Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review

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Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review

The company Gazelle Edge Elliptical primarily aims to provide efficient machines to its customers that are low in impact. These can help you shed the extra weight and tone up your bodies with regular use. In the field of Health and Fitness, the company has experience spanning more than 15 years.

This Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review 2021 talks about the extraordinary range of motion that this glider has which aids in an easy switch from slow walk to full run and vice versa. You do not have to stop or pause to change the function.

There are five various features that the users can choose from so that there is some change in their workout pattern. For those users who want to do some interval training, the monitor of this device is easily readable and has functions like calories burnt, time, speed, distance, etc. that are displayed on it.

Best Suited for Whom?

Gazelle Edge Elliptical is best suited for the one who wants to start from the beginning and basics of the workout. All age group can workout on this Elliptical that falls under the range of $500 as it is simple to use with no high tech. As it is compact in the size best suited for the women who have no time to go out and workout at home.

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Gazelle Edge Elliptical when arrives at your home is partially assembled. You only need to follow 6 steps given in the gazelle edge manual to assemble the remaining parts. The whole procedure will take a maximum of 25 mins.

Top of that you don’t need to worry about the nuts or washers as the packaging includes some extra of the same.

Design and Build Quality

Gazelle Edge Elliptical is made up of Steel which is enough to support the maximum weight of 250 lb. This elliptical comes with the dimension of 43″ x 28″ x 53.8″  (LxWxH). Apart from the Metallic parts, there are non-metallic parts such as Joint Covers, Base Stabilizers or footrest.

The material of the footrest, however, is Polyurethane which helps in making the surface non-slippery and also enhances the foot stability so that it can fit all shoe sizes. Folding feature of Gazelle Edge is what makes it different from others. X shaped structure helps in its foldability.

With this feature, one can easily fold the Elliptical and can tuck that under the bed or table like Gazelle Supreme Elliptical.

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Features


You have to create manual resistance while using Gazelle Edge Elliptical as it doesn’t come fitted with resistance adjustment system.

Fitness Meter

This Elliptical has simple to use Fitness Meter which reads the common measurements like speed, distance, time and calories burnt. As already mentioned this equipment is not a high tech one.

so it doesn’t have any Pulse reader but if you wish to buy an elliptical with heart rate monitoring feature then there are many ellipticals in the market but Gazelle Supreme can be your safer bet as it is best suited for the ones who are looking affordable equipment with must-have features in an elliptical.


Gazelle Edge has Large Foot Platforms in which there are many pluses linked to the large foot platforms. The users with large feet will have no problem in using it at all. Also, there are fewer chances for your feet to slip while you exercise on the machine.

The Grab Handle Bar

Along with the comfortable foot, Gazelle Edge Elliptical also comes with Foamed Handlebars which add up an additional comfort level.

High-Density foam doesn’t let your hands get tired during the workout session. One drawback is that the handlebars don’t come up with fitted Heart Rate Monitors. But if you want to install you can do that.

Dual-action Split Suspension

It has dual- action Split Suspension system which provides smooth motion and movement. This system helps in reducing the pressure on the joints when you increase your pace.

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Workout Programs

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Trainer comes with 6 different types of workout programs as listed below-

1. Basic Glide: Basic Glide is just for warming up where the motion is restricted and the intensity of the workout is minimum.

2. Wide Glide: Wide Glide Elliptical is one level up from the Basic Glide where the intensity of the workout increases and the motion has also pick up the range from moving forward and backward it has come to running. The focus is more on the calf muscles.

3. High Glide: High Glide is for the high-intensity workout session. This workout session will involve both your upper and lower body.

4. Interval workout options: Interval workout is a high- intensity workout but the level of the training changes in the interval. The short time of high-intensity is being followed by a low-intensity workout.

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Warranty

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Trainer offers a 12-months warranty and it starts from the day of receiving a valid receipt from an authorized dealer. It will cover the damage to the machine and labor.

Gazelle Edge Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • Quiet: The Gazelle Edge is a quiet machine
  • Requires less storage.
  • Dual-Action Split Suspension system took loads from the joints.
  • Gazelle Edge Elliptical is cost efficient under 500$


  • Weight Capacity: Majority of the elliptical can conveniently take up the weight of 300 pounds, but it has 250 lbs. Not for Heavy users.
  • Resistance Settings Absent: you exercise on the same degree on it, whether you are walking or running.
  • There are no In-Built training programs.
  • No Console- Difficulty in keeping water bottles and mobile phones.


This Gazelle Edge Elliptical will totally fit your budget without compromising on the quality. It will last you many years with just a little maintenance like regular oiling as it is a hassle-free machine. This machine comes with an excellent warranty too and weighs just 42 pounds.

It is easy to move around and can very easily sustain moderate use. So, go ahead and grab it, you will definitely get the answer for is the Gazelle Edge brand a good workout machine.

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