Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review

The company Gazelle primarily aims to provide efficient machines to its customers that are low in impact. These can help you shed the extra weight and tone up your bodies with regular use. In the field of Health and Fitness, the company has an experience spanning more than 15 years.

This Gazelle Edge Review talks about the extraordinary range of motion that this glider has which aids in an easy switch from slow walk to full run and vice versa. You do not have to stop or pause to change the function. There are five various features that the users can choose from so that there is some change in their workout pattern. For those users who want to do some interval training, the monitor of this device is easily readable and has functions like calories burnt, time, speed, distance, etc. that are displayed on it.

Low Impact Trainer

You can have a low impact exercise experience with this Gazelle glider. During your exercise routine, your feet will not go off the pedals and therefore, you will not get a shock due to slip or fall of the foot. Since it is low impact, the trainer works superbly for people with certain injuries in the ankles or knees. It is great for the lower body injuries that may have been caused due to some impact. For a reformation of your body, this machine is the ideal choice.

Smooth Motion

Most of the low priced ellipticals do not give you a smooth motion. You will get jerks while working out on them. But this is not a problem with the Gazelle Edge as it has a smooth motion so that you can get a hassle-free workout without any jerks.


  • Quiet: The Gazelle Edge is a quiet machine as there are no parts with motor or those with belts. You can easily watch TV or have family time in the same room as you have this exercise machine.
  • Price: This elliptical also comes at an affordable price.  For those on a budget, this is a good bargain since most of the good elliptical trainers doesn’t cost less. That way, this saves you some cash.
  • Secure Storage: This Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review has found that it can folded for easy storage. Most of the elliptical are such that once they are assembled, it is not possible to fold them. They may also annoy you by taking up too much space in your room. But this Gazelle one is an exception.
  • Large Foot Platforms: there are many pluses linked to the large foot platforms that this Gazelle Edge elliptical has like, the users with large feet will have no problem in using it at all. Also, there are fewer chances for your feet to slip while you exercise on the machine. Most of the cheap products have uncomfortable platforms for the feet, but this Gazelle elliptical is an exception there also.
  • Low-impact: Since it is a low impact trainer, you can easily target your lower body areas like your ankles and feet with it. There are no risks to any injuries too, which may be a case with the cheaper ellipticals. This elliptical is a very safe device to use.
  • Easy Speed Transition: You can have a smooth workout on the Gazelle Edge. This smooth motion is owing to its simple and no-frill design. The movement is entirely upon you whether you want fast or slow. This is precisely the reason that the transition from slow to fast is in a natural way and smoothly.

Customer Reviews

The customers are happy about the fact that it can be folded for an easy storage which is a rarity for ellipticals. Also, it is easy to change the speed and go from fast to slow and vice-versa. The large foot platforms is another positive according to most of the users.

Drawbacks of the Gazelle Edge

  • Weight Capacity: Majority of the elliptical can conveniently take up a weight of 300 pounds, but this is not possible in the Gazelle Edge. The maximum weight limit is 250 lbs. This may be a negative for the heavy users who are looking to shed their extra weight. Even the tall users who have more bone or body mass may also feel uncomfortable while using this machine.
  • Resistance Settings Absent: the resistance settings are lacking in this Gazelle trainer. There is no resistance, and you exercise on the same degree on it, whether you are walking or running. This is a small drawback for those fitness trainers who are looking to have a vigorous workout on this machine. There is no option to increase or decrease the resistance.


This Gazelle Edge will totally fit your budget without compromising on the quality. It will last you many years with just a little maintenance like regular oiling as it is a hassle-free machine. This machine comes with an excellent warranty too and weighs just 42 pounds. It is easy to move around and can very easily sustain moderate use. So, go ahead and grab it!