Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Review

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Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Review

Life Fitness E1 is quality and class-driven cross trainer. It is an entry level elliptical, but their rearmost drive design with two consoles options which have excellent features makes it best in that price range within $2500 (depending upon the console $2199-$2500).

And also accommodates attractive features that suit the everyday fitness requirement. E1 uses the unique technology of Whisper Stride for reduced maintenance of ball bearings and eradicates noise and friction, which can be easily used at homes, hence its best meant for home use.

The LF E1 provides, and their biomechanics research helps the ellipse path mimicking exceptionally smooth and fluid running motion which is far better than its competitors. Has 20-inch stride for very comfortable, which encourages to workout continuously and effectively.

The elliptical has a large Accessory tray to hold your workout requirements like water bottle, mobile phone, and other electronic gadgets. Additionally, it comes with numerous variations of 14 challenging workouts with great level of 20 resistance for high and rigorous training.

And also has an advanced technology to connect Bluetooth for unlimited entertainment and with LF Connect you can to track the workout in real time and also connect your mobile internet compatible for Android and Apple Apps.

Also comes with CoachZone a unique training feature which works on different target muscle groups this helps to achieve your fitness goals effectively. Read best elliptical reviews of 2021 to know more.

Best Suited for Whom?

LF E1 is very user-friendly cross-trainer its great option for the professional fitness enthusiast or even ones starting their fitness journey can quickly step on it for great useful results.

Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The unit comes instructions manual providing a bright and neat with picture illustration step by step procedure to assemble the elliptical making a hassle-free installation of the LF E1 if you have any issues in the mid-way of assembling feel free to talk their skilled and friendly customer care.

Design and Build Quality

LF E1 is an elegantly and compact designed model which suits the new generation fitness enthusiast with durable body structure and excellent features. Life Fitness brand is known to use high-quality components in the machinery with advanced technology, user weight capacity of 400lbs.

This model too comes whisper stride technology for maintenance-free bearings, reducing friction and noise free operative which makes best for home use, with extensive biomechanics research its ellipse path gives the most natural feel with great comfort.

It’s a rear drive design can be used with two consoles the Go and Track for unlimited entertainment and great workout options. Plus, the elliptical is designed for an effective low-impact workout and over-sized pedal suits all height user can use it comfortably.

Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Features


LF E1 cross-trainer has an excellent range of resistance from 1-20 level which is good enough to have high-intense training, meaning the more variety of resistance is added to your cardio that many levels of rigorous the exercise gets.

And this variety encourages you to work out on different specific body areas and achieve your fitness goal effectively.

Fitness Meter

The elliptical has reader-friendly and large Blue LCD Display which gives details on Speed, Incline, Distance, Resistance, and Calories. LF E1 has two console options which are Go and Track.

Go console has traditional features like in-built programs and with Track Console has compatibility of iPod and Bluetooth, and you can also connect with Internet Apps like Android and Apple.


LF E1 comes with over-sized pedals for exceptional comfort and relaxation from heel to toe. The design of pedal is such that it gives you a very natural walking motion and making it low impact workout by not having stress on ankle, knees and hip joints.

Grab Handle and Built-in Transport Wheels

The elliptical has a Contact Heart Rate sensors on moving handle grips and telemetry wireless chest strap for accurate monitoring of Heart Rate, it is essential to monitor your heart rate for safe and effective training sessions. This LF E1 does not have in-built transport wheels.

Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Workout Programs

Built-in Programs: LF E1 has two console options first is the GO Console which has numerous variations of challenging 12 pre-set programs, it has two customizable programs and two user profile.

The Track Console you can track your workout progress in real-time with Bluetooth connectivity, mobile apps like Android and Apple Apps, LF connect app and iPod compatible for unlimited entertainment.

Both console options come with the CoachZone feature that works to aim numerous muscle groups for an exclusive training experience. This energetic workout mix gives you the best results, and there is no boredom too as the workout sessions do not get monotonous because you can try new workouts every day.

Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Warranty

Life Fitness Elliptical is always known for its warranty period and this elliptical model too has an excellent period.

  • Frame and Brakes: Lifetime
  • Spare parts: Five year
  • Console: 3 years
  • Service: One year

Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • WhisperStride Technology – for no noise and friction movement with minimal maintenance of ball bearing
  • CoachZone features – to work on different muscle groups effectively
  • Low-Impact workout-mimics natural walking path
  • Excellent connectivity – Android and Apple Apps
  • Outstanding Warranty
  • Challenging Workout – 12 pre-set, two customizable and two user profile
  • Compact Elliptical- Best for home use takes lesser floor space
  • Two Console- for excellent workouts options and entertainment


  • No Built-in Cooling Fan
  • No Built-in Speakers
  • No transport wheels


Life Fitness E1 elliptical is a perfect model for home use, as its a compact elliptical but yet with durable built which can sustain high-intense training and give you a natural walking path feel with its comfortable pedals placement and good enough stride size.

Plus it uses the most efficient Life Fitness Patented WhisperStride technology to eliminate noise and free, also provide maintenance-free ball bearings which reduce a lot of hassle on after use costing.

Yes, E1 is an entry level elliptical but its unique most drive design with two console options makes standard apart from its competitors in the fitness market.

The best part of this model is their connectivity with other outside apps for great options to choose for your workouts and entertainment is also unlimited to keep you motivated throughout your training session you need not depend on any inbuilt features for it.

Additional it has a highlighter feature of CoachZone which targets to Workout on your different muscle group this training helps to achieve your fitness goals effectively.

And the elliptical pricing is competitive or neutral enough to invest in a healthier and fitter lifestyle, and the cross-trainer is ranged between $2199-$2500.