Bodyguard Ellipticals Review

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Bodyguard Ellipticals Review

Bodyguard is the esteemed fitness equipment brand known in the international fitness industry for procuring the illustrious fitness equipment. The brand is based in Canada administering the huge clientele across the globe with its premium range of fitness equipment. The brand is determined to take forward its philosophy of manufacturing the exceptional fitness product line and testing the products with immaculate precision.

It helps to ensure that the users attain only the best and unique products that are high on performance and built quality and safety measures. Bodyguard has been manufacturing the fitness products for more past three decades, and their product line includes Bodyguard ellipticals, Bodyguard treadmills, Bodyguard indoor cycles, Bodyguard recumbent bikes, and Bodyguard upright bikes. The brand believes in promoting good health with regular workout sessions.

Why Bodyguard Stands Out Among The Rest?

The Bodyguard brand is undoubtedly one of the big leagues of international fitness industry as it is rendering the notable services since 1969. What makes this brand stand apart from its contemporaries is the phenomenal growth in the advancement of technology that is utilized in their product line to make their equipment perform exceptionally well.

The brand promotes the idea of healthy living, so all its equipment has been designed to cater to the requirements of making people live a healthy life. Thus, Bodyguard aims to make people more conscious of opting for a healthy lifestyle by incorporating their products into the daily exercise regimen. Therefore, all the products of Bodyguard are designed with sound technology, robust built and user-friendly features.

Bodyguard Elliptical Series

1. Bodyguard E-40 Elliptical

The Bodyguard E-40 Elliptical is rated among the best elliptical for home use as it is a compact fitness equipment that particularly fits the space constrained areas. Moreover, it comes equipped with a quality build that offers impeccable performance with precision. Following are its features.

  • The Bodyguard elliptical is designed with a steel frame that has got the rust-resistant powder coating adding to the lifespan and durability of the equipment.
  • The elliptical arrives in the dimensions measuring 62” x 29” x 61” with maximum weight capacity up to 350 lbs, thus becoming the ideal equipment for heavyweight users.
  • It is designed with 50 lbs flywheel that enables the elliptical trainer to function smoothly and without making any noise.
  • The use of chromed steel for the flywheel further helps to improve the productivity of the equipment, making it perform better with enhanced precision.
  • It has got the stride length of 20” that allows the users to have comfortable workout even during the intense sessions.
  • It comes equipped with urethane pedal footpads that provide extreme comfort and usability to the different users by enhancing blood circulation that keeps exertion at bay.
  • The provision of brake pad resistance equipped with aluminium resistance knob enhance the comfort of the users, and they can easily focus on their workout while engaging in rigorous sessions.
  • It recognized as one of the best treadmills for home use as it comes equipped with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • The provision of easy to use LCD with three key buttons of recovery, reset, go/enter button that makes it easy for the users to operate it efficiently for attaining their fitness goals.
  • There is the provision of information about speed, calories, distance, pulse, time and revolution per minute on the LCD that provides accurate results for exercise.
  • The elliptical is designed with four key programs ranging from G1, G2, G3 and G4 that allows the users to set multiple fitness goals and measure the performance against the set goals.
  • There is a provision of dual concave wheels on the elliptical to ensure that the users have no problem in transporting the trainer and storing it after usage.
  • The certifications of FCC+ICES-003 enhance the safety and reliability of the equipment for people of different age groups.
  • The provision of vertical front handlebar makes it super easy for the users to operate the trainer for long hours.
  • It is the best elliptical under $2500 that provides the customer friendly features with incredible perfection.

2. Bodyguard E-45 Elliptical

The Bodyguard E-45 Elliptical is designed for those people who prefer to have the dynamic and customizable programming options equipped with premium quality components. It is rated as one of the best compact ellipticals that provide the optimal performance and is considered as ideal equipment for space constraint areas. Following are its features:

  • The Bodyguard elliptical is designed with steel having the rust iron coating powder that adds to its shelf life, making it resilient for powerful performance even during the rigorous workout sessions.
  • The elliptical arrives with dimensions measuring 62″ L x 29″ W x 61″ H and can support the maximum weight of 350 lbs, making it usable for overweight people as well.
  • The trainer is designed with 16 lbs flywheel that is made from cast iron that enhances the durability and performance of the elliptical.
  • This elliptical trainer arrives with the magnetic resistance that provides different levels of intensity for augmenting the challenging levels for the users.
  • The certifications of FCC+ICES-003 provide ample proof of the credibility of the product making it safe for the users.
  • The equipment is equipped with a heart rate control program that allows the users to exercise at a precise level of intensity to correspond with the predetermine the heart rate level to achieve their fitness goals.
  • The provision of 20 levels of resistance adds to the challenging workout session for the users.
  • It is designed with aluminium rear track, dual concave wheels, vertical front handlebars adding to the convenience level of the users.
  • It has the self-generated power that makes it cordless free and efficient to use anywhere and anytime.
  • It is one of the high-end equipment of Bodyguard that comes with premium features to ensure users have the maximum health benefits using the trainer.
  • The provision of USB port allows charging the compatible devices and for making the required software updates.
  • The elliptical trainer comes equipped with LCD that is easy to use with explicit information about the different programs to enable the users to remain motivated during their workout.
  • The feature of the dedicated rack for books and device holder keeps the users engaged during their workout session.
  • The provision of lifetime warranty on the frame makes it the preferred choice of the users.
  • It provides 17 preset programs including JustGo, calorie goal, time goal, heart rate interval program, cross country, smart race and much more.

3. Bodyguard E230X Elliptical

The Bodyguard E230X Elliptical is rated as one of the best front drive ellipticals that are designed to provide the maximum comfort of the users owing to its intuitive features. It is medium range equipment from Bodyguard that offers premium quality heavy built with user-friendly features. It has the following features:

  • The elliptical trainer is designed with a steel frame that adds to its durability making it a perfect trainer for intense workout sessions.
  • The provision of 30 lbs flywheel enhances the comfort of the users along with improving the functionality of the trainer for long-term usage.
  • The Bodyguard elliptical comes equipped with 20.5” stride that allows the users to have a productive workout session.
  • The provision of adjustable footpads adds to the extreme comfort of the users as there is no exertion with better support to the feet.
  • The maximum weight of 350 lbs makes it ideal equipment for heavyweight people as well.
  • The well-designed LCD comes equipped with a heart rate monitor for better performance.
  • The elliptical has got built-in reader rack that enables the users to keep reading while enjoying his preferred workout sessions.
  • The exercise trainer has got 15 preset programs that keep users engaged in a variety of workout programs to remain healthy and fit.
  • The provision of lifetime warranty on frame, motor, and brake make this elliptical trainer an absolute buy for long-term usage.
  • The provision of a quick tilt console helps to keep the workout sessions practical as the user can tilt the console as per their convenience.
  • The provision of advanced ECB technology resistance makes it powerful equipment for intense workout sessions.
  • The availability of transport wheels helps in storage and practical usage of the trainer.

Pros and Cons of Bodyguard Elliptical


  • Bodyguard ellipticals are designed with a robust steel frame that enhances their shelf life and overall performance levels.
  • Almost all of the ellipticals have a lifetime warranty on the frame that enhances their usability and productivity.
  • The use of sturdy flywheel makes the trainer work with precision while simulating the real-time workout regime.
  • The provision of well-designed and easy to read LCD makes this elliptical an excellent equipment that offers explicit information.
  • The provision of comfortable pedals in all the Bodyguard ellipticals make them preferred the choice of the users.
  • The ellipticals provide natural and ergonomic motion reducing the possibility of exertion of the users.
  • The ellipticals are solidly built and can bear maximum weight from 350 to 400 lbs, making them ideal for overweight users.
  • All the ellipticals provide easy assembling as the users can assemble the equipment without much fuss.
  • All the international certifications are awarded to the ellipticals that speak volumes about their usability.


  • Most of the ellipticals of Bodyguard have the high range that makes their usage restricted to only a limited group of people.
  • A few tall users found the ellipticals slight smaller and thus restricting their proper usage.
  • These ellipticals are not so aesthetically appealing as compared to other contemporary models.

Final Verdict

Bodyguard is a well-recognized brand in the international fitness industry that is known for manufacturing the heavy-duty and premium quality equipment. The use of advanced technology with customer-oriented features make their equipment highly relevant and performance-oriented. The features like sturdy steel frame with valid warranty back up, sound flywheel, adjustable handlebars, comfortable footpads and LCD make the Bodyguard equipment a recommended choice for the users.

Therefore, all the Bodyguard elliptical trainers have got the sturdy built with durability that not only enhances the longevity of the machine but also provides a comfortable experience to the users. Furthermore, the ease of usage of the ellipticals enhances their customer base, making them safe for use by people of different age groups. Thus, the review about the Bodyguard ellipticals would enable the users to work on the powerful trainer that proves a perfect choice for long-term investment and having great health benefits as well.

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