Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Review

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Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Review

Cardio equipment like ellipticals and treadmills are the best machines, but the equipment brings a lot of compromise for an enthusiast. A treadmill can be unhealthy for your joints and thus can cause pain in your knees. On the contrary, an elliptical may not give you that level of training that one can get from running.

Thus, the Gazelle Elliptical has proved to be a perfect combo of cardio training, without causing any pain to your knees. Just like the elliptical, it has a motion like a flywheel.

To achieve your fitness target, the Gazelle Supreme is the best piece of machinery as an individual can practice easy walk, run or other exercises on it with great ease.

The Gazelle Supreme offers you the total ease to perform ten unique forms of exercises under a single roof. Here you will find Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Review 2021 for the better understanding of the equipment.

Best Suited for Whom?

The body trainer is very compact and occupies much lesser space than any other kind of home gym with a much smaller footprint and hence best suited for Home Gym. It takes your minimum floor space and therefore, people tend to keep it.

In their respective office or living room which is very convenient for the women who have no time to go out for Gym. Thus, it gives you a comfortable and open environment for exercise. Gazelle Supreme Elliptical is one of the best Elliptical below the range of 500$.

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


For your understanding, the Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Review comes with a DVD set of three which could help you to learn the equipment easily. It explains the various remarkable features plus the levels of fitness it offers to the users for their convenience.

The assembly of Gazelle Supreme Elliptical is pretty simple with the manual and tools given and it would hardly take 30 mins to get assembled. Gazelle Supreme Elliptical comes partially assembled and you just have to connect the base with the magnetic sensors.

Design and Build Quality

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical comes with the dimension of 44 x 31.5 x 55 inches and the unique structure in X shape makes it different from other ellipticals. You can easily fold the machine and can tuck it under the bed when not in use. The Frame is made of Steel tubing which is covered with a silver coating to prevent it from crossing.

For transportation, the machine has Integrated Caster Wheels for easy transportationGazelle Supreme includes a tiny LCD that notes the usage of the equipment and also allows you to practice ten unique exercises.

The equipment is not associated with any flywheel or motor hence it will not consist of any other cost or power requirement. Gazelle Supreme makes all the tasks easier because of its whole range of motion.

The suspension of the dual zone will ease you to jog, run or walk on the trainer smoothly. Its versatility attracts the customers as it enhances the cardio exercises. Gazelle Supreme Elliptical requires regular maintenance and lubrication.

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Features


Gazelle Supreme itself doesn’t have any resistance but it had Two Hydraulic Cylinders to create resistance. But it is totally on you whether you want to workout with the cylinders on or not.

With cylinders, it will increase the intensity of the workout session. Additional resistance can be added by moving backward and forward.

Fitness Meter

It comes with the Fitness Meter which is simple and displays the measurements like speed, distance, time and the calories burnt during the workout session.


The Footrests are made of polyurethane with a padded surface to protect you from getting slipped.

Heart Rate Checking Monitor

Grip pulse is there to record the Heart Rate Monitor.


This Elliptical is Fitted with the Console to fit the water bottle and mobile phone.


Free Stride will let the Feet of the Trainer to complete the ellipse.

Drive System

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical has a Drive system to provide smooth motion. Even the machine doesn’t have Flywheel but the High- Grade Ball Bearing makes the motion smooth.

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Workout Programs

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Trainer offers 10 variations in exercises during a complete workout session. The package of the machine too includes three workout DVDs namely –

  • Total Body Workout
  • Quick Shape Workout
  • Ultimate Body &Mind Workout

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Warranty

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Trainer offers a 90 days warranty and it starts from the day of receiving a valid receipt from an authorized dealer. It will cover the damage to the machine and labor.

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • Compact size- Covers less of space,
  • Steel and anti-corrosive Frame Construction
  • A quiet machine doesn’t make any Noise,
  • Assembly of this Elliptical is easy
  • No or little maintenance is required.


  • Gazelle Supreme Elliptical machine does not include any motor presently thus, one cannot challenge himself for cardio training.
  • As no motor is involved, high Training Cardio is not possible with this machine.
  • If compared to the Heavy Elliptical, this machine is not stable.


Gazelle Supreme Elliptical has proved to be a smoother and more versatile version as compared to the original one. It allows you to practice ten unique exercises in a very compact trainer for your maximum suitability.

This Supreme is easier to deal with as it will not stress your joints and will take your minimum space, unlike other ellipticals and treadmills. It does not offer motor, but this also benefits you as no motor will result in zero additional cost.

In addition to this because of the lack of motor one will be able to do the workout with minimum noise. Its entire feature makes the Gazelle brand the best choice for the ones looking for a compatible yet smoothly working home gym to have a fit and healthy body.

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