Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Review

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Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Review

Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Trainer is a heavy-duty progressively designed fitness equipment that provides the advanced features with incredible built quality. What makes this Bodyguard elliptical trainer perfect equipment is its simplicity regarding usage that offers the highest level of convenience and comfort to the users.

This bodyguard elliptical is a commercial grade quality equipment that comes with X-comfort footpads that are meant to provide enhanced comfort to the users even in the rigorous workout sessions. It comes equipped with chromed steel flywheel weighing 50 lbs along with 20” natural stride.

The frame of this Bodyguard elliptical trainer is designed with steel that has got the rust-resistant coating to enhance its durability. The use of aluminium resistance knob, vertical handlebar, dual concave wheels and industrial double sealed bearings hub make it an easy to use fitness equipment that helps the user in keeping fit while being safe using the machine.

The Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical trainer has got the FCC+ICES-003 certification that speaks volumes about its credibility regarding performance and safety. It is engineered to provide the adequate alignment between hips and knees and ankles to avoid over exhaustion to the body.

You can take a close look at the Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Review to know more accurately about its impeccable performance.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Trainer is ideally meant for all those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to enhance their general well-being with the focus on cardio exercise and whole body workout sessions. It is designed with aesthetic appeal and simple yet effective usage that makes it the preferred choice of all those people who want to buy equipment that is easy to operate and handle.

So, if you prefer to invest in the best elliptical under $2500 with all prominent features, then this machine won’t let you down as its one of the best equipment from the brand Bodyguard. Thus, it is noteworthy to state that this Bodyguard elliptical is the powerful machine that comes with all essential facets of modern engineering that make it the best buy elliptical 2021!

Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of this elliptical machine can be done with the help of the user manual that provides detailed instructions to be followed accurately. So, the user can follow the mentioned guidelines carefully and do the task effectively. But if you prefer to hire professional help for this task, then you have to pay extra for this service.

Design and Build Quality

The Bodyguard E – 40 Treadmill is designed with a steel frame that is covered with corrosion resistant paint to enhance the longevity of the equipment. It arrives with chromed steel flywheel weighing 50 lbs that helps to generate the momentum that lowers down the excessive exertion.

Moreover, the 20” natural stride enables to create the natural motion of jogging that helps in keeping the user fit and healthy without exerting them.The biochemically accurate alignment of the body is attained with the ergonomic designing of this Bodyguard equipment.

Along with this, the automatic startup system helps the user in changing the intensity levels with the use of aluminium knob quite easily. It can support total weight up to 350 Ibs that makes it an effective trainer for heavyweight people as well.

Another benefit of this Bodyguard E – 40 Treadmill is that it comes with commercial grade quality built that makes it one of the best elliptical bikes.

Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Features


This elliptical arrives with the provision of brake pad resistance control system that enables the users to change the intensity of workout sessions. Thus, if the user intends to modify the intensity levels from low to high or vice-versa, then he can do do it easily by pressing the aluminium resistance knob.

It enables the user to have complete focus on his workout sessions, and he can quickly change the pace of his workout session.

Fitness Meter

This Bodyguard elliptical trainer arrives with the provision of an LCD fitness meter that comes equipped with an animation centre. It displays information about speed, calories, time, revolution per minute, distance and pulse.

There are three buttons on the console that includes recovery, reset and go/enter buttons that make it very easy for the users to operate this equipment without getting overwhelmed with the functioning of too many keys.


The pedals of this Bodyguard fitness elliptical trainer are the urethane pedals that come equipped with the removable footpads. One of the primary benefits of using these pedals is that the user feels exceptionally comfortable with better foot support and enhanced blood flow to the feet that help in reducing exertion.

So, if the user is engaged in hardcore fitness training, he can do so without compromising on the intensity levels with the use of these pedals.

In-built Transport Wheels

The Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical arrives with the inbuilt transport wheel that helps in moving this elliptical quite easily. Moreover, it’s compact size ellipiticals with transport wheels make it the preferred choice of the users who need space-efficient fitness equipment.


The ergonomically designed grab handles of this elliptical trainer offer a firm grip. Moreover, the grip handles continue to provide the excellent support to the users even if the user is engaged in the rigorous workout session.

Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Warranty

A sturdy and well-built machine, the Bodyguard elliptical is used for both commercial and residential use. Thus, the brand provides a valid warranty on the equipment.

The warranty covers ten years warranty on parts and three years warranty on labor. Thus, the valid warranty back up makes it one of the best home use ellipticals in the fitness equipment industry.

Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • It is compact sized equipment that comes with inbuilt transport wheels for better use and storage.
  • Ergonomic designing of the elliptical with sturdy steel frame make it long lasting and durable.
  • Large-sized pedals with comfort-X factor make it a preferred choice of people for offering an incredible level of comfort and convenience.
  • Adjustable resistance levels make it easy for the users to change the intensity levels with the pressing of a knob.
  • The 20” stride provides the comfortable jogging motion that helps the users to enhance their fitness levels with ease.
  • The easy to use automatic startup system of the machine adds to its popularity among the fitness enthusiasts.
  • The 50 lbs flywheel provides smooth and quiet operation with lower levels of exertion.


  • Its high cost may be a concern for a few users as it falls under the range of $2500.
  • It may be a bit difficult for tall people to feel comfortable using this machine as the placement of its handlebars is not ideally compatible with the leg position; thus making it hard for them to work out easily.


The Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical is a premium quality fitness equipment that has got advanced features, high built quality and aesthetic designing. It is meant for all those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to workout at the comfort of their home on a machine that is simple and easy to operate and doesn’t compromise on the functionality.

Thus, the Bodyguard elliptical provides the best of contemporary features with valid warranty back up and all the safety standards that make it one of the best ellipticals for home use. So, if you plan to invest in aesthetically pleasing equipment that doesn’t compromise on quality and performance, then Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical must be your top pick

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