fitness enthusiast allowing them to have effective and result oriented experience with the different models of elliptical.

The elliptical are built for performance and yet priced competitively, has a balanced approach of value and elegance. The main models are LS.130E and LS.8.0E. Both these models are well-received by users, they are known for their comfort, quality and high intensity training features.The SIXSTAR certification is the Unique Selling Point (USP) for these elliptical models.

  • Livestrong Fitness 13.0E: LS13.0E is excellent cross-trainer built for quality, performance, and innovation. The trainer comes with an advanced feature of tracking the workout progress with the Livetrack Interactive Technology. The trainer also a robust heavy-duty flywheel of a whopping 30 pounds which is much higher than its competitors; it makes the running very smooth and fluid in motion mimicking the natural path feel.
  • Livestrong Fitness 8.0E: LS8.0E elliptical trainer is quality and class driven. Its SixStar Certification describes the weightage of the model. The Six elements of Sixstar certified are a zero gap in the placement of pedals, ideal handlebar spacing, upright body posture, natural path which allows regular walking, easy access to get on/off the pedals, smooth pulley drive for natural motion.

Livestrong Fitness Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • LiveTrack Interactive Technology
  • Heavy flywheel-30punds
  • SixStar Certified
  • Best Cushioning System for Pedals
  • Better Warranty on Parts and Service
  • Competitive Pricing-Best in the range of $800-$1500


  • Can have a Better Screen Display with new features
  • Needs Improvement in Heart Grip system- No chest strap for better accuracy
  • Bluetooth enabled the audio system


Elliptical Models from Livestrong have a low-impact workout feel mimicking the natural walking path, good range of resistance for intense training and challenging built-in workout programs.

These also offer six star certification for comfortable training experience, advanced features like Livetrack interactive technology and daily update feature for tracking your workout progress and also comes with the 2GB USB, heavy flywheel. All the above features and facilities makes it’s a competitive brand in the industry and stand ahead from its competitors.

Go ahead, Invest on Livestrong Fitness elliptical and stay healthy. One brand for all your fitness Solutions.

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