Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Review

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Review

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical is revered among the best front drive ellipticals that are meant to provide exceptional results owing to the sturdy built and advanced inbuilt features.

It is a powerhouse of performance as it is made to perform notably well and the elliptical trainer comes equipped with customizable workout programs for optimal outcomes.

The Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical is driven by the amalgamation of technology and innovation resulting in top of the line performance. The essential features are discussed in detailed in Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Review 2019.

This Bowflex elliptical trainer comes equipped with the 13.6kg flywheel offering the best experience to the users with 22” stride. It helps the user to employ the motorized incline adjustments quite effectively that enables to work on different muscle groups for maximum fitness levels.

The feature of “on the fly” with the real-time custom programming of this Bowflex elliptical trainer helps the users to customize their workout data with precision.

Thus, all the advanced features of this elliptical trainer make it the best elliptical for home use that is also meant to provide commercial-grade quality. You can take a look at the to understand its functional efficiency in detail.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Bowflex elliptical is mainly designed for those people who prefer to engage in whole body workout sessions and also want to keep their heart healthy with cardio exercises. There are also workout enthusiasts who prefer to enhance their strength and work on their endurance levels with accurate results.

Moreover, this elliptical from Bowflex is going to prove perfect exercise equipment who want to lose weight, maintain their general well-being and prefer to have low-impact workout sessions.

Thus, the Bowflex elliptical is the best elliptical under $2000 that makes it the best buy elliptical 2019.

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Design, Build Quality & Assembly


The Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical is a sturdy machine that is designed using premium and commercial grade quality material and thus, requires proper assembling. Therefore, the user needs to take help of another person and follow all the guidelines as mentioned in the manual carefully to make sure that the assembling of the elliptical trainer is done accurately.

But, if you need professional help for the assembling of the elliptical, then you have to incur extra cost for hiring the professional services.

Design and Build Quality

This Bowflex elliptical trainer is known as best elliptical owing to its immaculate designing and built quality that makes it stand apart from its contemporaries.

The sturdy steel built accompanied by motorized incline adjustments make it highly useful fitness equipment for users who need to make variations in their workout programs.

The provision of incline controls and handrails speed controls add to the maximized comfort of the users as they can make variable changes in their workout as per their comfort level.

Furthermore, the provision burn rate console provides a detailed view of the workout program of the user and show him the exact details of calories that he has burned during his exercise sessions.

This elliptical arrives in the dimensions measuring 195.6 cm x 78.7 cm x 177.8 cm and can bear maximum weight up to 375 lbs. The 13.6 kg flywheel accompanied by 22” stride length provides the optimal opportunity to the users to engage in their preferred workout sessions with maximum comfort.

This Bowflex elliptical has got 7.5” VA LCD screen that is large-sized and equipped with all the workout programs that make it practical for the users to optimize the data for attaining useful results.

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Features

1. Resistance The Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical is designed with 25 resistance levels that offer incredible options to the users to choose the level of intensity and engage in their workout sessions accordingly.

Moreover, the users can modify the resistance levels as per their convenience and that too during the middle of their ongoing workout sessions to ensure that they have the comfortable experience while engaging in their preferred workout programs.

2. Fitness meter – This Bowflex elliptical comes equipped with the provision of 7.5” vertical alignment (VA) full-color LCD screen. The LCD screen offers nine preset programs that are simplified with push and go buttons to provide ease of access to the users.

Moreover, it provides information on speed; total calories burned, distance, time,  and much more. The LCD is designed with soft silicone buttons that are not only visually engaging but also provide maximum comfort during usage.

The compatibility of the LCD with Bluetooth, USB charging port, integrated fan, MP3 plugin, and speakers add to the usability of the LCD console.

3. Heart Rate Monitoring Program – The Bowflex elliptical is designed with an integrated heart rate monitoring program that intends to provide explicit information about heart rate during different workout sessions. The provision of wireless heart rate monitor accompanied by chest strap to provide more accurate results to the users.

Furthermore, the provision of integrated heart rate sensors enable the users to have a detailed workout review to have a better understanding of the actual output from the workout regimen.

4. Pedals – This Bowflex elliptical trainer arrives with the provision of switch select cushioning system that enhances the comfort and convenience of the users during intense and regular workout sessions. The users can easily adjust the angle of the pedals that help in having the different muscles activation for optimal results.

5. Built-in transport wheels This Bowflex elliptical bike arrives with the provision of in-built transport wheels that adds to its mobility and storage ability. Moreover, the user can use the elliptical trainer as per their convenience and store it accordingly.

6. The Grab handles – This Bowflex elliptical trainer comes equipped with the grip handles that are firm and allow the users to engage in the variable workout programs without bothering about their safety.

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical workout Programs

The Bowflex elliptical trainer is innovatively designed to assure that the users can derive maximum benefits from the equipment as there are 9 Pre-Programmed Workouts. It enables users to engage in strength training, weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and maintain overall fitness.

Thus, it comes equipped with nine preset programs that are meant to provide ease of access with its intuitively designed “push and go” workout programs.

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Warranty

The warranty backup on Bowflex elliptical enhances the credibility of its fitness equipment, as such Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical is backed a valid warranty on it. It arrives with a provision of a lifetime warranty on the frame along with the ten-years warranty on magnetic brake and two-years warranty on parts and labor.

Therefore, the valid warranty backup on the Bowflex elliptical makes it rank among the best elliptical bikes that provide performance and security to its users.

Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Shelf Life due to the sturdy steel built
  • The large-sized LCD console adds to the visual appeal of the trainer
  • The sound flywheel with good stride length comforts the users
  • The adjustable pedals of the elliptical trainer for all users
  • The transport wheels make suitable for small areas.
  • The 25 levels of resistance provide challenging levels to the users
  • Equipped with in-built MP3 plugin and speakers


  •  Available under $2000 thus useful only for the restricted group of users.


The Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical is best elliptical for home use that provides excellent results for home-based users as well as for those who prefer to have a commercial grade fitness equipment. The intelligently designed elliptical trainer offers robust built quality, advanced features, and ease of use that make it the best high-end elliptical of the market.

The provision of a valid warranty backup with well-designed safety features enhance the usability of the trainer and provide convenience to the users. Moreover, the premium quality build material with innovative designing makes this machine high-quality fitness equipment for weight loss, total body workout and strength training.

Therefore, the Bowflex BXE226 Elliptical is a highly recommended fitness equipment for those people who intend to invest in equipment that offers durability, performance, safety and incredible results.