LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

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LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer is acknowledged as the top line cross trainer of LifeSpan brand that is meant to provide the cardiovascular workout with precision. Its core balance technology helps the user to balance the workout sessions and prevent any injury due to the excessive effort applied on either foot.

The LifeSpan brand is well known for providing the best home use ellipticals that aim to offer the total workout of the body with precision. Thus, the given LifeSpan E3i Cross Trainer is no exception as it comes as an advanced version of the model E2i cross trainer and incorporates dual roller wheel per pedal to ensure the safety and convenience of the users.

The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer arrives with the ECB magnetic technology that helps in providing better resistance levels with low maintenance cost and quiet operation.Besides, it offers 20 inches of stride and 20 grades of intensity and also the same number of ramp levels to ensure that your calves, quadriceps and glutes have intense workout sessions.

Moreover, its ergonomically tuned q factor and 34-pound flywheel make it a premium machine designed for extreme fitness precision.You can have a close look to understand the dynamics of working efficiency and amazing results of Lifespan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Best Suited for Whom?

The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer is revered as the powerhouse of performance and is ideal for all those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to take their fitness levels to perfection. It is suited for all those people who intend to work on their cardiovascular health and also aim to have the toned body with the reduction in fat and overall fitness of the body.

t is best elliptical under $2000 that has got sturdy built with the benefit of advanced featured.

LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The LifeSpan cross trainer weighs 220 lbs that it a massive machine, two people can assemble the equipment in a right way. Moreover, the user can follow the guidelines mentioned in the manual to make it ready to use equipment, and it hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to assemble it correctly.

Design and Build Quality

The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer is designed with a sturdy steel frame to provide unstoppable performance with precision. Also, the provision of 34-pound flywheel adds to the perfect and smooth operation of the machine for adequate training. The ergonomically tuned Q factor with 20” natural stride with dual roller wheels makes it the safe and useful equipment for more extended workout sessions.

The steel parts of the machine have got the protection of double-coating of the anti-corrosive paint. It also has two wheels mounted at the front that helps in the smooth and effective forward and backward movement along with providing the storage benefit of lifespan elliptical.

The LifeSpan elliptical cross trainer comes with the dimensions measuring 80” (L) x 24” (W) x 69” (H). Its total weight is 220 lbs that need the user to take adequate care while shifting the location of the equipment from one place to another.

This LifeSpan cross trainer comes with the commercial grade quality built that makes it reliable and performance oriented.

LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer Features


This elliptical cross trainer arrives with the arrangement of frictionless magnetic resistance with 20 levels of intensity. The provision of the 20 levels of intensity enables the user to focus on the workout of quadriceps, hamstring, calves and glutes for maximum precision.

Moreover, the user can adjust the levels of resistance with the press of a button making it easy for the users to focus on the workout sessions with accurate results.

Fitness meter

This LifeSpan elliptical cross trainer comes with a 7.5 inch blue backlit display that tracks, distance, time, date, speed ramp, and coreBalance. It also shows the information regarding stride count per minute, heart rate and calories burned per hour.


The pedals of this LifeSpan elliptical operate with the use of core balance technology that shows information regarding the effort applied by both the feet and report any imbalance in the force applied to allow effectively the equal distribution of effort.

The heavy flywheel with 34 lbs makes it a smooth and quiet operation to move pedal both forwards and backwards.

In-built Apps

The Lifespan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer is designed with 21 inbuilt apps that include 17 preset programs, two programs for heart rate, and two customized user programs. These preset programs incorporate weight management, healthy living, and sports training.


The grab handles of this Lifespan elliptical cross trainer are meant to provide the firm grip with the total comfort of the user. The user can train at different intensity levels, but the grip of handles remain firm.

Lifespan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer Warranty

Having detailed information about the warranty of the product ensures confidence in the user about the brand and the product and checking the valid warranty makes it worthy of investment. The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer provides the lifetime warranty on the frame with a five-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on labor.

LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer Pros & Cons


  • Aesthetically designed with incredible built quality
  • Frictionless magnetic resistance
  • Core balance technology in pedals
  • 7.5 inch LCD display monitor
  •  Backed by a valid  Lifetime warranty on frame and five years on parts
  • Quiet operation


  • No provision of a cooling fan
  • Heavy machine
  • No provision of the chest strap


The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer is a high-grade machine designed by the brand LifeSpan to provide cardiovascular health and low impact exercise sessions. Its upgradation of E2i model make it a recommended product for the users.

The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer is currently priced at less than $2000, so it can be termed as one of the best home use ellipticals that are backed by a valid warranty and advanced features.

Thus, the LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer can become your fitness equipment if you intend to invest in a well-built and aesthetically designed equipment that takes your fitness to another level of precision. Overall it’s current pricing, incredible features and safety of users make it one of the best elliptical for home use that must be incorporated into your life for enhancing your fitness levels.