Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical Review

Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical Review

The Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical is conveniently upgraded to deliver better value than ever. Get the same movement inside your home as you do outside in a gym with Bodycraft elliptical. A smart elliptical choice of 2020 for those who like to run but with a lesser impact on the joints.

Some top specifications for performance are adjustable 23″ stride, a 19-pound flywheel with smooth magnetic resistance offering 20 levels, and moving and stationary handlebars with comfortable grips. Smooth and silent, the Bodycraft ECT400g has a streamlined design. The heavy machinery has got the wheels on, hence extremely portable Bodycarft.

The Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical is conveniently designed to provide more comprehensive workout programming and an even better workout feedback through its advanced console and technology. As compared to competing brands, they have superior construction for higher performance, stability and durability.

Best Suited for Whom?

Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical is one of the best home elliptical of 2020 for those looking for a toned body without making many efforts in the gyms or health clubs. It’s an excellent choice for the beginners new in this body shaping territory.

Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical Assembly Design & Build Quality


Just like any other Bodycraft elliptical, it is not assembled right out of the box for you. But with a model featuring such impressive warranties and design, lack of assembly can be overlooked.

Design and Build Quality

The durable Bodycraft ECT400g elliptical machine has high-quality rigid metal parts. It tends to reduce the chance of breakdowns, and are quite stable during workouts.The elliptical has size dimensions of 73.5 ” L x 28.5″ W x 68″ H and can withstand user weights of up to 400 pounds with its aluminium frame that is very durable.

This model comes with transport wheels for easy mobility. There are multiple standard features to this model that include a power 23” adjustable stride, decent pedal spacing, 20 multiple levels of resistance, and a flexible console.The quality and build technology helps make the Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical a popular elliptical choice for home use.

Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical Features

1. Resistance – A 19-pound flywheel provides the excellent resistance. This heavier Flywheel thus increases the market price of this model. Otherwise, it gives a smooth and whispers free motion to the elliptical. 20 resistance levels are made available through conveniently placed digital controls. Just like Bodycraft ECT500g Elliptical, it incorporates the eddy current green brake technology.

2. Pedals – Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical foot pedals are oversized (15”) to let trainees position for comfort during workouts. Plus the pedals are cushioned. They have a 2.5” pedal spacing and are present at low 12” access from the floor.

It reduces the stress on legs ankles and feet that can be common on other elliptical trainers and makes your workout sessions much more delightful. It is both a comfort and safety feature.

3. Fitness Meter – Unlike any other top model featuring the fitness meter, the Bodycraft lacks one.

Instead, the interactive console built with a large LCD that gives you the necessary workout readouts and workout summary. Data display windows reads out-speed, time, distance, calories, rpm, level, watts, and pulse.

Beyond this, it has eight built-in workout programs which include six standard programs (manual, random, interval, hill climb, strength and custom) and two heart rate programs. The console has an alphanumeric window display. So it’s more of like a digital fitness meter conveniently tracking your performance readouts.

Additionally, the product comes with standard stainless steel pulse handgrips and a built-in wireless heart rate monitor to monitor the exact measurement of your pulse and help you choose the required intensity then.

4. The Grab Handle and Transport Wheels – The elliptical doesn’t fold so it fits into the Bodycraft non-folding elliptical range. Though the grab handle is lacking, the model has two transport wheels to get this device moving as per your requirements, and this feature helps you maximise your living space.

5. Desk stand – Unlike any other superior elliptical range, Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical lacks the desk stand. It is one of the significant drawbacks as compared to its competitors.

Bodycraft ECT400g Warranty

This model’s warranty package provides lifetime coverage for the frame, seven years for parts and electronics, and two years for labour. Whereas the commercial warranty cover structure for ten years, parts for three years and services for one year. These solid warranties make it one of the top recommendations for at home elliptical.

Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • Automatic, no plugin required.
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring.
  • Premium pulse grip handlebars.
  • Eight built-in workout programs.
  • A solid warranty, with minimum two years coverage on everything.
  • Excellent stride length.


  • Quite expensive as it costs around $2000.
  • Cooling fans and desk stands are missing.


The model fits well under $2000 elliptical category. The users can enjoy modern comforts like touchscreen console and wireless heart rate monitoring while also embracing many other excellent features as well. This model has it all: It’s easy to use, more productive and durable than alternatives and equipped with helpful training programs that make it possible to personalise your workout experience top to bottom.