Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Review

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Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Review

The Elite E7 Elliptical by Horizon Fitness is one of the best Elliptical buys in 2021, especially if you like to indulge in advanced training or are a fitness freak. It has been built by one of the largest and most famous manufacturers of fitness equipment, i.e. Johnson Fitness. It has all the advanced features necessary during a workout.

These features include power incline and polar heart rate monitoring which makes it easier to achieve your goals. It has a shipping weight of 240 pounds and covers an area of 75 inches in length and 24 inches in width. This is one of the best Elliptical machines under $2000. The Elite E7 elliptical mostly focuses on natural movements.

It is one of the safest Elliptical machines which reduce any chances of an accident. Elite E7 Elliptical believes in a healthy workout experience and therefore features moveable handlebars and ergonomic pedal spacing. It is not very sturdy but is the best choice if you are looking for a compact elliptical machine as the Elite E7 elliptical can be placed anywhere and make your workout more comfortable.

The Elite E7 elliptical features the polar wireless heart rate chest strap which can control your heart rate with more accuracy and can help you to take better care of your health. The handlebars of Elite E7 Elliptical are both moveable and stationary. You can adjust the handlebars as per your needs and comfort. The dual actions of these handlebars can help you to either focus on your upper frame or tone your overall physique.

The Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical has a 20-inch stride length. It also has a 10-degree power incline and SixStar frame design. It is also compatible with the ViaFit app. With all the features and the price available, it is one of the best buys in 2021. It also has a 23-pound flywheel and 10-inch step-on height.

The Elite E7 Elliptical features 20 electronic resistance levels. It also has practical features for entertainment and a vast range of programs which are 42 in number. Also, it is passport ready which can be used with virtual active workout videos and lets you enjoy a virtual workout in scenic destinations.

Though it is sold separately, its high definition views and fantastic sound quality add to the intensity of your exercise. It also includes accessories like a water bottle holder and a tablet rack. It has a lifetime warranty which is the best part of the Horizon Fitness brand.

Best Suited For Whom?

It can be used by people who like to indulge in intense workout sessions as it includes all the advanced features. A beginner can also use the Elite E7 Elliptical machine, but it can be a bit complicated for a beginner to use the device. The maximum user weight of Elite E7 elliptical is 325 pounds; therefore it can also be used by people who have more weight.

Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical is done by the technicians of Horizon Fitness company when they come to deliver your machine. You can also do it on your own with the guide and instruction manual provided but it can take a lot of time for you to do it alone.

Design And Build Quality

The Elite E7 elliptical includes a power incline up to 10 degrees and a 20-inch stride. It also features a 23-pound flywheel which is quite good. The overlapping pedals help the stride to follow a fixed path while working out. This brings the pedals close and reduces the stress on your back and hips.

The angles of the handlebars are apt so that it gives an upright position to your spine. It also comes with some safety features due to which this elliptical machine is safe for home use.

Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Features


The Elite E7 Elliptical has overlapping pedals which help the stride to follow a fixed path during the workout. The close pedals help to reduce stress on hips and back while working out and correct the posture. The Elite E7 elliptical has its pedals close to the ground due to which it is an excellent alternative for recumbent bikes.


The Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Ellipticals have 20 resistance levels which can be controlled from the sole of the Elite E7 model. The first 5 levels provide light resistance for warm-ups whereas the last 3 resistance levels help during an intense workout.


The handlebars of the Elite E7 model are both static and moveable and the distance of the handlebars is perfect and suitable for users of all sizes and shapes. The handlebars of the Elite E7 Elliptical are placed at a correct position which helps the users to have a good posture while exercising. The angles of the handlebars of this model are given a special consideration so that it maintains the position of your spine.

ViaFit Connectivity

The ViaFit app can be installed on your mobile phones, and you can track or store your workout data on your phone devices.


A natural motion elliptical frame helps you to have an ergonomic and comfortable workout experience.

Passport Ready

The Elite E7 Elliptical comes with a passport ready feature which helps you in HD viewing and amazing audio quality by letting you enjoy the beautiful destinations through virtual workout experience. All you have to do is to connect your passport player to a television or any other home entertainment system and enjoy your workout.


The Elite E7 elliptical has a dock and sound system. It is compatible with both iPod and mp3 player.


With its vast range of features, warranty and other technical qualities, it is the best buy under $2000.

Heavy Flywheel

The Horizon Fitness Elliptical features a heavy flywheel of 23 pounds. The heavy flywheel improves the stability of the elliptical.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Elite E7 elliptical has a wireless heart rate chest strap which can measure your heart rate with more accuracy.


The Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical has all the necessary accessories like water bottle holder, reading rack, fans, speakers and a tablet rack which help you during your exercise.

  • Energy Saving Mode: The Elite E7 Elliptical also features the energy saving mode. It keeps the cost low.


This elliptical has a large display but lacks any colour. It only relies on a blue backlit screen. The display of Elite E7 elliptical is 8.5 inches in size and is divided into three main sections. One section contains all your workout feedback; the second section includes a representation of your current workout program, and the third section features a 400-meter running track.

The data consists of distance, speed, time, heart rate, laps, incline, resistance, calories, RPM and watts. The data can also be shared online.

Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Workout Programs

The Elite series of the Horizon Fitness has a wide range of workout programs. It has 42 inbuilt workout programs and another 20 workout programs if you use the passport player. But these 20 workouts come with an additional cost. Each exercise can control the incline and resistance of the elliptical.

You can save up to four user profiles on ViaFit which connects to your Elite E7 Elliptical. You can select your account and start working out, and later your whole data will automatically be saved under your account.

Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Warranty

Warranty: It has a lifetime warranty on frame.

Parts And Service: 5 years warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on service.

Customer Support: Contact via email: horizonparts@johnsonfit.com Phone: 800-244-4192.

View how-to videos and read faqs on their website.

Return Policy: Return your item within 30 days of your original delivery or drop off date to receive a fund. No returns will be accepted 30 days later.

All items must be returned in new and working condition unless it is already damaged. Original shipping fee is non-refundable, and the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.

Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • Focuses on overall toning and strength training.
  • Excellent warranty.
  • An ergonomic spacing between pedals.
  • Safety Features incorporated to be suitable for home use


  • No full coloured display.
  • Not foldable while storing.


Overall, the Elite E7 Elliptical machine is one of its kinds. It is a well-built machine with excellent features and an affordable price that can be used in both gym and home. The SixStar frame design improves your movement and promotes ergonomic fitness. The Elite E7 elliptical offers many benefits and has a high quality given its price.

It is suited for almost everyone, be it fitness freaks or beginners. It is a must buy if you are looking for an elliptical machine which is compact but still offers a wide range of features at an affordable price.