LifeSpan Ellipticals Review
LifeSpan Ellipticals Review

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LifeSpan E3i
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LifeSpan is the distinguished international brand of fitness equipment that manufactures the exceptional quality products for encouraging the consciousness about fitness levels. It is an acclaimed brand that is administering its services in the fitness industry for the past two decades. Moreover, the brand has redesigned its elliptical range for the furnishing of the impact-free and high-grade fitness equipment for the users. The LifeSpan brand is recognised to manufacture the fitness products like LifeSpan ellipticals, LifeSpan indoor cycles, LifeSpan recumbent bikes, LifeSpan treadmills, LifeSpan upright bikes, LifeSpan treadmill desks and LifeSpan bike desks. Its equipment is designed for residential and commercial use and catering to the clientele across 29 countries of the world, and its market share is improving with its impressive line of products. Along with this, the LifeSpan brand has segregated the products into categories like LifeSpan Fitness, LifeSpan Workplace and LifeSpan App that enables the users to have the better understanding of the equipment and they can make their decision accordingly.

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LifeSpan is an accomplished brand based in the USA and is contributing its impeccable services to the fitness industry for two decades with the power-packed fitness equipment. The brand has redesigned its elliptical range to make sure that its customers attain only the premium quality and performance-driven products for incredible results. Also, the brand LifeSpan is dedicated to its primary cause of creating a shift in the thinking and lifestyle of people by introducing the equipment that converts their sedentary life into a more active one for healthy living. All the fitness equipment of brand are designed and conceptualized only with the aim of making people healthier and fitter and be a part of a positive change in their life.

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LifeSpan E2i Elliptical
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LifeSpan E3i
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LifeSpan Elliptical Series

1. LifeSpan E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer

The LifeSpan E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer is the best elliptical for home use as it is a premium grade product that provides the cardiovascular health and helps in burning the fat quickly. Moreover, this elliptical is equipped with well-integrated ramping power that specifically targets the key areas like quadriceps, calves and glutes. It is rated as the best elliptical under $1500 that offers all the advanced features at the affordable pricing structure. Following are its features:

  • It is a powerful machine that is designed with 20 grades of intensity along with 20 different levels of intensity that enable the users to work on each specific muscle with precision.
  • The provision of corebalance technology helps in maximizing the efficiency of the trainer by enabling users to maintain their balance and avoiding any chances of injury.
  • The elliptical is manufactured with the use of high-grade steel that enhances its durability and shelf-life.
  • This exercise equipment operates with the powerful 25 lbs flywheel that generates the noise-free results with continuous momentum.
  • The provision of ergonomically tuned Q factor offers the advantage of smooth and quiet operation by providing smooth motion patterns and results in high rated performance with precision.
  • The equipment is equipped with two front mounted wheels that help in effective forward and backward movement and also helps in having an adequate storage solution.
  • The elliptical trainer arrives in the dimensions measuring 80″ L x 24″ W x 69″ H, and it can support maximum user weight up to 350 lbs.
  • The availability of frictionless magnetic resistance makes this trainer highly productive and result-oriented.
  • It offers the 20” stride length that is sufficient enough for the users to engage in their workout sessions with convenience.
  • The 6” LCD comes equipped with heart rate monitor and readouts about time, speed, calories, watts, date and clock, calories burned, heart rate, stride count, CoreBalance, ramp and resistance level.
  • The 21 programs are mainly designed for keeping the users healthy and focused on their workout.
  • The provision of four quickset buttons for ramp and resistance help the users in using the train efficiently with complete dedication to their workout sessions.
  • The availability of Bluetooth connectivity allows the users to sync their workout data with Lifespan Trac app through their smartphone.
  • The dedicated audio centre with speaker and audio-in jack makes the trainer ideal for fitness enthusiasts who prefer their workout accompanied by good music.
  • The provision of USB port helps in charging the phone and also serves in collecting the data in the USB drive for optimal results.
  • The trainer is FCC, CE and ETL/ETLc Certified that makes it rank among the best ellipticals for home use.

2. LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer

The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross is rated among the best elliptical bikes that are designed to provide the overall fitness of the body. This trainer targets the particular muscles of the body while remaining gentle on the joints and muscles. Moreover, the use of corebalance technology enhances the functional efficiency of the trainer making it the best elliptical for home use. Following are its features:

  • The rugged steel frame of this Lifespan equipment makes it long lasting and provides the durability with amazing precision.
  • This trainer is designed with 34 lbs flywheel that ensures smooth and quiet operation and that too even during the rigorous workout sessions.
  • It has got 20”stride length that allows enough room for the users to work out with convenience and the use of Q factor also helps to keep the user safe and comfortable while training.
  • The trainer works excellently well with 20 grades of intensity along with 20 levels of ramp settings that allow the users to target the calves, glutes, quadriceps with accuracy.
  • It is designed with dimensions measuring 80″ L x 24″ W x 69″ H that is spacious enough for comfortable and long duration workout sessions.
  • The trainer uses the frictionless magnetic resistance that maximizes the operational efficiency of the trainer.
  • The trainer is user-friendly with its 7.5” LCD that offers the information about time, speed, calories, watts, heart rate, average watts, stride count per minute (CPM), calories burned rate per hour, stride count, corebalance, ramp and resistance level, date and clock, calories burned.
  • The provision of 21 preset programs help the users in choosing their preferred program that assists in maximizing their workout efficiency.
  • The availability of audio centre with inbuilt speakers and plug-in enables the user to enjoy his favourite music during workout sessions.
  • The provision of dual-purpose USB port helps in charging the phone and also enables the users to save their exercise data to the USB drive that can be easily downloaded to the LifeSpan app.
  • The availability of Bluetooth allows the users to connect the console with their smartphone and share their data to the LifeSpan Club account through the phone.
  • The quick set buttons for resistance and ramp setting makes it extremely useful for the users to control the elliptical conveniently.
  • The dual roller wheel on both the pedals helps in using and storing the trainer quite efficiently.
  • It is the best elliptical under $1500 that is powered with all the advanced features making it the best elliptical for home use.

Pros and Cons of LifeSpan Ellipticals


  • LifeSpan ellipticals are the powerhouse of the performance with sturdy steel built and sound flywheel encouraging the smooth and quiet operations.
  • These trainers are designed using the international standard safety norms that make them highly recommended for home use.
  • These ellipticals are equipped with easy to use LCD console with easy readouts offering the insight into the workout.
  • The Lifespan Ellipticals are equipped with corebalance technology that maintains the balance of the users and avoids any injury.
  • These trainers are meant to provide cardio workout with fat burning sessions and holistic fitness of the body with low-impact sessions.
  • The trainers are equipped with Bluetooth that enhances their productivity by syncing the data with the smartphone.
  • All the ellipticals are ergonomically designed to maximize their efficiency and output with an incredible amount of comfort level to the users.
  • All the trainers are cost-effective and provide advanced features at affordable pricing structure.
  • There is free shipping on LifeSpan ellipticals and 30-day money back guarantee.
  • The users can also avail the benefit of extended warranty for 3 to 5 years as per their convenience.


  • The LifeSpan ellipticals offer the fixed stride rate that may be a concern for a few users.
  • No provision of a cooling fan in the trainer.
  • The chest strap is not included in the whole package, and the user needs to buy it separately.

Final Verdict

LifeSpan Ellipticals are premium range fitness equipment designed with an impressive line of features at affordable pricing. All the products of LifeSpan brand boast of high-grade quality with ergonomic features that make easy to use and boost their compatibility for the home-based users.

The LifeSpan equipment is rated high on the meter of performance, precision and impeccable built quality that make them last longer. Also, the users feel incredibly comfortable while using the elliptical trainers of LifeSpan and that make them compact ellipticals perfect for home use. The easy storage and movability of the elliptical further enhance their usability, and the warranty backup adds to the reliability of the trainers. Thus, the LifeSpan elliptical review would enable the users to buy only the best trainer that make them fit and healthy.

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