Best Commercial Ellipticals 2021

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Best Commercial Ellipticals 2021

Everyone says exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle but little is known about the risks associated with it. Many exercises and fitness machines can adversely impact your body. Swimming causes zero damage to the body but not all of us are swimmers. There is equipment that is close to perfect in this area, the elliptical. Commercial ellipticals for gyms have secured a favorite spot among fitness enthusiasts because of this reason. Commercial elliptical machines can work continuously for 6 hours a day with their strong build and it is validated by their industrial warranties claiming the same. They are less susceptible to damages.

There is a downgraded version of it called the “Light commercial ellipticals” that can be used in homes. They are much cheaper and can withstand a usage of up to 3 hours a day. Commercial grade elliptical machines are built to last so if you can afford one it is always better to buy them and avoid than the cheaper ones.

We have brought together a list of top 3 commercial ellipticals so that you can easily find the best commercial elliptical out of it.

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Top 3 Commercial Ellipticals 2021

Buying Guide for Commercial Ellipticals 800

Commercial elliptical trainers are known to be the best fitness equipment but choosing one randomly will not always give you a comfortable workout. So check out the criteria listed below and buy the one you feel like the best commercial elliptical.

1. Smooth And Quiet Motion

Commercial ellipticals are well known for making zero impact on your body while working out. This is due to the natural motion you engage in while working out on them. So when you decide to buy a commercial elliptical make sure that it has a very smooth ride and offers natural motion during the workout. The expensive ellipticals usually have smoother rides and they are much quieter compared to the cheaper models. So always try to buy the best commercial elliptical for your gym because it is a long-term investment.

2. More Resistance Levels

A big advantage of elliptical is that they give the ability to add resistance levels in your work out. This is quite beneficial for people desiring to engage in intense workout sessions. The best commercial ellipticals have over 20 resistance levels which can be changed easily using electronic controls. Higher the level the harder the user has to push him to continue working out. Because of this commercial elliptical for the gyms can easily become ideal fitness equipment for a wide variety of users.

3. More Workout Programs

Work out programs is not a necessity but it is found on most of the expensive commercial ellipticals for gyms. Cheaper models simply avoid this feature as they are not a necessity. But it is a quite useful feature if you desire to add some variety to your work out.

4. Enhanced LCD Display

Generally, commercial ellipticals have an LCD display which gives you general information about your workout. Higher-end models are fitted with a much more sophisticated display that can utilize the elliptical to another level. They have facilities to monitor your health statistics from smartphones and their fitness apps.

5. Adjustable Stride Length

Cheaper ellipticals usually have fixed stride lengths and it is more than enough for the majority of users. But since you are planning to buy commercial ellipticals for gyms you must know that it will be difficult for taller and shorter people to work out on an elliptical with fixed stride length. The best commercial machine ellipticals which are on the expensive side has an adjustable stride length mechanism. Adjustable stride length can prove beneficial if you want to exercise a particular muscle group in your body. This will increase the productive capacity of the elliptical.

6. Adjustable Power Incline

When you choose fitness equipment for a gym it must not sacrifice any useful features. The incline is one such unavoidable feature in a commercial elliptical. Even though only the expensive options have this facility it is worth the money because having an incline will challenge your body to work more and this will help you in having an intense workout session with the single click of a button.

7. Ergonomically Designed

A natural motion in exercising is what makes the commercial elliptical stand apart from other fitness machines. So they must never cause any kind of difficulty while working out. They must have a great ergonomic design with foot plates kept at right positions to increase the comfort. The best commercial ellipticals can replicate natural strides and it reduces the chances of injury. One such good equipment is the “Sole Fitness E95 elliptical” that has a well-designed body with a 2-degree inward slope to reduce the stress caused on knees and ankles.

8. Higher Weight Limit

Different kinds of people with different weights will visit the gym and many among them will be having weight loss as their primary target. So the ellipticals you buy for the gym must have the capacity to let heavier people exercise on them. The best gym ellipticals are made with stronger materials so that it could support people with heavier weights easily.

9. Suitable For Regular Use

Commercial elliptical for gyms is built to last, unlike the residential ones that do not undergo heavy usage. So you can happily buy a commercial elliptical expecting it to perform well in adverse conditions for years without facing any issues.

10. Longer Warranty

Reputed companies always offer longer periods of warranty for their equipment and it is an indication of their quality. So always make sure that you buy the affordable commercial ellipticals and not to put the price in the way of quality. The cheaper variants will only have a warranty of 1 year while expensive ones have the warranty for more than 10 years.

How do commercial ellipticals compare to residential ellipticals?

Commercial ellipticals are an upgrade over the residential ellipticals. Because of this whatever feature is found in a residential elliptical, a commercial elliptical can do it better. Their purposes are entirely different too. A commercial grade elliptical is designed to work consistently for many hours a day in gyms for years. It also has to be less susceptible to damages so they are made with stronger materials and parts with a wide variety of people as targeted users. They have a higher number of resistance levels and adjustable stride lengths. They are costly but quality only comes at a price. Moreover, commercial ellipticals have commercial warranties that can extend for a longer period than usual warranties. Residential ellipticals lag behind commercial ellipticals in every category except the cost. But they are targeted only at home users and it is enough for them.

Can I afford a commercial elliptical?

People tend to sacrifice a lot when it comes to their health forgetting that our health is our real wealth. And it has become a recent trend among people to go in search of the cheapest variant of the fitness equipment they want. This attitude must be avoided at all costs otherwise you will cause more harm to your body than anything good.

If you can afford a commercial elliptical then it is the best option to go for. But if you are tight on the budget then you must consider the different aspects of the elliptical and equate it against your budget. But if you can buy commercial grade equipment then do not pull yourself back because it is worth every penny that you spend. Additionally, it has longer periods of warranty which will save you more bucks in the future again making the price more justifiable.


Our guide must have given you a good insight into the best commercial ellipticals available in the market today. The quality of commercial ellipticals is far more superior and it must be considered over every other elliptical. No other fitness equipment can be so helpful to you without causing any impact on your body. People tend to sacrifice a lot when it comes to their health forgetting that our health is our real wealth.

So don’t settle for the cheapest elliptical and choose the suitable elliptical for better workout sessions. It will surely give you a better bang for your buck. Begin your fitness life with commercial ellipticals.

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