Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Review

Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Review

In early 2009,the LifeFitness X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Review has been declared as the best-selling machine. It has proved to be the ablest machine for five years and has been sold on Amazon. It has been the oldest elliptical training equipment. This model refreshed in 2014. There is a varied range of new features available on the X3 that are favorable to anyone who is looking for a satisfying workout. The smart LCD placed in front of the Life Fitness displays a variety of numbers and stats such as distance run and speed, heart rate, and others. It also shows up with an appropriate ErgoGrip handlebar and heart rate monitoring.

The X3 Elliptical Trainer is very satisfactory and suitable training equipment for the Track and plus the console option. The Life Fitness training equipment is built on WhisperStride Technology. A self-aligning bearing ball system that is used to create a fluid motion, quiet and the patent Link elliptical training machine that is made to create a sound pathway for a simple movement that gives a natural feel.

Further, the commercial, durable grade steel frame and as well advanced design, this training equipment is conceived in a way to make it most convenient and comfortable in mind with well-arranged cup holder right in an arm’s reach plus easily, approachable keys built right into the hand grips. Whatever, you need while the daily workout is starting from bottle to iPod everything is within reach when you use this elliptical training equipment.

The salient features like its stride length are 20 inches, step on a height of 7 inches and 350 pounds of weight plus making this machine easy to use and customizable for many users.This device also provides with an entertainment option like the Track, which can be set on the console computer. The two colored display console features Life Fitness LCD, and LF connect accessibility that helps in fulfilling all the working out goals and easy to access. This equipment also features GluteToner, ArmToner, and CoachZone, which helps in flexible workout and target muscle enhancements.

ErgoGrip Handlebar

The ErgoGrip handlebars are stationary handlebars as described in the advertisement. These handlebars are very relaxed and comfortable as they give a stable feeling while doing a daily workout. These handlebars are designed in a way that they can also measure the heart rate the handlebars include the heart rating sensors which makes it extraordinary and useful training equipment. They only record the heart rating with the help of your hands during a workout. This information is then added to the LCD monitor through the handlebars that are highly favorable.

WhisperStride System

The user uses a WhisperStride system that was outlined in a way to keep the machine moving quietly and smoothly. This equipment works smoothly and silently than a plethora of identical elliptical trainers.


  • WhisperStride Technology
  • Quickstart option and easy to access
  • Track and Console offers advanced and interactive fitness training options
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment
  • Ergonomic design of stride length and console area
  • Rear drive design

The LCD console system is very advanced that include an exclusive workout programs plus the capability to track an ample range of statistical workout data like RPM, and calories burned, target heart rate, speed, and distance. Some users of the trainer can even save their choice and boot them up whenever it’s their turn to workout. Some of the workout programs include pre-loaded sports training, race mode programs, and fat burning.This training equipment includes a limitless option if you use it in your daily or usual routines.

This machine proves to be very sturdy and reliable at just over 200 pounds. This elliptical training machine is designed to be used even after exhausting, and this equipment lasts for many years though many users avoid using it after its strenuous use.The stride length is fixed to 20 inches, and this gives a positive response to the tall users. This elliptical trainer proves to be very comfortable to many this way.


This equipment can be very expensive for the one who are buying this elliptical training equipment for the first time. Though this training equipment is quite affordable if compared to other training equipment that are available in the market.

  • There is no sloping control involved in this elliptical training equipment that is a rare feature in training machines but could be quite a frustrating factor for those who are looking to multiply for difficulty in their daily workout.
  • Third of all it does not include a folding mechanism that is covered in most training equipment. There is no significant room to store the machine needed. So this is a definite point.
  • The brake assembly of this equipment is not as trustworthy as other training equipment machine. It can be very frustrating if you need to get the replacement done multiple times. However, this is exceptional occurrence for the most part.


The Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Trainer is a very efficient and capable machine and is worth buying if you are thinking to buy an elliptical training machine. The sturdiness and the quietness of the engine, as well as the well-lit console LCD, turn out to be a fantastic one as it works great even after five years of its release.

The Life Fitness machine costs a few dollars less than other elliptical training machines. It includes all the features that are a necessity. It comes in a measurement of 65*62*27.The comfortable handlebars, the weight capacity and overall ease of use are some good points that make it most buyable elliptical machine.

It offers a commercial, quiet and sturdy quality training experience.It is considered to be most durable and easy to access equipment device. This way Life Fitness X3 can prove to be best buying elliptical trainer product.