Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Review

Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Review

Cardio equipment like ellipticals and treadmills are the best machines, but the equipment brings a lot of compromise for an enthusiast. A treadmill can be unhealthy for your joints and thus can cause pain in your knees. On the contrary, an elliptical may not give you that level of training that one can get from running. Thus,the Gazelle Supreme has proved to be a perfect combo of cardio training, without causing any pain to your knees. Just like the elliptical it has a motion like a flywheel.

To achieve your fitness target, the Gazelle Supreme is the best piece of machinery as an individual can practice easy walk, run or other exercises on it with great ease. The Gazelle Supreme offers you the otal ease to perform ten unique forms of exercises under a single roof.

Great Ergonomics

The Gazelle Supreme trainer is designed while keeping in mind the best efficiency it can provide along with the safety of joints while using it. It is this reason we state such a product as one of the best alternates that has a perfect glide system and has an ultimate feature of dual suspension. Thus, an individual will not face any difficulty while performing cardio training as it will not cause any harm to the joints like the hips, ankles or knees. It will not affect your back or spine.

The elliptical or treadmill often gives you the task of setting up the tension adjuster, MPH or RPM. It may cause a delay in your workout session, but the Gazelle Supreme makes all the tasks easier because of its whole range of motion. The suspension of the dual zone will ease you to jog, run or walk on the trainer smoothly. Its versatility attracts the customers as it enhances the cardio exercises.

Compact Size

The body trainer is very compact and occupies much lesser space than any other kind of home gym with a much smaller footprint. It takes your minimum floor space and therefore, people tend to keep it in their respective office or living room and even after that, they are left with ample space in the room. Thus, it gives you a comfortable and open environment for exercise. It has a tiny LCD that notes the usage of the equipment and also allows you to practice ten unique exercises.

For your convenience, it also comes with an included DVD, which will elaborate and explain all the different exercises that you can perform on it. The DVD set will also instruct you regarding the equipment’s use that in today’s time no other trainer does.


  • The equipment is not associated with any flywheel or motor hence it will not consist of any other cost or power requirement.
  • It offers the motion in a full range which the elliptical does not provide and does not cause any harm to your knee joints or back, unlike competing treadmill.
  • The Gazelle Supreme is user-friendly, and any household can use it easily. It does not take much space in your room, basement, home gym or office.
  • This elliptical will enhance your whole body as its dual action suspension enables your all muscles to participate in the workout.
  • For your understanding, the Gazelle Supreme Elliptical Review comes with a DVD set of three which could help you to learn the equipment easily. It tells the various remarkable features plus the levels of fitness it offers to the users for their convenience.


The model of this Supreme machine does not include any motor presently, thus, one cannot challenge himself for cardio training. While the elliptical or treadmill offer this feature and one can set certain targets of fitness level as they have MPH rates or the tension adjuster. So in the Gazelle, one has to keep an eye on his workout to obtain the fitness target. You have to set your goal and schedule as per it.

  • Thus, it will make no difference in casually running outside. Some users may not like this as they may have a specified target, and hence they need to boost themselves and put extra efforts. But it is beneficial for the ones who do not require any further additions like a motor or other feature.
  • One single person will not be able to assemble the Supreme on his own. It consists of many long parts of aluminum that want consistent welding for long durability.
  • herefore people, who are interested in this trainer, must consult a family member or friend for their help and support for assembling the equipment.


The Gazelle Supreme has proved to be a smoother and more versatile version as compared to the original one. It allows you to practice ten unique exercises in a very compact trainer for your maximum suitability. This Supreme is easier to deal with as it will not stress your joints and will take your minimum space, unlike other elliptical and treadmill. It does not offer motor, but this also benefits you as no motor will result in zero additional cost.

In addition to this because of the lack of motor one will be able to do the workout with minimum noise. Its entire feature makes the Gazelle Supreme the best choice for the ones looking for a compatible yet smoothly working home gym to have a fit and healthy body.